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Bali Kratom vs. Maeng Da: Differences, Uses, Dosage & Effects

Bali kratom and Maeng Da are two of the most popular kratom strains in the kratom world. Kratom has been here so long, generation after generation has passed it on. You might be wondering if there really is a difference between the two. Well, there is! In this short read, I’ll compare the two strains so that you can better decide which one to get.

Bali kratom is a native to the island of Bali, while Maeng Da is a mixture of different kratom strains that are grown in Indonesia. One of the major differences between Bali kratom and Maeng Da is that Bali kratom is more soothing while Maeng Da is more stimulating. Maeng Da is more potent than Bali Kratom because of the higher alkaloid content.

Without keeping you waiting, let’s go over the differences first.

Differences Between Bali Kratom and Maeng Da

Although a lot of people think all kratom is the same, there are actually some pretty notable differences. This is especially true for Bali kratom and Maeng Da.

Some of the major differences you’ll notice between the two are going to be found in the effects they give, their alkaloid content, their purpose for using them, and their length of effects.

Let’s get more in-depth:


Bali kratom’s effects tend to be a lot more soothing and relaxing. This is why people say it’s one of the most opioid-like kratom strains out there. Some of the Bali strains, like Red Bali, are more soothing than others. I think the best time to use Bali kratom is in the evenings.

When it comes to Maeng Da’s effects, it’s a cross between red kratom strains and white kratom strains. This means that Maeng Da is both stimulating and relaxing at the same time. It’s my personal favorite because it boosts my energy and allows me to focus more during work. I also find that Maeng Da gives euphoric effects. I recommend taking Maeng Da in the mornings or during the day.


When it comes to potency and strength, I have to give this one to Maeng Da kratom. The Maeng Da kratom strains have been found to have a slightly higher amount of alkaloids than other strains. The more alkaloids, the stronger the effects.

Don’t get me wrong, Bali kratom is still pretty strong. But, I recommend Bali kratom for those who want something a little less potent. This is a strain that’s great for beginners or those who use it minimally.


A common question many interested users have asked in the past is, “What does kratom smell like?” The straight answer is that it has an earthy smell to it. Sometimes, it can be likened to green tea, but other times it has an unpleasant odor that can cause bad breath.

The smell of your kratom depends on the quality and the strain. It is said that kratom smells more like matcha if it is Red Dragon Kratom. On the other hand, Maeng Da Kratom has been said to have a herbal smell that’s more earthy than red strains.


There are different reasons why people choose to take either Bali kratom or Maeng Da. As I noted before, the effects they give off make them suitable for different uses. Let’s go over them!

Bali Kratom is best for:

  • Those who want to experience more soothing effects
  • For relaxing and unwinding after work or in the evenings (Red Bali is perfect for this)
  • For light energy boosts
  • Those who are just getting into kratom and don’t want something overpowering

Maeng Da kratom is best for:

  • Morning and daytime use
  • Those who need a pick-me-up that provides steady energy
  • For boosting focus and concentration (I recommend Green Maeng Da)
  • Those who want something more stimulating.

Similarities Between the Two


Some of the effects that Bali kratom and Maeng Da kratom share are that they can both boost your mood and give and provide euphorias depending on the amount you take.

There are users who mention Bali and Maeng Da can have similar effects but that Maeng Da just seems to be a bit more potent.


Of course, the Bali kratom comes from the island of Bali but the similarities are there in the sense that they are both found in Southeast Asian countries. To be exact, the Bali Kratom has been said to originate in Borneo, Indonesia. Its leaves come from Mitragyna speciosa tree species that are categorized into three different strains during its processing.

Kratom grows in the same type of environment.

This special evergreen tree requires lots of sun and rainfall which they get plenty of on these tropical islands. The green vein is dried without sunlight, while the red one is dried in direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the white vein is the joint version of the two extracts.

