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Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da: What Is It and Why Is It Important

If you are into natural supplements, you have probably heard about the ultra enhanced maeng da. It is a strain of kratom, a tropical evergreen tree closely related to coffee and endemic to Southeast Asia. 

Known as Mitragyna speciosa to scientists, it typically grows in jungles where the soil is wet and acidic, and the air is humid.

Maeng da plants are originally found in Thailand, one of the first countries to export high-quality kratom to the rest of the world. Indonesia and Malaysia have their own native strains, but maeng da is now grown in these neighboring countries. 

Still, the ones in Thailand are believed to be of higher quality because of the country’s weather.   

With the growing popularity of kratom, maeng da, and other strains are now available in many forms. Ultra enhanced maeng da is one of the most potent and also among the most sought-after. 

To understand its benefits and why more and more people are taking it, we must first look closer at enhanced kratom.   

Introduction to Enhanced Kratom


Many people are either unaware of the existence of kratom or know very little about it. This is especially true for those who are not followers of traditional medicine. 

However, natives of Southeast Asia have been using it for hundreds or even thousands of years, chewing on its leaves to relieve stress, boost their moods, and reduce pain

Today, there is some resistance from big pharmaceutical companies and regulatory bodies like the FDA, but kratom remains legal and popular in many European countries and parts of the US. The modern world is slow to catch up, but it is learning fast about the benefits of kratom. 

The herb now comes in tea, capsule, and powder forms for easier consumption. It also comes in four different colors: red, white, green, and yellow. 

It is essential to know about the basics of kratom to gain a better appreciation of the enhanced varieties. 

Red Vein

The red strain is known for its soothing effects and is typically taken to ease discomfort and anxiety. 

White Vein

The white strain has a slightly different effect from the red. It provides extra energy, boosts the mood, and helps increase focus. Some people report feeling euphoric after taking it. 

Green Vein

The green strain is a combination of the red and white strains. It is much less stimulating than the white strain while offering the calming effect of the red.  

Yellow Vein 

The yellow strain is another combination of the red and white strains. What makes it different from the green strain is that it leans more to the characteristics of the white one, which means that it is slightly more stimulating than the green strain.

What is Enhanced Kratom?  

As its name implies, enhanced kratom has been modified and improved to provide elevated results. It works faster and stays in the system longer. 

This process can be done in two ways, depending on the manufacturer. 

One is to make the enhanced strain synthetically. The other is by boiling several folds into resin to increase the number of alkaloids. The resin is later ground into powder form

Other brands add kratom extract powder to the resin powder. However, they make sure that the base powder has a higher amount so it won’t be overpowered by the extract. 

With its higher potency, it is crucial to be mindful of the amount of enhanced kratom being taken. Beginners should take the regular strains first to build up some form of tolerance to the enhanced variety.   

Types of Enhanced Kratom


There are many types of enhanced kratom with varying manufacturing methods and effects. Below are the most common and popular options available in the market: 

Ultra Enhanced Indo

Ultra Enhanced Indo or UEI kratom is derived from a mixture of the Bali and Indo strains. To make it more potent, manufacturers add 1,500mg of alkaloids to the blend. 

The Indo strain can be red, green, or white, but it is generally less stimulating than the other strains. The Bali strain is a red vein kratom, which means that it has soothing effects. 

The enhanced strain has more potent calming effects, ideal for relieving the tension after a hard day or week at the office. 

Enhanced Bali Kratom

The Enhanced Bali kratom is a high-quality strain. Its production process is precise, from harvesting to manufacturing. 

Only large plant leaves are used when making this variety as smaller leaves have lower alkaloid concentrations. To increase the potency even further, alkaloid powder with 99% purity is added.  

The Enhanced Bali kratom is designed to sharpen the mind and boost vitality. 

Enhanced Red Horned Kratom 

The Enhanced Red Horn strain is popular among kratom enthusiasts due to its prolonged effects. People who take it usually feel relief from anxiety or depression for seven to nine hours. 

However, the plant only grows in specific areas of Borneo, making it difficult for manufacturers to secure enough supply that will meet the demand. As such, the Red Horn kratom commands a slightly higher price in the market, although its hardcore fans do not mind paying.   

Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da

The fourth type of enhanced kratom is Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da. It is arguably the most popular among all the strains and deserves special mention, which brings us to the next section of the article. 

What is Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da?


Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is the finest kratom strain that can be found in the market today. It only came out a few years ago, but it is already dominating the landscape. It is highly recommended to enthusiasts who want to get the best and most extensive kratom experience money can buy.  

Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is artificially enhanced to maximize its potency. However, the fact that it is not naturally occurring does not diminish its popularity or effectiveness. 

Manufacturers use a special technique to combine maeng da alkaloids with 99% purity to regular maeng da leaves, which are already of the highest quality, to begin with. The resulting product is a fine mixture containing the highest amounts of alkaloids. 

Every 25 grams of Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da kratom powder has 1,500 grams of alkaloids, which is not matched by any other product currently available in the market. 

Effects of Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da


Even before you ingest it, you can feel Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da working. It emits an intense and stimulating aroma that can be overwhelming yet comforting, indicating the high concentration of its active ingredient.

Once you take it, you can expect the following ultra maeng da kratom effects:


Alkaloids are known for their soothing effects, and Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da has lots of them. If you want to relax after a very tough day or week, nothing takes the stress away like this kratom product. 

Better Mood

Aside from relieving stress, Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da can also enhance your mood. It can help ease your anxieties, which is vital during these trying times. 


While Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is relaxing, it also provides extra energy and helps your mind focus better. However, unlike other stimulants like coffee or even tea, the effects of the enhanced maeng da are soothing.

Pain Relief

Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da can offer relief from pain, be it stress-induced or due to chronic medical conditions. If you are experiencing pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, swollen joints, and other similar ailments, you should consider taking enhanced maeng da.     

How to Use Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom


There are many ways to deliver the benefits of an enhanced kratom product to your system. One is by adding the product to your morning coffee or tea. Enhanced kratom is a bit bitter, so this could help make it more palatable. 

Another way is by taking the capsule form, which is more convenient, easier to manage, and better for people who do not like the taste of kratom. 

After learning how to use the ultra enhanced kratom, the next thing to do is figure out how much ultra enhanced kratom to take.

First and foremost, if you are new to the world of kratom, it is safer to stick to leaves and regular products at first. As you become accustomed to the effects of the herbal supplement, you can start trying the enhanced strain. 

In general, enhanced kratom strains are designed to be consumed in smaller amounts. There is no specific dosage that applies to everybody as the reaction to the product varies from one person to another.

For reference, a low dose ranges from one to two grams of the extract. A moderate dose consists of two to three grams, while a high dose can go up to six grams.

Still, the safest way to start using the enhanced maeng da is to try small amounts at first, see how your body responds, and make incremental adjustments.       


Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da is a potent supplement that can help improve your quality of life if used properly and purchased from reputable sellers. To ensure that you are getting a product that is effective and safe, trust only Kratom Krush. Visit our website to order authentic kratom products or if you want to learn more about kratom.