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Super Indo Kratom: Different Strains, Benefits & Effects

Kratom strains and varieties have become very popular in recent years. With the benefits of Super Indo Kratom ranging from better sleep, increased energy levels, and clarity, the kratom users’ community is growing. Countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, Thailand, and Myanmar are the biggest sources of these strains due to their favorable soil and climatic conditions.

As the number of varieties increases, kratom harvesters continuously upgrade the existing strains to keep up with the demand.

In the market today, there’s an array of options available for enthusiasts in the kratom world. While each of the strains come with their distinct benefits, some of them are more popular. As a user, you have to understand how each of the varieties works and which one works best for your needs in order to enjoy these kratom benefits.

One of the most popular strains is the Super Indo Kratom. Also sourced from Indo Kratom trees, it’s the most prevalent variety of this herb in the market.

But what makes it super? Why should you use it, and are there any associated benefits? 

Here’s all you need to know.

What is Super Indo Kratom?

Like other Kratom strains, Super Indo Kratom gets its name from its geographical origin and associated effects. It was originally cultivated in Indonesia like all other Indo varieties. Known for its high quality, this Indo strain is one of the commonly exported Kratom from Indonesia.

These Indo varieties are famous in the world, with approximately 95% of Kratom coming from Indonesia.

Super Indo Kratom is an enhanced version of the Indo Kratom strain. They only differ because the former is obtained from larger leaves; therefore, it also has a different alkaloid profile. The larger leaves indicate that they were harvested at a later stage of maturity.

This extended growth period produces more key alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which are responsible for Kratom’s effects. All Kratom leaves have up to 40 different alkaloids that give Kratom its personality. However, with the Super Indo variety, customers find the highest concentrations of these two alkaloids.

This unique alkaloid profile makes this strain more potent than its other counterparts. The size of the veins in the leaves largely contributes to the efficacy.

Therefore, the effects will differ depending on the veins. This feature is used by companies that deal in the production and distribution of kratom products.

Because of the larger leaves, the Super Indo Kratom is also known as the Indo Elephant Kratom.

Why Should I Use Super Indo Kratom?

Like any other enhanced drug, this strain provides a better boost than other typical kratom varieties. It’s more potent than other Indo strains; therefore, users get more benefits. But why should you use Super Indo over the other strains? 

Here are some of the reasons.

  • It’s More Potent

Compared to other Indo strains, this variety is more enhanced because of the presence of more primary alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Therefore, users can get better effects and enjoy the benefits associated with the product. If you are getting a relaxed feeling from other kratom products, the impact is significantly higher with this strain.

  • You Can Use It Anytime

Unlike other drugs that act as sedatives only, some variations of this strain boost the energy levels while improving alertness and focus. Because of this, users can use the product at the beginning of the day or at night to wind down. You just need to choose the appropriate variety for the best effect.

  • It’s Available in Different Forms

You can consume Kratom either as a powder or capsules. The Super Indo Kratom is readily available in different forms, depending on the user’s preferences. As long as you source the products from a reliable vendor, you will get high-quality strains for maximum effect.

Different Super Indo Kratom Veins

As the kratom community grows, some new strains and varieties are emerging in the market. All kratom leaves have veins in different colors.

Each of these colors contains a distinct strain and comes with a unique set of effects. The primary colors are white, green, and red, with red and green as the most popular of the three.

Like the other strains, Super Indo Kratom has the same color variations. Here’s a breakdown of each of them.

  • Green Vein Super Indo Kratom

The green vein variation is the most popular and readily available compound. Because the leaf is larger than in other Indo strains, it contains more alkaloids than other green vein strains.

In terms of the effects, it has an immediate impact than coffee and other stimulants. With a combination of benefits, this strain has a calm and uplifting effect. It also boosts alertness as well as increases energy levels.

Due to its potency and efficacy, you should use small doses of about 1 to 2 grams for effective results. High dosages of more than 3 grams will become overwhelming and result in headaches, nausea, or vomiting.

  • Red Vein Super Indo Kratom

Kratom leaves have red veins that are easily identifiable. The red vein variation contains the highest ratio of the primary alkaloids, like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, in their leaves.

Users who use red vein strains of the Super Indo Kratom experience benefits such as relaxed muscles, better sleep, improved stimulation, pain relief, anxiety relief, and mood changes. These effects stay in the body for a few hours, leaving the user in a relaxed state.

First-time consumers should start with a smaller dosage, about half a gram to two grams. This dose can be boosted by half a gram every 30 minutes. It’s advisable not to consume more than your body can tolerate avoiding the super red kratom effects.

  • White Vein Super Indo Kratom

The white variation is very rare. However, it’s available in some stores. This strain is derived from older leaves that have white veins.

Just like with the green and red, the dosage should be minimal as a start. As the body gains tolerance, you can gradually increase the dosage.

What Are the Benefits of Super Indo?

