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Gold Reserve Kratom Review: You'll Like This One

When you look up Gold Reserve Kratom on the internet, not much information is given. But, how good is this lesser known strain? In this Gold Reserve Kratom Extract review, I’ll be answering your questions about this Gold Standard, strong strain. 

Gold Reserve kratom is a kratom extract that comes in powder or capsule form. It’s thought to be one of the most potent and stimulating strains out there. The effects can include strong stimulation and energy, increased relaxation and more. It’s advised to take smaller doses of Gold Reserve Kratom extract because it’s so potent. 

Without further ado, let’s get into this gold star strain. 

What are the Effects of Gold Reserve Kratom? 

Before I answer any other questions about Gold Reserve Extract, I thought I’d give you the effects of this strain right off the bat.

I tried gold reserve once in the past and I found it to be one of the strongest strains I’ve come across. It’s definitely up there in terms of potency. 

Keep in mind that the effects of gold reserve kratom powder and capsules will be the same. You’ll just need to know more about the size of the capsules you’re getting so that you have a better idea of how many grams are in the capsule. 

Quick tip: A capsule size of 00” contains about 0.7 grams. 

Let’s get into the effects of Gold Reserve Kratom: 

  • Discomfort Relief 

Without a doubt, it does a great job at providing discomfort relief. The main reason people use kratom is because of its discomfort effects. 

I can definitely say that Gold Reserve Kratom extract is similar to a red kratom strain.

  • Strong Stimulation and Energy 

This strain is most definitely much more stimulating than much of the other strains on the market. 

I can compare it to a cup of coffee, just stronger and so much better. 

I remember when I first took Gold Reserve Kratom, I felt very stimulated and energized. These effects kicked in almost immediately and lasted for several hours. 

I’m typically a more reserved and quiet person, but this thing will make me want to talk!

It’s a good strain too if you want something that’ll get you out of a drowsy mood. 

  • Relaxing 

Believe it or not, it provides relaxing effects as well. It feels soothing like a red strain. 

Since it is pretty strong, I don’t think it would be a strain to take right before bed as its energizing effects might keep you up. 

It’s still a good stain if you just want to chill out without feeling super sedated. 

  • Increased Happiness 

Consider it the energy effects, but this strain will give you a definite mood boost. 

It’s also because the alkaloids in kratom attach to the mu-opioid receptors that regular opioids do. 

This strain makes me feel very upbeat and positive and like I can conquer the day. 

  • Concentration and Focus

With the relaxing and stimulating effects combined, it actually helps you concentrate and focus more on the things you need to get done. 

It’s one of the main reasons I like kratom. It has always helped me get pumped and stay focused on my work. It also allows my day to feel like it’s going by faster. 

If you’re looking for something better than coffee to help you through the work day, I recommend getting your hand on Gold Reserve Kratom. 

What is Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

There’s a lot of confusion about Gold Reserve Kratom and Gold Reserve Kratom Extract. Allow me to answer your question as best as I can about this lesser-known strain. 

Gold Reserve Kratom and extract are thought to be the same things. The reason it’s considered an extract is because of the process it goes through when producing it. 

When kratom producers make gold kratom, they actually go through an extra step. That extra step involves boiling the leaves after the leaves have been fully matured and crushed into powder. 

This extraction of alkaloids from the boiling process will sometimes get infused into other kratom leaves, depending on the producer. 

The results are super potent gold reserve kratom extracts. They are packed with tons of well-known alkaloids such as mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine and paynantheine. 

You can expect Gold Reserve Kratom to be about 20% more stronger than your regular white, red, or green strains. 

Gold Reserve Kratom Reviews on Reddit

I did some more investigation on this strain. What better place than to look at forums on Reddit. 

I found other people to have similar experiences to mine- with more stimulation and energy. 

There weren’t too many reviews and experiences on there for Gold Reserve Kratom Extract, but here are the most helpful comments I found and that I believe are worth sharing with you. 

Here’s what some Reddit Users have to say about this strain:

“Feeling the euphoria sit in, getting kind of chatty. Definitely more energetic than Red Veins normally make me feel but I’m torn between doing a project at the house or texting and being chatty.” – JEEPERS183

“Gold Reserve has always felt more opiate-like than any other blend to me. I would puke frequently and get kinda speedy (very similar to a 10-15mg dose of oxycodone.)” -Warchemix

How Much Gold Reserve Kratom Should I Take? 

The gold reserve kratom dosage amount will vary a lot from person to person. But, since this strain is a lot more potent, I take less than I normally would. 

My typical dosage ranges from 3-5 grams. It depends on the type of strain I get. For this specific strain, I found that I benefited the most from about 3.5 grams. I wouldn’t take more than that because it would end up making me feel overstimulated. 

But, your task is to find out the perfect dosage amount for yourself. I’m not going to leave you with nothing, though.

With plenty of kratom experience and talking to so many kratom lovers, I’ve come up with a recommendation for the dosage amounts of Gold Reserve Kratom Extract and the strength of effects that usually accompany that dosage. 

Here’s a list my recommended dosages for Gold Reserve Kratom, no matter where you are in your kratom journey: 

Ways to Enjoy Gold Kratom

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy Gold Reserve Kratom. You tend to go with powder because I can measure it out myself, but capsules are a good option if you don’t want to make a mess and hate the taste of kratom. 

Here are some of the many ways you can consume Gold Kratom strain: 

  • Kratom Tea (Warm or Iced) 

Making a kratom tea is easy, but requires a bit of your time. You’ll need to simmer the measured kratom powder with one cup of lemon juice for about 15 minutes. 

Then, add about 1 liquid cup of water into the simmering concoction and simmer for another 15 minutes. 

You can drink it warm or let it cool and poor over some ice. Just be sure not to boil the kratom tea, as that will kill the alkaloids. 

  • “Toss and Wash”

For the daredevils, like me, this is my favorite. You toss the measure kratom into your mouth and quickly wash down with water. It tastes terrible, but results kick in much faster than the tea. 

  • Kratom and juice

For some added flavor, you can mix it with orange juice, cranberry juice, or other natural juices. 

  • Capsules

If you don’t have time to sit there, simmer some tea, then wait to drink it, you can opt for the capsules.

They’re a bit more expensive, but you won’t have that bitter taste in your mouth.