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Green Malay Kratom Powder

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Green Malay, with its light green hue, is named after the official language of Malaysia where it is indigenous from. Green Malay is known to be one of the more classic and well-known of the green strains and a classic strain of Kratom in general.

How to enjoy Green Malay

Kratom tea is a favorite among Kratom users, especially those who want a warming and lasting experience. Kratom tea must be gently simmered rather than boiled, as this protects the alkaloids (e.g. mitragynine). Heating the tea too much risks burning off the alkaloids, and destroying Kratom’s effects.

Mixing Green Malay powder into a cup of hot water is an effective trick to get “instant” Kratom tea. If you find the Kratom has an overly intense, bitter taste, stir in some sugar, honey or any other sweetener. This will make the Kratom go down much more easily!

You can also “toss and wash” Green Malay powder, for faster delivery of Kratom’s effects into the body. This method works by scooping powder into the mouth and swilling it down with water. “Toss and wash” is also good if you simply don’t have the time or opportunity to brew tea.

However, not everyone likes the naturally bitter Kratom flavor, which really powers through with toss and wash. If this is you, sticking to the tea may be best for you!

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a Kratom powder that gets the job done without any fear of the strength being overwhelming, then Green Malay is the strain for you. This strain may be of interest epically for those who are taking Kratom as beginners and first time users.

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PatrickAugust 20, 2021

Better than most nice and smooth helps with pain and keep you focused

SamuelAugust 20, 2021

Provides long lasting pain relief.

GiovannaAugust 19, 2021

Continue to enjoy this strain, especially later in the day.

LionelJuly 27, 2021

Good day time strain. Pain relief and motivation

LionelJuly 27, 2021

Good day time strain. Pain relief and motivation

FrankJuly 26, 2021

As a long-term kratom purchaser, changing-up the kratom types that I use is important for long-term effectiveness. The Green Malay purchase became an effective change from my usual Green Maeng Da, and I must say it was a pleasant surprise. The consistent quality of your kratom is very appreciated by this customer.

WallaceJuly 17, 2021

Fresh and on time. Good quality.

ZiaJune 20, 2021


JeffJune 12, 2021

Great quality and price

GaryApril 2, 2021

After taking about a six week break from using too much kratom (teaspoon+ 3 times a day from another source) I decided to try using it again and to exercise much more control over the intake. I purchased this and am taking about a half teaspoon and it works well for 4 to 5 hours for focus and energy without going over the top. I believe it's the quality they claim on their site.

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