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The Complete Guide to Sea Moss

Sea moss is growing in popularity at a rapid rate in the natural health scene. Advocates claim that the algae has numerous therapeutic benefits, from boosting the immune system to enhancing libido.

Sea moss – officially known as chrondus crispus – has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. This form of algae commonly grows on the rocky Atlantic coastlines of Europe and North America, and occurs in a variety of colors, from green to purple. In addition to being taken for health purposes, sea moss is also used as a thickener in processed foods, and in the beer brewing process.

Keen to learn more about sea moss? This detailed guide serves both newcomers and those more familiar with sea moss. If you want to learn more about sea moss, its benefits and its history, then you’ve come to the right place!

History of sea moss

Despite hitting the headlines in 2020 as a new all-natural health product, sea moss is far from new. This algae has been taken by the peoples of Ireland and the Caribbean for millennia. In recent decades, cultures from all over the world have picked up on the apparent benefits of sea moss.

Sea moss is also known as “Irish moss”. The algae acquired this name in the 1800s, when it became a popular foodstuff among Irish people who had been ravished by the potato famine. Desperate for any kind of food to eat, they turned to the moss growing on the rocks.

5 potential benefits of sea moss

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the possible benefits of sea moss, here’s a disclaimer. The health properties of sea moss have not been subjected to extensive scientific research. It’s unclear whether the algae is effective for any medical conditions. This post serves to educate, inform and entertain. It is not intended as medical advice.

While the science is thin on the ground so far, the reality is that millions of people around the world are using sea moss. There must be a reason why so many people buy, and continue to buy it! Here are five potential benefits.

Strengthens the immune system

Sea moss is touted as being great for your immune system. A well-functioning immune system is essential for all-round good health, and to protect the body from excessive levels of inflammation.

Sea moss may have probiotic qualities that help improve the health of the gut, and with it the health of the immune system. The reductive effect sea moss has on inflammation could be useful if you are suffering from the likes of arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Good for heart health

This popular alga is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, folic acid, magnesium and potassium, all of which help support a healthy heart. In addition, sea moss can also strengthen blood vessels, increase blood flow and improve circulation, which in turn is key to regulating blood pressure.

Sea moss helps ward off free radicals, harmful, uncharged atoms that increase levels of oxidative stress in the body. The alga also enhances oxygen saturation, which is considered vital to all-round good health.

Enhances skin, hair, and nails

Sea moss is quickly becoming an integral part to the skincare regime of thousands of people around America, in the form of sea moss gel. This product, which can be combined with essential oils, may help to reduce blemishes and fine lines, and boost complexion. And let’s not forget, such benefits are also great for alleviating depression and anxiety.

The myriad of vitamins, nutrients and minerals found in sea moss team up to reinforce connective tissues in the hair and nails – more benefits that improve appearance and confidence. The trio of benefits sea moss offers for the skin, hair and nails are ideal if you want a single solution to improving your looks.

Boosts metabolism

Sea moss is also good for the metabolism. This is the complex process in which the body breaks down foods into energy, in order for nutrients to be sent to cells all over the body. How does sea moss help?

The rich levels of iodine present in sea moss are important to produce thyroid hormones, which help to regulate the body’s metabolism. The improved blood flow encouraged by sea moss is also vital for a healthy metabolism.

Improves libido

Yes, that’s right, sea moss can boost your libido, or sexual drive. Indeed, this is one of the reason why the algae has been part of the human diet for so long. Crucial to the libido-boosting qualities of sea moss is zinc, one of more than 90 minerals contained within it.

Sea moss enhances blood circulation, which improves stamina. This, unsurprisingly, can then help with sexual performance. Regular intake of sea moss could even work to treat impotency and erectile dysfunction. That said, sea moss is unlikely to solve sexual performance issues on its own but could be part of the answer to the problem.

Can sea moss harm you?

Sea moss is not dangerous when taken in sensible amounts and is generally considered to be a healthy part of the human diet. However, since sea moss contains iodine, you must be careful not to take too much. Excessive consumption of sea moss could cause thyroid dysfunction. This could bring on a collection of health issues, from tiredness to muscle cramps.

In a nutshell, sea moss is not typically harmful. Just don’t go crazy with it!

Can you eat raw sea moss?

Raw sea moss can be eaten raw, but you should take precautions. If consuming raw sea moss, ensure the algae has been thoroughly washed, soaked and blended before using it. Sea moss is a great thickening agent, and can be stirred into smoothies, soups and stews.

How do you use sea moss for hair growth?

To use sea moss for hair growth, and to strengthen the connective tissues within your hair, you’ll need a sea moss gel, or a similar topical product. Sea moss is teeming with vitamin E and lavishing your hair with this compound takes the fight to the free radicals, which trigger oxidative stress and can ultimately cause hair loss. Simply rub a sea moss serum into your scalp and let it work its magic.

Can sea moss help you get pregnant?

The zinc in sea moss serves to increase libido and sexual performance – but the jury is out on whether it actually helps with getting pregnant. Until the scientific research is in, its impossible to say definitively, despite the initial promise.

Experts have noted that the source of sea moss can play a role in its ability to boost libido. Low quality sea moss may lack the essential minerals and vitamins that are critical to the product’s perceived benefits.

Does sea moss really work?

The recent sea moss boom certainly suggests that the algae works for at least some health issues. Most promising may be the benefits sea moss has for the immune system, the skin, and the hair. As sea moss grows in popularity, expect manufacturers to develop products that combine sea moss with other natural health products.

In the meantime, we will continue to be optimistic about the health benefits of sea moss, while remaining cautious until there are more scientific studies. Hopefully, the newfound popularity of sea moss will fuel that necessary research!