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Ketum Kratom Tea

Ketum (also known as Kratom in English speaking countries) is a very unique plant native to Southeast Asia. For many centuries, indigenous people have been using Ketum in many forms to obtain a wide variety of benefits.

Ketum comes in many strains and colors. Different colors offer unique benefits such as pain relief and energy boost . For example, white ketum leaves are popularly used a stimulant very similar to coffee while the red ketum is more frequently used to relieve pain.

By processing ketum leaves into their powder form, people can make ketum water or ketum juice, which we have come to know as kratom tea.

Another very popular form of ingestion is ketum capsules. The capsules are created by encapsulating the ketum powder with a digestible vegan gel capsule.

Ketum Water

Ketum water (also known as a ketum juice or ketum drink) has been used as a remedy for treating worm infections, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In the northern part of the Malaysian peninsula, ketum leaves are typically boiled and drunk to treat illnesses such as fevers, diarrhea and fevers.

Ketum is safe to use. However, we strongly advice you to consult your physician before using any form of ketum.

How to Make Ketum Drink

If you’re going to make ketum water, it’s a good idea to first boil roughly 2-4 cups of water. Ketum has a bitter taste that may be too overwhelming for some people. To dilute the bitter taste, simply use more water. You will still acquire the same effects with a larger amount of water assuming you finish your entire drink.

Do not boil your ketum with the water because this can greatly the reduce amount of the powder’s alkaloid content responsible for providing the many medicinal benefits. You can also add a bit of a lemon to your tea for a bit of extra flavor.

kratom tea

The type of strain you’re using will dictate the time of day you should drink your tea. If you are using a white ketum you should drink your ketum water in the morning to acquire an energy boost for the day. If you want to relax before going to sleep, drink a red ketum water at night before going to bed.

Ketum Capsules

A much more convenient method of ingestion are ketum capsules. These capsules are made from a vegan gel and can be easily carried with you at all times.

kratom capsules

However, it takes a bit longer to acquire the same effects when using capsules because your digestive system requires a longer time to break down the capsules and absorb the alkaloids from the powder.