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Sandai Red, Green, White, Kratom Review

Sandai kratom is another Indonesian strain with a growing reputation. Sourced from Ketapang, Sandai is renowned for its potent aroma and fast-acting effects. This is a fairly moderate strain, without the intensity of a Maeng Da. But this makes Sandai a dependable kratom for all situations.  We’ve got lots to cover on kratom in general, and the Sandai strains in the And we also have some pointers on how to harness kratom powder products.

Getting to know kratom

But first, how did a Southeast Asian plant garner the approval of millions of Americans in a few short years? Kratom has rapidly become a natural alternative and is even taken for mood purposes, relief, and calming effects. Although we stress, there’s no clinical evidence supporting kratom’s use for any of these yet. 

Kratom’s effects come primarily from alkaloids, such as mitragynine, 7-OH-mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine. We have a relatively poor understanding of these compounds, but they appear to produce unique effects on the body. Kratom powder is one of the most popular kratom products currently on the market. 

What is Sandai kratom?

Sandai is a special strain of kratom. Like hemp and cannabis, different strains of kratom initiate different effects. Sandai is considered a mild strain and is perhaps a good starter kratom for new users. However, it’s also attractive for experienced users who don’t want a super intense experience.  Kratom’s effects are also defined by the vein of a strain. We have three types of Sandai kratom for sale at Red, White, and Green. Let’s delve deeper into the specific effects of each. 

Red Sandai 

A classic, calming Red, this Sandai offering will leave you feeling chilled and relaxed. This is a strain for unwinding with when you want to dissolve any tension and give your mind a break from day-to-day stress. This strain has the relief so many American kratoms are looking for. 

Because of the powerful sedating effects, be prepared to feel sleepy after taking Red Sandai. For this reason, carefully consider when you want to enjoy this strain. It’s perhaps best saved for the evenings and nighttimes when you’re able to fully appreciate the calming effects. 

White Sandai 

Start your day off with a mental and physical buzz using White Sandai kratom. This strain has much in common with other Whites – you’ll feel more energized, less fatigued, and mentally alert and ready to focus. White Sandai isn’t as intense as other White vein kratoms, but if you experience tension, this strain may still have the potential to trigger it.

The uplifting effects of this kratom are ideal in the daytime, but not so good in the evenings. You wouldn’t drink coffee late at night (unless you really have to), and we suggest avoiding White Sandai at this time, too. 

Green Sandai 

This strain is more stimulating than its respective Red, but less so than the White. A hybrid if you like, Green Sandai is the kratom strain for anytime, anyplace. The balanced and consistent effects makes this a reliable kratom. The effects are not overwhelming either way, and will help you stay mellow, yet on the ball.

4 ways to benefit from Sandai kratom powder

Toss and wash kratom: If you have a need for speed, this is the kratom consumption method for you. With ‘toss and wash’, you take the powder orally, and wash it around in your mouth with water before swallowing. The water is essential for getting the clumps out of the powder and making it easier to swallow.

Tossing and washing is the quickest way to get Sandai’s benefits but leaves you exposed to the full force of kratom’s bitter taste. 

Kratom tea: This is a classic way of taking kratom in Southeast Asia, although rather than using the leaves, it’s even easier to use the powder for instant kratom tea!

A kratom-infused brew has a less aggressive flavor than raw kratom, although some sweetener is still a nice addition. Kratom tea takes just minutes to make and delivers effects that will last for hours. 

Capsules: Homemade capsules are another potential use for Sandai powder. Why make your own? You could mix multiple kratoms, or add extracts from other therapeutic plants. Plus, making capsules also takes away that bitter flavor.

Keep in mind that capsules are slower to take effect, and with kratom, you’ll probably have to swallow a lot of them for an optimum experience. 

Edibles: Discretion, flavor, and consistency are three reasons to make kratom edibles from your powder. Sandai powder is compatible with just about any recipe, providing you’ve got other potent ingredients to stop it overwhelming the taste.

If you don’t have time to make your own, most vendors offer edibles as well.  

Does Sandai kratom ease pain?

While many people buy kratom for pain, the plant’s benefits are not scientifically proven. Some studies show that mitragynine and other alkaloids may have analgesic properties. But without more funding and more research, we won’t know for sure. We make no claims that kratom products are effective for pain. 

Which Sandai kratom is best for anxiety?

Kratom has no proven benefits for anxiety, but judging by the effects of strains, you’ll want to be careful with the strain you choose. Soothing Reds and balanced Greens are likely to be less triggering. White kratoms are energizing, but this stimulation can sometimes overboil and induce jitters.

Will Sandai kratom make me tired?

Red Sandai kratom could easily make you tired, because of the strain’s inherent sedative effects. If you don’t want sleepy side effects from this strain, stick to either the Green or White versions. 

Does Sandai kratom improve concentration?

The White strain may have helpful effects on concentration. We know this vein improves energy levels and alertness and therefore helps with focus and concentration. Green Sandai may also offer this effect, without excessive stimulation. However, the Red strain will probably have a net negative impact on concentration. 

Final thoughts 

Sandai kratom is another dependable strain from Indonesia. This is the perfect mild kratom for new users, and for anyone looking for a more sustainable, long-term strain.