On the other hand, Maeng Da comes from Malaysia and Thailand. Their harvesting and cultivation process is the same and they typically photo oxidized the leaves as well.

How Long Their Effects Last

When it comes to how long the effects of kratom last, they’re usually about the same. I’ve noticed that kratom’s effects tend to last anywhere between 2-5 hours. For me personally, I haven’t noticed too much of a difference in terms of length of effects.

The effects of Bali kratom and Maeng Da will usually last me about 3-4 hours depending on how much I take.

Side Effects

Red Maeng Da Powder

Both of these kratom strains can give the same type of side effects. You can avoid the side effects if you take a little bit at a time and increase slowly.

Some of the side effects of Bali and Maeng Da Kratom include nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, increased anxiety, hallucinations, and dry mouth. These are just a few, although some might experience other side effects not listed.

Kratom has also been linked to organ damage, particularly in the kidneys. However, this is connected in only rare cases, and has not been proven to

Dosages for Bali Kratom and Maeng Da

RMD Capsules & Red Bali Powder

When it comes to the dosage amounts for Bali Kratom and Maeng Da, it’s all going to depend on a few factors. For one, beginners will need to start at a low dosage and then work their way up to a dosage that gives you the effects you want. Another factor is if you have food in your system. You’ll feel kratom’s effects more if you don’t eat a few hours before taking it.

Here are my recommendations on how much Bali and Maeng Da to take. Keep in mind that this will vary from person to person. Some users might find that they feel the effects at much lower dosages while others might need a little more.

Can I overdose on kratom?

Yes, of course. It is not impossible to overdose on kratom, even if you have been taking it for years already. This usually happens when users take a large dose of kratom along with other drugs. It is easier to go over the limit because of a lower tolerance.

While kratom can usually be used recreationally, it can become a dangerous drug if you are reckless about its usage. Do not take it on a daily basis as well to maximize its effects. Best take it only 2 to 3 times per week to avoid overdosing.

Recommended Dosage for Bali Kratom

Gold Bali Powder
  • 2-2.5 grams (initial dose)
  • 3-5 grams (mild effects)
  • 6-8 grams (moderate – strong effects)
  • 9-10 grams (very strong, not recommended)

Recommended Dosage for Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da Powder
  • 1.5-2 grams (initial dose)
  • 3-4 grams (mild effects)
  • 5-6 grams (moderate – strong effects)
  • 7-8+ grams (very strong)

Tip: When increasing with kratom, only take 0.5 grams more each time until you reach desired effects. 

What are Reddit Users Saying?

Most of the Reddit community notices the same thing when comparing Bali kratom to Maeng Da Kratom. They’ve noticed that Maeng Da is typically a lot more stimulating than Bali. The Bali kratom tends to provide a lot more calming and soothing effects. I have to totally agree with them as these are my experiences with both as well.

Here are some reviews to look over that I got off of the kratom forums on Reddit:

“Maeng Da is nice and “uppity”. I use it for work. Bali is more of a sedating strain IMO [in my opinion].” -KaribouLouDied

“Found this to be true! I tried a diff maeng da today, and it’s very energetic. Bali put me to bed…which was great because I haven’t been sleeping so hot. Got some rad zzz’s last night!” -ciphersec

“the maeng da is stronger. some people think it is energizing while the bali is relaxing. I don’t notice a difference, other than one has more of an effect. I would start with 5g of the bali. you could always take another capsule of the maeng da in an hour or so if it’s not strong enough.” -PugetPower

Which One to Choose

When it comes to choosing between Bali kratom and Green Maeng Da kratom, it all depends on the effects you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to boost your productivity and want something that’ll feel get you to feel more energized and in the zone, try the Green Maeng Da. If you’re not sure you can handle a more stimulating strain and would like to try kratom that’s a bit more relaxing and soothing, I recommend getting the Bali kratom, such as the red strain.

Overall, I think it’s nice to try both strains at some point in your life. They can both provide great effects.

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