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White Vietnam Kratom- The Effects Might Surprise You

White Vietnam Kratom is a unique strain. You wouldn’t expect it to pack a punch, but it sure does. For that reason, White Vein Vietnam Kratom is a good strain to try if you’re a frequent kratom user. 

White Vietnam Kratom is used for many different reasons, including energy and to enhance your mood. This white kratom strain has a strong stimulating effect that lasts longer than other white vein strains. The high potency might require you to take a smaller dosage than you normally would. 

I’ve had my fair share of Vietnam Kratom strains, and this is definitely one that stands out to me

What are the Effects? 

This is one of those strains that I find to be highly energetic, so I don’t recommend it for everyone unless you’re looking for that type of effect.

White Vietnam Kratom effects are going to be a lot stronger in some areas than in others. Here’s a list of what this strain is great for and what it’s not so helpful in. 

Good For: 

Stimulation/High Energy- Not surprisingly, this is an awesome and potent strain for high energy and stimulation. You can expect your morning tiredness to disappear after taking this one. Since it’s so stimulating, beginners might find it to be too much for them. Long-time kratom users find it to be a bit stronger than some of the other white strains. 

Mood Boost- All that energy will definitely give you a mood boost. If you’re socially awkward or need something that’ll help you get out of your shell, White Vietnam is great for that. If I know I’m going to a social event, I take a good amount of this strain and I’ve noticed I’m more talkative than usual.

Productivity- This probably goes hand-in-hand with the stimulation effects of it, but it definitely makes you more productive. Usually, I have a hard time getting things done. This is often due to me feeling overwhelmed or tired. But, this is definitely a pick-me-up strain. I get way more done when I take White Vietnam than when I have a cup of store-bought coffee. 

Not So Good For:

Sleep- If you’re looking for a kratom strain to take before you go to sleep, please check out another strain. This is not very good for before bed since it’s energizing and stimulating. You’ll find yourself up during the night rather than sedative and sleepy. Of course, you might get sleepy if you take way too much of this strain, but you’ll just crash.

For the purposes of sleep, you can try a red strain or even a green strain. 

Soothing- This is also not the best for soothing effects. I know a lot of kratom users like to use kratom for feeling a lot more soothed and calm, but this isn’t going to do much for that. I would say to stick to a red strain as well. Those are more sedative and better for that type of effect. 

Why It’s So Unique

White Vietnam Kratom and other Vietnam Strains are very unique. Vietnam Kratom strains often grow near the Mekong River in Vietnam. It’s true that kratom typically grows in environments similar to this one, but kratom growers believe that the soil here makes it so potent and energizing.

The soil near the Mekong River is exceptionally rich in minerals. Not to mention, the tropical climate here helps grow lots of premium kratom. The quality of the soil and climate that Vietnam Kratom grows in gives this strain its strong alkaloid profile and potency. 

If you’re looking for a kratom strain that’s high quality and that definitely delivers in terms of effects, I recommend you give this one a try so you can see first-hand how it compares to your other favorite white strains. 

Recommended Dosage for White Vietnam Kratom 

Because this is a potent and stronger white strain, the dosages might vary a bit. I think it’s best that you start this one at about .5 grams less than you normally would. 

Of course, this is going to vary for each of you, so take what I say as a general recommendation. 

Things that can play a role in how strong or weak a strain include your weight, gender, tolerance, and if you have food in your system or not. My bigger folks might need higher dosage amounts, while my smaller-built kratom users will be fine with fewer grams. 

I’ve already figured out my sweet spot for strong white strains based on these factors, but it might take a few tries to figure out your perfect dosage. Without further ado, here’s a list of recommended dosages: 

Recommended Dosage Amounts (grams)
Beginner: 1-2 grams

Mild to Moderate Effects: 2-4 grams
Moderate to Strong: 4.5 – 6 grams
Strong: 6.5-9 grams.
Very Strong: 9.5+ grams
This will vary from person to person. I take 3.5-4 grams, and that’s enough for me.

Side Effects 

With anything in life, you could encounter side effects. Heck, drinking too much water can give you water poisoning!

But, you really don’t need to worry. The typical side effects of kratom are mostly short-term and not as dangerous. You might experience these if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients or if you take too much of what you’re used to.

Here are the possible side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Hallucination
  • Vomiting 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Headache 
  • Anxiety from overstimulation 

I have personally experienced nausea and dizziness before, but this was because I took too much the first time I ever had kratom. I learned my lesson and only increased the amount slowly each day. If you’re careful, you should be fine. 

Ways to Take It 

There’s tons of ways you can enjoy White Vietnam Kratom. I really like that there’s different methods of consumption because I’m the type of person that likes to switch things up frequently. 

Here are some ways you can take White Vietnam Kratom:

Kratom TeaThis is the way most people consume their kratom. It’s been taken this way for hundreds of years by Southeast Asians and it’s still many people’s favorite method of consumption. Here’s how you can make your very own kratom tea!


  1. Measure out the correct dosage of kratom powder.
  2. Mix kratom powder and half a cup to one cup of lemon juice (optional).
  3. Simmer kratom and lemon juice for 15 minutes.
  4. Add 1-2 cup of water. 
  5. Simmer for another 15 minutes. 
  6. Add another cup of water if you’d like. 
  7. Enjoy your warm kratom tea.

Optional: You can add honey or your favorite sweetener to brighten up the flavor. 

Toss and Wash- This is how I usually take my kratom powder because it kicks in faster. You can try this out if you want your body to metabolise it quicker. Keep in mind that it tastes super bitter like this and makes effects much stronger because you take it all at once. 


  1. Measure out your kratom dose. 
  2. Put all of the measured kratom powder directly in your mouth.
  3. Immediately wash and swish down with water or juice. 

Tip: You can try taking it in increments so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the bitter taste.

Tincture- Tinctures are a bit more expensive, but super potent. They basically extract the alkaloids from the kratom powder and make it into a liquid form. Since this is very strong, you’ll only need a few drops of it. 

You can even try making a tincture yourself, but it is more time consuming and requires some products. 

Capsules- If you absolutely can’t stand the taste of kratom powder, which I don’t blame you for, I suggest opting for the capsules. 

I like these because they are a lot faster than making kratom tea and you don’t get the nasty taste in your mouth. The only downside is that you can’t measure out an exact amount since it’s pre-measured to fit in the capsule sizes.

You’ll want to ask or check on the capsule size so you get a better idea of how much is in it. 

***Tip: A 00” capsule size typically contains about 0.7 grams. 

You can also try cooking with White Vietnam kratom or adding it to smoothies. However, I am not sure how well this will work in terms of effects.

It’s always best to take kratom on an empty stomach so that you feel it working, but you can have fun experimenting and seeing if you prefer to add it to your favorite light meals or shakes.