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What Does Kratom Taste Like? Here’s the Rundown

If you’ve never had kratom, you’ve probably heard or read a thing or two about its strong and unpleasant taste. There are a few varying degrees as to how bad some are. I’ll be ranking some of these and offering you tips to make them more palatable.

Kratom is a natural nootropic supplement with a bitter taste. The most bitter kratom is normally the green strain and in its powder form. There are ways to make kratom taste better, such as adding sweeteners or mixing it with your favorite foods and drinks. 

Let’s get to tasting!

What Does Kratom Tea Taste Like?

I’ve had my fair share of kratom teas. I’ve got to say, this isn’t the most pleasant tea I’ve ever had. The thing about kratom teas are that they might taste different to you. There are some kratom batches that are much more bitter than others. 

Personally, kratom teas taste like a strong, earthy, and bitter version of matcha mixed with green tea. It’s definitely a strong taste that some just can’t seem to get through. The good news is there are alternatives and ways to help improve the taste a little. But, more on that later!

What Does Kratom Powder Taste Like?

I know that kratom teas aren’t so great, but using the toss and wash method makes the taste so much worse. 

The “toss and wash” method is one that I use more frequently. It doesn’t require having to simmer water and wait for the tea to warm up. I grab my favorite kratom strain, measure out the dosage, toss it in my mouth, and wash it down with water. 

Let me tell you, this is bitter overload. I’ve been doing this method for over 2 years and I never fail to make a scrunched facial expression. Yuck!

What I do like about this method is that I feel the effects in about 10 minutes. I do sacrifice my taste buds in order to experience the wonderful world of kratom in a shorter amount of time. 

Taste of Kratom Tinctures

kratom tincture

The taste of kratom tinctures are not any better in terms of taste. It’s a liquid/oily bitter kratom taste that tends to be pretty strong. 

Kratom tinctures are super potent. It’s basically an extract of all the kratom alkaloids, such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This means that it will taste pretty darn bitter. 

But, what I like about tinctures is that the high potency allows you to take less! It’s not like taking kratom powders or drinking kratom teas. This makes the bitter taste a lot more doable. The best part is that you’ll be feeling the effects quicker. The only downside is that tinctures tend to be more expensive. 

What Does Green, Red, White, and Yellow Kratom Taste Like? Let’s Rank Them

I have tried every single kratom color strain there is over a long period of time. I’ve also noticed that the different levels of bitterness and aromas are really going to vary. Sometimes certain kratom color strains are not as bitter, other times, they’re really bad in terms of taste. 

I did notice that I tend to experience certain color strains to be much more bitter than others. Maybe not every single time, but pretty consistently. 

Using my own personal experiences and trying a large variety of kratom batches, I’m going to rank the strains from most bitter to least bitter. Keep in mind that this is based on my personal opinions and experiences, which may be different for you. 

From least bitter to most bitter:

  1. Red Kratom Strains- I have found that red kratom strains tend to have a much more smooth taste and aroma. It’s still bitter, but not as bad. 
  1. White Kratom Strains- The white kratom strains bring up the bitter flavor just a notch more. It’s more bitter than red strains.
  1. Yellow Kratom Strains- Yellow kratom strains are even more bitter than white strains. It’s like a dark green tea that’s overly bitter.
  1. Green Kratom Strains- The green strains are the worst tasting, at least, that’s what I think. This has a sharp and pungent taste. Although it’s a lot harder for me to enjoy, I find that green kratom strains are my favorite because of the balanced, stimulating effects I experience. It’s all worth it. 

What Does Fake Kratom Taste Like?

I can’t really say I’ve had fake kratom. I make sure my kratom batches are 100% natural. I do have a friend who believes to have taken synthetic kratom because of how bad the effects were. It wasn’t good at all and they describe the flavor to be bitter as well. 

When buying kratom, be aware of sketchy vendors. Make sure that the kratom is lab-tested and completely natural. This is not supposed to be a lab-made product. Higher quality kratom may taste more “clean”, but every batch will essentially be different. 

How to Make Kratom Taste Better

Although I’m now used to the unpleasant taste of kratom and have grown accustomed to it, I do have some tips on how to slightly improve the taste of your favorite kratom strains. 

Here are some of the top ways to make your kratom consumption a little more enjoyable.

Add Honey and Lemon

When making a kratom tea, I highly recommend adding honey and lemon. I used to do this when making a kratom tea. I’d add about 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice along with 1-2 tablespoons of organic, raw honey. 

Add Sugar or Other Sweetener

You can also try adding regular brown or white sugar to your tea or another type of alternative sweetener such as stevia. 

I wouldn’t add too much sweetener, though. 

Try Kratom Capsules

kratom capsules

Of course, you can always opt for the kratom capsules. I really recommend this if you can’t get past the kratom taste. It’s easy, fast, and not messy like kratom powder.

The downsides are that it takes longer for the effects to kick in (about half an hour) and is a bit more expensive than the classic powder form. 

Make Kratom Smoothies or Add to Juice

I like to mix my kratom with juice from time to time. I use organic apple juice or another type of natural fruit juice. Not too much, as this can lower its potency. 

I’ve also made “green” kratom smoothies! I add green apples, kale, a few pineapple chunks and blend with water. 

Your options are really endless when it comes to consuming kratom. There are ways to make it more enjoyable. Go ahead and give some of these tips a try!