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Best Way to Potentiate Kratom: Safely and Naturally

Whether you’re just starting to use Kratom or you’ve been down this road before, potentiated Kratom powder is certain to provide you with that extra kick. 

There’s a plethora of natural extracts that can be consumed to potentiate Kratom such as grapefruit, turmeric, or magnesium. These potentiators can be used with meals, shakes, or foodstuffs. However, not every method you choose will be effective for your body. It’s recommended you try various potentiators to find the one that works best for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss safe and natural potentiators you can use to increase kratom’s potency, and how to use them.

Safe and Natural Potentiators

There are a lot of rumors claiming a shortage of substances which can genuinely potentiate kratom. While that might hold some truth, the secret is to find out which products work best for you when combined with kratom powder.

Some of the options include:



Grapefruit juice is one of the most easy-to-use potentiators with kratom powder. The good thing about this juice is that it’s thicker than water, and thus, it completely disguises kratom powder. Simply add kratom powder into a glass of grapefruit juice and stir before consumption.

Grapefruit has powerful enzymes that are essential in breaking down kratom powder. This makes Kratom more effective because it can now remain in your system for extended periods.


Turmeric is an ordinary spice with great potentiating ability. Due to its active boosting power, turmeric users claim it helps Kratom remain in the body for a long time. For best results, mix one tablespoon of turmeric with black pepper about an hour before using Kratom. When you finally take Kratom, the effects can be enhanced by up to 200%.

Apart from its ability to intensify kratom effects, most people also prefer turmeric because it doesn’t have any adverse side effects. Additionally, it comes with other benefits as well.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a great potentiator for Kratom. It breaks down and helps you digests kratom powder to make it more powerful and prolong its effects on your body. Chamomile is not the only tea that works well with Kratom. You’ll be happy to know you can also use other herbal teas. You just have to add kratom powder into your favorite herbal tea and stir before consumption.

Note: You should avoid chamomile tea if you’re using white Kratom. Chamomile is known for relaxing the body, yet the primary purpose of white Kratom is to boost your energy levels. However, you can take chamomile with red or green Kratom.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is a safe substance with a huge ability to intensify the effects of Kratom. Once you combine cayenne pepper and kratom, the results are stronger and longer effects.

When using cayenne pepper, it’s always advisable to use small doses. This is because cayenne pepper can give you a ‘high’ feeling on its own if consumed in high doses. Therefore, mix a small quantity of cayenne pepper with kratom powder and take it as you gauge how your body reacts.


Watercress is a type of lettuce containing a variety of nutrients. These nutrients help in digesting Kratom to ensure it’s efficiently absorbed in your body. As a result, the effect is prolonged.

Since watercress is a leafy green vegetable, the best way to use it is to boil it and add tablespoons of kratom powder. Boil the vegetable for a few minutes and then take the combination.

Akuamma Seed

The akuamma seed has a bitter taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, ignore the taste, and you’re left with a potent potentiator. Because it’s a small seed, you have to ground it down before mixing it with kratom powder.

The akuamma seed has been known to significantly increase the potency of Kratom. Unfortunately, it does’t prolong the effects, so if that’s your goal, you’ll need to look for other alternatives.


Caffeine is one of the most easy-to-use kratom potentiators. You simply need to add kratom powder into your coffee and consume it. The combination makes Kratom more powerful and also prolongs the effect.

If you’re wary of consuming too much caffeine, you can opt for caffeine pills instead. However, if you use caffeine pills you should be extra careful, especially when you’re taking white Kratom. When taken in large doses, the two can increase your heart rate or cause increased blood pressure.


Magnesium is effective in reducing kratom tolerance. It boosts the effects of Kratom so your body can benefit more from its consumption. 

Be careful not to consume magnesium in large doses because it can have adverse effects on your body, such as diarrhea, nausea, and kidney failure. You can use magnesium in its natural form through leafy veggies, such as broccoli, chord, and spinach. However, magnesium dietary supplements are more effective. 

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the safest potentiators. When using lemon juice, you don’t have to be wary of the quantity that you take. To combine the two, you will need to boil lemons in water and then add kratom powder.

Just like grapefruits, lemons have acidic enzymes responsible for breaking down the alkaloids in kratom powder to ensure they’re properly absorbed in the body. Thus, the effect is more pronounced and durable.

Cats Claw

Cats claw are found in small quantities, but they contain multiple alkaloids, just like Kratom. The combination of the two results in additional alkaloids, and thus increases the effect of Kratom. The results also last longer.

Valerian Root

If you want to enhance Kratom’s relaxing effects, valerian root is the best option for you. On its own, valerian root is also known to cause relaxation. When combined with Kratom, the enzymes of both substances are stimulated to produce an immense relaxation effect.

You can take valerian root in the form of a pill or steep it into herbal tea mixed with kratom powder. However, start with small doses to see how your body reacts to the combination.

Toss and Wash

toss and wash kratom

This is the fastest and the most potent way of potentiating Kratom. It involves putting raw kratom powder in your mouth at the required dosage, followed by a gulp of water, and then swirling the combination in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

If you don’t want to be left with any peculiar taste in your mouth, you can also buy kratom capsules. However, it takes about 30-45 minutes to feel the effects of kratom capsules. The toss and wash method can produce effects as quickly as 10-15 minutes.