Kratom products come with a lot of benefits. Although more research is being done on the medical benefits of using this natural herb, the kratom community attributes this supplement to some key benefits. As one of the most popular strains, Super Indo Kratom also comes with its own set of benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Better Sleep

Super Indo Kratom is good for individuals struggling with insomnia. The sedatives present in the alkaloids help to induce or improve the quality of sleep. 

This herb is effective without causing any adverse effects. Therefore, you should use this natural plant if you need to improve your sleeping schedule.

  • Mood Booster

When used in excess or in large quantities, all kratom products have adverse side effects. However, when you consume the correct dosage of Super Indo Kratom, it has a soothing effect that calms down the mind from stress. For this to work, take small doses.

  • Energy Boost

Like other kratom strains and varieties, Super Indo Kratom serves as an energy booster. By consuming small doses, you can improve your productivity and experience less fatigue. Users also have improved alertness and clarity, making it beneficial to use.

  • Relaxed Feeling

Super Indo Kratom is primarily used for recreational purposes. It gives a feeling of artificial euphoria, which allows the user to feel relaxed.

Since it’s very potent, it’s a good choice for anyone looking for tranquility. However, it would be best not to use it in large quantities; otherwise, you may get adverse side effects.

  • Enhanced Cognitive Function

When you need that extra push, the Super Indo Kratom strain helps by increasing motivation and gives users extra endurance. Because of this benefit, this strain is essential when you need to focus on activities such as reading and studying. The mild stimulant keeps you awake when you need to focus and study.

Will I Receive An Energy Boost Using Super Indo Kratom?

Consuming low doses of Super Indo Kratom can boost your energy levels significantly. Kratom acts as a powerful natural stimulant and can be even potent than caffeine. If you are feeling fatigued or need to improve your productivity, this strain is a perfect choice.

The strong stimulant effect is more prominent in the green and red strains. The white variation also helps when you need to wake up. Therefore, this kratom strain is a go-to if you need to get active.

This Indo strain is named super due to the potent primary alkaloids. They are more prominent than in other varieties; therefore, making them a good product for an energy boost.

However, when consuming any of these products, it’s advisable to take them in small doses. Otherwise, if you consume more than your body can tolerate, it will negate the positive benefits and lead to adverse side effects instead.

In addition, you should use this product in the right amounts to prevent addiction and dependency. When you take Super Indo Kratom regularly, you’ll get into an addiction that adversely affects your energy levels. For the proper dosage, ensure you check the labels if you are using capsules or powder.

Best Way To Consume Super Indo Kratom

If you are a beginner or regular use of kratom products, you need to consume these products properly for the best benefits. There have been reports of death associated with the use of kratom products; therefore, safety is paramount.

Here are some of the critical things you should consider.

  • The Dosage

The amount of Super Indo Kratom is very critical. For beginners, it’s advisable to start with very small doses.

For instance, you can start with either 1-2 grams until the body tolerance improves. Most experienced users prefer to use 3-5 grams.

If you choose to consume a lot of Kratom than your body needs, you are at risk of experiencing headaches and increased anxiety.

  • Method of Consumption

Consuming Super Indo Kratom either in powder form or capsule form is safe. You can purchase the option you want to use depending on your preferences. You can use the powder in your tea to avoid the bitter taste.

However, Super Indo Kratom capsules dosage is more precise. The amount of capsules you should take is defined clearly.

Once you buy a pack from the supplier, it’s indicated how many Super Indo Kratom pills you should take. With this method, there’s a reduced risk of overdose, and the user is safer.

  • Where to Buy

Although it’s growing popularity, Super Indo Kratom is not available in any local store. However, if you are shopping for some products, you can either purchase them online, smoke shops, gas stations, liquor stores, or herbal stores.

Before purchasing products from a vendor, ensure they are reputable. Keep in mind that not all vendors are selling authentic Super Indo Kratom. Some of them are taking advantage of the fact that it’s so popular to sell low-quality products to unknowing customers.

When buying, ensure the vendor has conducted lab tests on the strain to check for heavy metals, levels of alkaloids, or other toxic matter. Also, research the different strains before you buy any product. If it’s an online vendor, check whether they have online reviews from other customers about their Super Indo Kratom.

  • The Legality

The FDA has not approved Kratom due to some associated risks. In addition, it’s also not legal in some states, while others have pending legislation.

To avoid getting into trouble, it’s best to research the legality of this compound in your state. This way, you can safely buy and consume without any problems.


Super Indo Kratom is a popular herb choice among kratom users. With a higher potent level than other Indo strains, it’s a high-quality product that comes with several benefits. The good ratio of primary alkaloids boosts its performance in improving energy levels, focus, alertness and helping with insomnia.

Safety is also crucial when consuming this herb. Like other supplements, users should start with a small dosage until the body tolerance improves.

If you want to buy Super Indo Kratom from a reputable vendor and learn more about its benefits, contact us at Kratom Krush.