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Kratom User Explains What Kratom Feels Like 

Thinking about using kratom, but not sure if you’ll enjoy how it feels? Not to worry, I’ve been using kratom for years, and I’ll be happy to explain exactly how each kratom effect feels like, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or any combination of the three. 


The sedation you obtain from kratom, specifically red strains, can be compared to taking a small dose of Nyquil. 

However, unlike most effects, which kick in in a matter of minutes, sedation is usually not experienced for an hour or more. 

Depending on the strain, the sedation can be intense, such as that of Red Bali, or more mild. If you use a potent sedator, the effects can sometimes be felt the next day in the morning. 

Hence, don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while using sedating strains. 

Mood Boost/Euphoria

In my opinion, one of the best mental and emotional kratom effects is the mood boost. Reds, yellows, and especially greens can uplift your mood. 

With certain strains, such as Green Maeng Da, the mood boost is significantly potent, and can produce very enjoyable euphorias known to completely eradicate stress. 

The mood boost/euphoria can best be described as a surge of optimism. You will feel motivated and uplifted. Thus, allowing you to engage in strenuous mental tasks such as studying or office work. 

Physical Discomfort

Yellows and greens are great for physical relief, but neither are as effective as reds (the more potent green strains like Green Maeng Da and Green Malay are two exceptions). 

Depending on how you consume kratom, the effect will begin to kick in within 5-30 minutes. 

You won’t feel anything in particular, it simply alleviates the issue. 


Yellows, greens, and whites are known to boost energy levels. However, whites are by far the best, and White Maeng Da is recognized as the king of stimulants. 

The energy boost is not like that of caffeine, where you feel an immediate surge of energy then come crashing back down to earth. It’s a more balanced and gradual energy increase. 

However, you must take a smaller than your average dose to boost your energy. If you take a large dose, you may find yourself falling asleep afterwards, and that goes for all strains. 

I highly suggest taking kratom powder via the toss and wash method to obtain a good quality energy boost.

Appetite Suppression

All strains can suppress your appetite, however, euphoric green strains seem to be the best. 

After taking kratom, you’ll notice your food cravings and hunger will begin to quickly disappear.

It’s not the same feeling as satiety or bloating from overeating. It’s more like the feeling you get from eating a small snack to eliminate hunger, 

However, don’t underestimate kratom. I have completely eliminated extreme hunger with Green Maeng Da on more than one occasion. 

If you’re trying to lose weight or cut down on certain types of food, Green Maeng Da is a must. 


Have you ever meditated and felt physical, emotional, and mental peace afterwards? Well, that feeling is very similar to the one that can be acquired by taking kratom. 

All strains, even some whites, can produce relaxation, but reds and greens, like Green Malay and Green Maeng Da, are the best. 

Since reds tend to be sedative, I suggest taking reds in the evening or night and using greens during the day. 

The relaxation is not the same as the one obtained from marijuana. Kratom does not slow down time, make you laugh uncontrollably, or hungry. 

That being said, if kratom is abused, it can produce a certain kind of high, which I will explain next. 

Kratom High

A kratom high is usually obtained with a high dose. Therefore, anyone who has a low tolerance is much more likely to experience negative side effects, such as the notorious nauseous headache, than a kratom high. 

I have experienced a kratom high multiple times, and it was far from enjoyable.
Although I was fully conscious and aware of my surroundings, I felt very dizzy. 

Engaging in any form of productive tasks, especially those involving high levels of concentration, would have been near impossible while high. 

The high can last anywhere from 1-2 hours. Eating and laying down on your back will help to mitigate the effect. 

Does Kratom Produce Cravings?

Much like anything else in life, Kratom can produce cravings. However, due to kratom’s relieving effects, you may find yourself feeling like you need it more in certain situations than others, such as working inside a building all day vs the outdoors. 

The cravings are not debilitating in any way, and, because they’re solely mental, will go away on their own if you find a suitable distraction. 

In order to prevent cravings, do not use kratom recreationally. Only take it when you need it, and take frequent tolerant breaks if possible. 

What Does a Kratom Overdose Feel Like

The word overdose has a very serious negative connotation. However, I can assure you a kratom overdose is mild compared to what you probably already pictured in your mind. 

The vast majority of kratom overdoses involve someone experiencing a non-lethal but unpleasant headache combined with nausea. The intensity will depend on how much kratom was consumed. 

If the headache is severe, vomiting, sometimes combined with a kratom high, can occur. 

If you begin to experience side effects without vomiting, eat solid food and lay on your back until the effects wear off. 

I, as well as many people I personally know, have experienced side effects from overdosing, yet we’ve always been okay. However, if your symptoms don’t begin to diminish within 2-3 hours, call poison control. 

New kratom users are much more prone to experiencing side effects. Keep the dosage low and you will be alright. 

What Kratom Colors Feel Like

Kratom comes in 4 colors, yellow, white, red, and green. Within each color, you’ll find strains with different names such as Red Maeng Da, Red Bali or Green Maeng Da, and Green Malay. 

Depending on the color and strain, Kratom can produce a wide variety of effects, both physical, mental, and emotional. 

Each kratom color produces roughly the same combination of effects. For example, most reds are known to be relaxing, sedative, and pain relievers while white strains are generally stimulating. 

However, strains sharing the same color, for example, Red Maeng Da and Red Bali, will vary with regards to potency. Red Bali is known to be a much more potent sedative than Red Maeng Da, while both are virtually equivalent pain relievers.

Now that you understand the relationship between strains and their colors, I can thoroughly explain what kratom feels like. 


Does taking kratom via the toss and wash, tea, or capsules feel different? 

The only difference between these forms of taking kratom is the time it will take to experience the effects, and the potency. 

The toss and wash is known for packing a punch, both toss and wash and tea produce very fast effects, and capsules are great for those who hate kratom’s bitter taste. 

What does it feel like to come down from kratom? 

With the exception of accidentally taking a high dose and experiencing sedation, you will not feel a come down from kratom. There is no such thing as a kratom hangover. 

What does a kratom withdrawal feel like?

Kratom withdrawal can include flu-like symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, body aches, hot flashes, and extreme fatigue.