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Coastline Kratom: An Honest Review

If you’ve never experienced a good kratom high, you might be wondering how you can get your hands on this herb. Coastline Kratom is one of many kratom vendors out there, but are they the best?

Coastline Kratom is a North Carolina vendor famous for its high-quality kratom but also its high prices. The company is known for its strong online presence. Unfortunately, all the great press doesn’t reflect the reality of most consumers’ experiences. Problems with late orders and exorbitantly high prices are standard.

Don’t fall for the hype. You can find out everything you need to know about Coastline Kratom to make a more informed purchase decision.

Who is Coastline Kratom?

Coastline Kratom is a North Carolina company founded by Joshua and Katrina Fulton. The Fultons’ shop developed a reputation for selling high-quality kratom and value-added products when markets were sparse. Today, there are far more options available if you want to buy kratom online.

So, is Coastline Kratom any good? In today’s competitive markets, that question is more difficult to answer than ever. The company follows industry standards like lab testing all its products. They also offer high-grade enhanced strains cultivated for maximum potency.

Unfortunately, Coastline Kratom has never held the rest of its operations to the same standards as its kratom. Their website is well-designed, but you could be left waiting for weeks or longer once you have placed an order. Some buyers report having to confirm payment up to six times. Others say they received their packages weeks late with no explanation and not even a tracking number.

As you can see, if you visit the site, Coastline Kratom’s prices are higher than most of their competitors. Some online reviews claim that those prices reflect the quality of their products. A more in-depth evaluation of testimonials and reviews from actual buyers shows that this is not the case. The company’s higher prices seem to reflect its advertising strategy rather than the quality of its products.

Coastline Kratom Top Products

Coastline Kratom sells just five varieties of kratom powder. They sell white, red, green Bali, Borneo, Horned, Maeng Da, and Malay strains. These five strains constitute the most popular varieties available on American markets, but they’re nothing exceptional. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want specialty strains.

When it comes to inventory, Coastline Kratom does have at least one thing going in its favor. In addition to common strains, the company offers some products that are not readily available through competing websites. More advanced product offerings include enhanced strains and live plants.

Coastline Kratom’s Beginner’s Pack

The Beginner’s Pack makes it easy for those who have never used kratom to get started on the right foot. Most experts recommend starting with low doses of mild strains and experimenting to determine what works best for you. The Beginner’s Pack is designed with that use in mind and contains 25 mg of three different strains.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Beginner’s Pack:

It can be helpful to try one of these strains per day. Coastline Kratom’s choice of strains for its Beginner’s Pack is a little unusual. Maeng Da and Malay strains are known for their potency, and most experts recommend them only to experienced users. That said, the Beginner’s Pack does make it easy to start experimenting.

Coastline Kratom’s Ultra Enhanced Kratom

Most kratom vendors sell only kratom powder and capsules. Coastline Kratom’s decision to add an “ultra enhanced” strains to its lineup is impressive. The company starts with a chronic strain, then boils it down to form a resin. 

Coastline Kratom claims that the resulting resin contains a higher concentration of alkaloids. They charge more money for the Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Red Horned, and Green Malay products. However, they do not provide any evidence that these products are any more potent than regular strains. The site states only that it has “the most powerful aroma.” 

Live Plants

If there’s one place that Coastline Kratom truly does shine, it’s the company’s live plant market. If you live in a tropical or subtropical climate and have space to grow a kratom tree, you’ll love it. The company will deliver a living kratom tree and detailed instructions on how to grow it. You’ll even get a small amount of the right soil to get you started by growing Coastline Kratom Green Vein Malay trees.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that growing kratom is difficult in the United States. Mitragyna speciosa trees begin to reach maturity and are ready for early harvests at two years of age. By that point, they’ll be over 20 feet tall. 

The trees have particular soil, water, and light requirements. The fact that they grow so large means home horticulturalists will have to provide those requirements outdoors. If you can manage to cultivate one successfully, growing kratom trees can be incredibly satisfying. For those who live in colder climates, it’s an exercise in frustration.

Coastline Kratom Customer Service

When it comes to Coastline Kratom’s customer service, buyer responses are a mixed bag. Some have no trouble using the website, placing an order, and receiving it on time. They appreciate the company’s decision to offer a money-back guarantee and free shipping on large orders.

Others report less positive experiences. While Coastline Kratom’s website is easy to use, it’s hard to get in touch with an actual human being. If you have trouble with your order, you may have to wait days or weeks to respond. If you plan to pay with crypto, expect even more disruption.

Coastline Kratom does have a physical storefront in Supply, North Carolina. If they’re looking for kratom east coast buyers, it will be easier to get in touch. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck using either phone or email support. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to reach someone from the store. Those who manage to get in touch with a company representative report that the employees are courteous and professional. The company’s customer service representatives make an effort to help customers choose the right products. They’re less responsive when it comes to dealing with customer complaints or missing orders.

Coastline Kratom Reddit Testimonials

Reddit is an excellent source of unbiased information about buyer experiences. Many Reddit users are avid kratom fans, and most are quick to give their honest opinions about available products. While the average coastline kratom review is ambivalent at best and promotional at worst, Reddit testimonials are different.

Reddit user Pantzzzzless tells a cautionary tale. This user placed an order with Coastline using cryptocurrency as payment. The company claims this is an acceptable payment method, but Pantzzzzless was hassled for proof of payment a total of five times before the order went through. The buyer then had to wait 34 days for shipment and never received a confirmation email or a tracking number.

Redditor ManicMyFriend has a different complaint. According to this user, Coastline Kratom’s prices are the most severe problem. ManicMyFriend isn’t the only one who thinks there’s no excuse for charging so much money for products that help people. While all companies’ primary goal is to make money, some kratom vendors charge much more reasonable prices.

Coastline Kratom 2020 Update

If you’ve used and enjoyed Coastline Kratom’s services in the past, you might be sad to hear this. The company recently reported on its website that it is “Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately.” Despite common complaints of high prices and poor customer service, some in the kratom community is sad to see them go. The good news is, you can still buy high-quality kratom online, often for lower prices.

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