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Is Kratom Safe: What Others Aren’t Telling You

Kratom’s popularity is on the rise, especially in the United States, where millions of people use it every day. This rise in popularity begs the question, is kratom safe?

When it comes to evaluating kratom’s safety, there are a few things to take into account. The first is the plant’s safety profile, and the second is the presence or absence of dangerous contaminants in particular products. The third is potential drug interactions. Finally, it’s important to note that whilst most people do not report adverse effects from using kratom, it’s not for everyone.

Are you wondering if it’s worth trying kratom for yourself? You can read on to find everything you need to make an informed decision about its safety.

Is Kratom Safe?

People in Southeast Asia, where most kratom is grown and harvested, have used the herb for centuries. It’s only within the past few decades that it has become available to Western consumers. As a result, researchers are still trying to answer important questions about the herb’s effects and safety profile. 

That said, it’s essential to recognize that much of the information available from official sources is misleading. Its safety hasn’t been disproved any more than by proven modern-day science. So far, research indicates that kratom could produce adverse effects in some consumers. Most anecdotal evidence still points to its relative safety for healthy consumers who use kratom responsibly.

You should be wary of any unqualified claims about kratom. That applies just as much to claims about potential kratom risks as it does to purported benefits. All supplements come with some risks, but knowing what to expect can help you make informed decisions.

Is Kratom Safe to Take Everyday?

Kratom has the potential to be addictive if used in large amounts. Most experts agree that the best way to avoid kratom dependency problems is to stick with infrequent use. There’s some debate surrounding how much kratom people can use without increasing their risk of dependency. If you want to be on the cautious side, avoid taking kratom more than once every 24 hours.

Is Kratom Safe? What Reddit Users Have to Say

Despite a new interest in research into kratom, there remains a dearth of clinical evidence regarding its safety. Those who want to evaluate risks before trying it for themselves have to rely on anecdotal evidence from individual users. The r/kratom forum is a great place to find first-hand information from others who use or have used kratom. Just make sure to take advice on this forum with a grain of salt.

Here are a few representative samples of information from the site:

  • DontWorryBeHappyMan reports using kratom daily for over a year and advocates using the plant in moderation to avoid side effects.
  • Phillykratom has been using kratom for six years and says it has helped him improve his life.
  • User jhwn8c480 says they have come to terms with experiencing withdrawal symptoms when stopping kratom use.
  • Magpiepoo compares kratom withdrawal to caffeine withdrawal.

Some kratom-using Redditors report experiencing side effects or withdrawal. Few characterize them as dangerous or even uniquely unpleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom Safety

If you’re thinking about using kratom, it’s always smart to do your research and make a well-informed decision. You can find answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about kratom safety below.

Is Kratom Safe During Pregnancy?

Even if you have used kratom in the past without any problem, you should abstain during pregnancy. There have been cases where newborns whose mothers used kratom while in the womb were born with neonatal withdrawal. Currently, researchers don’t know whether it’s the kratom itself, contaminants, or other substances used by the mothers that caused it. 

While researchers have yet to prove definitively that the alkaloids in kratom can cross the placenta, it’s not worth the risk. Try to avoid using kratom during pregnancy.

Is Kratom Safe For Your Liver?

Long-term, chronic kratom use has been tied to acute liver damage. Documented examples of this phenomenon are scarce, but some still consider them a reason for concern. One study turned up eight examples of potentially kratom-related liver injuries among a total of 404 patients diagnosed with liver damage.

The patients presented with symptoms such as:

  • Jaundice
  • Itchiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • And fever

Six of the patients were admitted to hospitals. All recovered when they stopped using kratom, and no liver transplants or ongoing treatment were required to resolve the injuries. While experts acknowledge that this side effect must be uncommon to produce only eight known problems, it does show the need for further research. 

There is currently not enough clinical evidence to indicate whether kratom itself or product contaminants caused the damage.

Is Kratom Safe to Take With Blood Pressure Medication?

If you are taking pharmaceutical medications to manage high blood pressure, you should speak with your doctor before using kratom. There is clinical evidence to indicate that the antihypertensive drugs prescribed for high blood pressure can cause liver damage. Taking both antihypertensives and kratom can intensify these risks.

Just as researchers have yet to say that kratom can cause liver damage definitively, they don’t know for sure how it impacts blood pressure. Anecdotal evidence points to different results depending on the user and how much kratom he or she takes. 

Some users’ blood pressures seem to go down after using kratom, while others spike. These unpredictable results can make it more challenging to manage your hypertension.

Is Kratom Safe for Breastfeeding?

As with kratom use during pregnancy, using kratom while breastfeeding is unadvisable. There are many unanswered questions about kratom, including whether its alkaloids can be passed through breast milk.

If kratom’s alkaloids can be transmitted to a newborn via their mother’s breast milk, there’s a chance it could cause short-term or long-term side effects. There is no evidence to support either the presence or absence of severe side effects following kratom exposure in newborns.

Is Kratom Safe for Diabetics

There is a lot of debate about the effects of kratom on diabetic users. The FDA stands firmly on one extreme, saying that using kratom is never safe. Kratom advocates and researchers tend to fall somewhere in the middle, admitting that the herb has some risks but also indicating that more research needs to be performed. 

Extant research shows some promise, but for now, there is not enough evidence to say whether diabetic patients should use kratom.

Is Kratom Safe for the Elder

There is currently no evidence that kratom use is any more dangerous for seniors than for younger consumers. Physicians and researchers are aware that many elderly patients report more robust responses to all medications and supplements. If you’re a senior who is interested in using kratom, you should keep that in mind. Your tolerance to it could be lower, and you could be more likely to experience adverse effects if you use it often or in large amounts.

Is Kratom Safe for Dogs?

If you already take kratom, you might be wondering if you can share it with your furry friends. There have been many lab studies on kratom effects in smaller mammals such as rats and mice. This research was performed as a first step toward evaluating the safety and potential therapeutic effects of kratom in humans. Since dogs are also mammals, the results of the studies are still relevant.

Rodent studies show that kratom can benefit small mammals. It’s up to every pet owner how to interpret this information. Anecdotal evidence from those who already give kratom to their dogs shows that it could produce similar results. If you choose to go this route, consult a holistic veterinarian first. He or she can help with titration, which can be tricky in dogs.

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