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Getting Started And Making The Most Of Kratom Liquid Extract

The popularity of kratom liquid extract has been on the rise recently. While not as mainstream as powder and capsule form, these extracts provide a more comfortable method of consuming Kratom while providing mental and physical benefits. 

This kratom product promises faster and more intense results. Its liquids often contain a higher concentration of alkaloids than kratom powder or capsule. If you’re wondering what is kratom extract used for, this post can help you gain clarity about this topic. 

What Are Liquid Kratom Extracts?

Kratom is an herb native to Southeast Asia and is often used to relieve stress, lessen anxiety, improve mood, and aid in relaxation. It differs from other natural therapies in that the size of the dose and how it is consumed determine the kind of effects you will have.

Kratom extracts are available in two forms: liquid extracts and kratom oil. Meanwhile, kratom extracts are much darker and have a sharper aroma compared to their powder counterpart. 

When processed, Kratom can take many forms such as shots, capsules, and powder. Kratom liquid extract is the most potent form of the herb. This fact is why it’s critical to understand how to use them appropriately.

Furthermore, these liquids vary based on the kratom strains of the leaves. Below are the four known colored veins of Kratom and their effects:

  • Red vein kratom. It is known for its soothing and relaxing effects because it acts as a sedative. It’s best for people who suffer from discomfort such as stress.
  • White vein kratom. It is considered a stimulant. They can boost your mood, increase your focus, and provide extra energy throughout the day. 
  • Green vein kratom. It is a blend of white and red strains. This strain provides a euphoric and energized feeling followed by drowsiness which can help relieve tension.
  • Yellow vein kratom. It is also a mixture of red and white strains. They also provide energy, but without the high stimulating effects of white veins.   

The terms “kratom tincture” and “kratom liquid extract” are interchangeable. Kratom powder and capsules are often more expensive than liquid kratom extract. The liquid’s potency determines the price and the strain employed.

Mitragyna Speciosa leaves, or powder, are used to make liquid Kratom. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, among other alkaloids, are the focus of the extraction procedures. Liquid Kratom may contain additional chemicals and additives, depending on the exact extraction procedure employed.

Kratom extracts differ from their powdered counterparts in a lot of ways. Moreover, kratom powder is made from whole powdered leaves, while the extract comes from select portions of the plant. 

Kratom extract gold reserve liquid is one of the most popular kratom products in the market. Upon consuming any kratom product, you can expect its effects to last for about three to five hours.  

How is Liquid Kratom Made?

Creating a liquid kratom involves several processes. The procedure might seem complicated, but if done right and with the right equipment, you can even make one in the comfort of your home.

The first step involves chopping the Mitragyna Speciosa leaves and extracting the alkaloids by dissolving them in water and ethanol. Next, the mixture must be strained to separate the solid and liquid particles. 

People utilize varying ratios, but the most frequent is 1:1, which means using 1 ounce of alcohol for every ounce of Kratom if the leaves are fresh. If they are dried leaves, you need to use the 1:4 ratio, or for every 1 ounce of Kratom, 4 ounces of alcohol should be used.

After which, the solution needs to be simmered until the water evaporates. After some time, it will leave a thick paste which can then be dried and grounded into a powder. Finally, add solutions, such as citric acid, to help preserve the liquid extract. 

Depending on the mixture’s potency, the entire process of making a kratom liquid extract can take a few weeks and up to a couple of months. Other solvents that can be used during extraction include butane, vinegar, methanol, and glycerin. 

Often, kratom extract suppliers choose the least harsh solvent possible to preserve as many phenols, flavonoids, and phytochemicals. The main challenge during the entire process is extracting the perfect balance. 

How to Use Liquid Kratom Extracts

You can use a dropper to deliver liquid kratom extract. After filling the dropper with the desired dose from the kratom extract bottle, put it under your tongue and squeeze out the content. After which, swallow the kratom extract immediately. 

