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Differences Between Kratom Powder & Extract: Don’t be Fooled

Although kratom isn’t something new in Southeast Asian countries, there are a lot of people who are just discovering this amazing stimulant in the states and around the world. You may have stumbled across kratom powders and kratom extracts from your favorite online vendor. If you’re confused on which one to purchase, it’s important to know the difference between the two. 

Kratom extracts and powders are actually very different when it comes to how they are produced, the dosage amounts, and their potency. Both kratom powders and extracts contain the beloved alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-mitragynine. However, producing extracts requires a further step, known as brewing,  to withdraw as much of these alkaloids as possible. Kratom extracts are said to be fifteen times more concentrated than regular kratom powder. Thus, they require a much smaller dosage amount

If you’re a newbie to kratom who’s stuck between the two, or a frequent user who just wants to take in all of the alkaloid goodness, we’re here to help you decide! We will breakdown their effects, as well as guide you through the different dosage amounts for both kratom powder and extracts.

Kratom Powder vs Extract What Are They?

Both kratom powder and extract come from the evergreen tree known as mitragyna speciosa. This tree is common in Southeast Asia countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

The locals use both kratom powder and extracts to aid with certain ailments and body discomfort. This is due to the powerful alkaloids within the kratom leaves. Although they contain the same alkaloids and benefits, the way kratom extract  is produced is slightly different. There’s an extra process that makes extracts much more powerful. 

mitragyna speciosa

To create the kratom powder, farmers first grow and cultivate the plants. Once the leaves of the mitragyna tree have matured, they collect and dry the plants completely. Once the kratom leaves are completely stripped of their moisture, they are ready to be crushed. The consistency turns into the super-fine powder you know and enjoy. Most people think that kratom powder is in its most concentrated form, but it’s actually not. This is where kratom extract comes in.

Kratom extract is a variant of the kratom powder. It is essentially produced the same, with the leaves drying out first, but there’s an extra step in the process that makes a world of difference.. What they do is boil the powder or leaves. You can definitely consider this process as making tea. This tea is then strained from any particles to completely extract all the beloved alkaloids, making it super concentrated and extremely potent. Because it is extra work to produce these extracts, it is a little more expensive than kratom powder. However, it’s so worth it if you’re willing to splurge on yourself. 

Difference in Powder & Extract Potency

Since regular kratom powder doesn’t fully withdraw all of its alkaloids, it is not as potent as kratom extract. For those who take kratom often, you probably love all the benefits it gives you. It’s a great anti-inflammatory herbal supplement, relieves body discomfort, relaxes the body and mind, and so much more. The only thing is, over a long period of time taking kratom powder, you have to keep increasing your dosage amounts. This can be more of a hassle to kratom connoisseurs because it probably means you have to keep purchasing more and more.

Kratom extracts are super potent. How much more potent, you ask? About fifteen times more! This means that a small dosage goes a very long way. You’re basically taking in all the alkaloids that allow you to experience the amazing effects kratom provides, but the effects are much more elevated than kratom powder.

Because extracts are a lot more concentrated and stronger than regular kratom powder, we recommend the novice users hold off on extracts until you become accustomed to kratom powder. Of course, if you want to be a little daredevil, you can go ahead and try it out yourself. After all, extracts can save you more money in the long run since it requires smaller amounts to do the job.

How to Identify Powder or Extract

There are a couple ways to identify kratom powder from kratom extract. One of the most obvious ways to differentiate the two is that kratom extracts will usually have a ratio in its listings. It’ll show something like 2:1 or 2X. The reason for this ratio is because, in the example we used, it would be two times stronger than kratom powder when compared in equal parts. That gives you a better idea of the extract’s strength

 Another way to tell the difference is that kratom extracts have a slightly darker color in its appearance. This is due to its high concentration of alkaloids. Extracts can be purchased as ultra-powdered forms and some vendors sell them in tinctures as a liquid. The choice is up to you and on your preferred method of consumption. 

Dosage for Powder vs Extract

The dosage amounts for both kratom powder and extracts will be different because of the differences in potency. You do not want to make the mistake of transferring your usual dose when taking the extracts as it can possibly cause side effects. Some of these side effects may include but are not limited to: nausea, headache, extreme drowsiness, and vomiting. But, there’s no need to worry. We will provide you with recommended doses for both kratom powders and extracts. 

Kratom Extract Dosages

When it comes to kratom extracts, it’s a little trickier to provide more accurate recommended dosages. The thing with kratom extracts is, since they’re quite stronger than the usual powder counterpart, the effects will vary in intensity for each individual. 


For the frequent kratom user, finding your perfect dose for the extracts won’t have many risks of side effects. You may benefit from consuming regular kratom powder first if you are a beginner at kratom. Whichever you choose to try out, just remember to start off with a low dosage and then gradually increase over time. Take the time to experiment with different forms of kratom, you might just find something you’ll really enjoy.