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Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina? [Laws & Buyers Guide]

Is kratom legal in South Carolina? That’s probably the first question you should ask when looking to consume Kratom.

When you try a new product, you should always ask yourself first whether this is legal. Because let’s all face it: going against the rules may or may not give us comfort, but its repercussions can break us in the long run.

That said, it is important to make sure that if you try new products out, you must ensure they are legal to use because getting yourself into trouble should be out of the equation. It may be confusing for those who live in South Carolina whether there is a kratom ban 2021.

In fact, it is confusing if there is any law or writing that talks about it at all. Hence, informing yourself and doing quick research is of paramount significance.

Read on to learn more about the legality and usage of kratom in South Carolina and the best places where to buy one.

What is kratom?

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Kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asian countries. In fact, it is indigenous in countries like Myanmar and Thailand, among many others. Scientifically distinguished as Mitragyna speciosa, it is used as a herbal medicine believed to cure different illnesses.

This plant that comes from the coffee family has been claimed to have helped people deal with their addiction to alcohol and other drugs. More so, it is thought to help treat nausea, fatigue, and other pain in the body.

However, further studies are needed to prove the credibility of these claims. They may have been reported working for others, but their ban from various countries blurs out its dependability. 

Rooting from the early 19th century, kratom leaves are simply eaten by people. But as time progressed, it has been consumed by people in the form of tea and capsule. Thus, it has become easily accessible and appealing to people’s tastes.

It is not an easily accessible medical product. So now, the question is, “Is kratom legal in South Carolina?”

Is Kratom Legal in South Carolina 2021?

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In terms of laws mandated in the state, there isn’t any kratom ban in 2021, so it is just fine for you to buy kratom in South Carolina. In fact, there aren’t any laws talking about it at all. So, people just assumed it is legal as long as no laws will be passed about it.

This applies to most parts of South Carolina, but when you go through the North and the other parts, only people aged 18 and above are allowed to purchase them. So, it is not illegal, but it is prohibited for underage individuals. This suggests that its consumption should be and is regulated.

Just like the controversy going around whether or not to legalize the use of medical marijuana, kratom is also considered a tentative medical supplement because it is regarded as an addictive drug. Hence, there is a kratom ban 2021 in other places.

The Food and Drug Administration even declined the credibility of kratom as a medical supplement because of its detrimental effects on the body. For instance, they claimed that it causes coma, seizures, and even liver damage.

That is why even though the federal level of the government did not pass any laws about the use of kratom, it is regulated in different states and is even banned in other countries like Australia and Japan.

What are the benefits and side effects of kratom in South Carolina?

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Because kratom is legal in South Carolina, many people use them to treat their discomfort and other illnesses. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, kratom contains compounds that affect the brain. This means that it deals with pleasure and reduces pain.

Again, it still needs further study to explore how this is made possible. There is also the kratom ban 2021 in some places. Still, many people buy kratom in South Carolina, and here’s why. Here are some of the benefits of using kratom:

It helps in making you sleep well.

There is no kratom ban 2021 in South Carolina, so its consumption is not highly regulated. That said, people with insomnia can help themselves with this to help them sleep well at night, or just sleep at all. It affects the central nervous system the same way that coffee does.

However, it may not be the same for all people. Just as coffee makes other people sleepy instead of awake, kratom can also do the same. That said, there are stronger kratoms with more potent properties as well to help with it.

One of the varieties that help with this is those with red veins. To know more about it, you may look through the different varieties of kratom that you can use to help you sleep well, or just sleep at all, at night. 

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It helps in alleviating anxiety. 

Maeng da Kratom is a herb that boosts people’s moods because of its energizing effect. That said, it can help people who have a hard time dealing with anxiety. In fact, Maeng da Kratom is a variety of kratom mostly bought because of its properties and effects.

Basically, kratom helps with making people look at the brighter side of things. It conditions the brain to look at more positive things and the present, which can effectively help people with mental disorders.

Apart from this, kratom also helps people with erectile dysfunction. It is common among men of all ages, and instead of just taking whatever is up in the market, people can go herbal instead and eat kratom leaves, drink its tea, or take its capsules.

It helps with keeping your focus.

Kratom typically kicks in for around 5-10 minutes and lasts for over 4 hours. Since it has something to do with your brain, it tweaks some hormones that affect your focus. Also, it came from the coffee family, which means it stimulates your brain as coffees do.

So if you’re trying to keep on track with your Pomodoro technique time stamps, consuming kratom can help with it. Also, if you are caught up with multiple deadlines at work, keeping your focus can sometimes be as hard as getting things over with.

Kratom helps in making you focus on your thing because of its cognitive properties and contents. Basically, it brings you calmness and even motivation that can further push you into getting things done. That way, you can be both efficient and effective.

However, if you would like to opt-out of kratom because you don’t like what it tastes like, there are kratom alternatives available in the market. Among the kratom alternatives that you can use is Mitragyna hirsuta. 

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However, kratom also has its fair share of downsides. Basically, it is just like any other drug that, when left unregulated, can turn into a cause for people’s addiction. Hence, it is almost as controversial as legalizing medical marijuana already.

Here are the potential side effects of overusing kratom:

  • Random bursts of frustration
  • Forgetfulness and confusion for trivial and significant things
  • Hallucinations at certain times of the day
  • High blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular diseases
  • Irregular heart rate (tachycardia)

Where to buy the best kratom products in South Carolina?

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The public has painted a great image of what kratom products can do to one’s discomfort and illnesses. That said, many people wonder where to buy kratom in South Carolina when they decide to.

They come in different forms, so it is sometimes hard to see where to buy kratom. But here are some of the best available products to allow you to buy kratom in South Carolina. 

  • Kratom Extract Tablets – Since kratom doesn’t have a taste that sits well with everyone, they come in tablets as well. But if it doesn’t sit well with you as well, you don’t have to worry since tablets have a longer shelf life. So, you can resell them to your peers who want them. 
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules – As compared to tablets, capsules have a shorter shelf life. However, the contents can be more absorbed by the body through this. And sometimes, it is also cheaper.
  • White Maeng Da Kratom Powder – If you are like some people who have trouble using tablets and capsules, kratom comes in powders as well. So, you can just mix them with your drinks and chug them.

There are different varieties of kratom. Depending on which tastes better for you, there’s also a powder for the red Bali kratom powder.


Using kratom is not for everyone. Just like any other drug or thing, what works for one may or may not work for the other. So, consume responsibly.

As for people who would like to incorporate kratom into their lives because of its benefits, you may check out various products here. After all, just because others don’t want it doesn’t mean that you should opt-out of it, too.

Besides, some people just don’t use kratom because there is a kratom ban 2021 in their respective countries. Many people want it, but they can’t. So, it works however little the studies that support it.

It is undeniable that it brought comfort and healing for different people, even from the late 19th century. It, indeed, is questionable, but there are notable testimonials that prove how it works just as well as others.

So, equip yourself with its ups and downs and decide now! It may just be the cure you need for your discomfort.
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