This method of consuming liquid Kratom allows the person to experience the effects more quickly as the underside of the tongue has better absorption than its other parts. Moreover, do take note that the extract’s bitter taste will linger in your mouth for a few minutes. 

After which, wait at least a couple of minutes before eating or drinking anything to allow the taste to fade. 

The benefits you experienced with kratom extracts may not stay as long as they would with ordinary kratom powder due to the higher alkaloid concentration. As a result, it’s best to utilize extracts sparingly and only when necessary.

If you are a first-time kratom extract user, below are some steps you can follow:

1. Always know the potency multiplier of the kratom liquid extract before using it. Kratom concentration is commonly represented by the letter x, such as 20x or 100x. The x indicates how many grams of raw material was utilized to make one gram of concentrated extract.

2. Be sure to check where the product came from and research the item’s general feedback. Try to take note of the side effects that other people experienced and evaluate the risks involved. 

3. Start with the smallest dose that reflects your tolerance level. If you are unsure what amount to take, check the instructions written on the bottle. If it’s your first time taking Kratom, you can take less of what is prescribed instead of more. 

4. Please choose your preferred method of administration, such as a kratom shot, mixing it with your food or tea, utilizing oblate discs, or the toss and wash method. One dropper full is often the threshold dose for most people. 

5. Observe how your body responds to Kratom. If you don’t see the expected benefits, you can slowly modify the dosage with minimal increments. 

After taking Kratom, make sure you store the kratom liquid extract properly. Please place it in an airtight container and put it in a cool and dry area. Moreover, keep it away from light if you want to prolong its shelf life. 

Benefits and Effects of Liquid Kratom

Kratom is a well-known botanical substance with calming properties. Those who consume it feel relieved and at ease. However, researchers haven’t done enough studies on Kratom to thoroughly comprehend how it works.

Thus, most of the perceived benefits of Kratom stem from anecdotal accounts rather than scientific research. However, there are initial studies that do support some of these claims. These are just some of kratom liquid extract benefits: 

  • Kratom is known to relieve stress and anxiety while boosting energy. It can help you improve your mood and concentration. 
  • Taking in Kratom can also help relax your muscles and reduce chronic pain. Meanwhile, it’s also known to produce pleasant sensations, especially those related to touch. 
  • Some users also claim that it has helped them lower their blood pressure while boosting their immunity. Some researchers are also looking into how Kratom can combat free radical cell damage through its antioxidant properties. 
  • People who are battling opioid or heroin addiction also use it as a method to combat withdrawal symptoms.  

To know more about the benefits of Kratom, we recommend reading more about it on the American Kratom Association (AKA). They are the leading kratom advocacy group in the US and can help you understand more about Kratom’s many uses. 

Where to find Liquid Kratom Extracts that Work

Only a handful of shops sell kratom liquid extract. They aren’t easy to manufacture and often take some time to produce. 

KratomKrush is one of the trusted providers of kratom extracts and other related products. The company is run by a team of dedicated kratom experts who are well-known within the kratom community. They are based in Frederick, Colorado. 

The company sells high-quality kratom tablets, powder, capsules, shots, and of course, extracts. Their Gold Kratom Tincture 150 MGS is one of the strongest kratom extract liquid in the market. It is pretty potent and can alleviate certain kinds of pain.

You may also find other kratom shops across the US, where it is legal in most states, with a few exceptions. Below are some states and areas where the sale of Kratom is prohibited:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Illinois (except Jerseyville)
  • Indiana
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • San Diego, California
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin 


Kratom liquid extract is a powerful form of this beautiful herb. While it’s an outstanding product, there are also some caveats you need to consider. Its high concentration of alkaloids requires accurate dosage, but the margin for error when consuming it is minimal.  

We highly recommend going through Kratom Crush’s online shop if you are in the market for an excellent kratom extract or tincture. Third-party labs independently test their kratom products ensuring it’s free from pesticides, molds, and metals while maintaining its purity.