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A Researcher’s Review to Understanding Yellow Kratom

Most people today have either tried or researched the three main strains of Kratom, which are the white, green, and red-veined varieties, but not so many when it comes to Yellow Kratom. So, what does yellow vein Kratom do? Well, that’s a question that we’re getting ready to discover in this researcher’s guide to understanding Yellow Kratom.

I’m Phillip, co-owner of Kratom Krush, and I will be your narrator today. One of the questions that I receive a lot: is Yellow and Gold Kratom the same? The answer is no. Although they both look very similar in color, there are some differences between the two. It’s so similar that I’ve even heard it called Yellow Gold Kratom. Let’s discover more about this yellow strain that’s creating a buzz throughout the Kratom community.

What is Yellow Kratom?

Yellow Kratom is an extracted product from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) tree. Yellow Kratom is generally made and packaged into Yellow Kratom capsules or packages of weighed powder and used for a variety of health enhancing reasons. And, if you’re wondering does Yellow Kratom give energy? The answer is yes if taken in lower dosages.

What is Super Yellow Kratom?

Super Yellow Kratom is an enhanced version of the original strain. Super Yellow Kratom is made from the larger leaves of the Kratom tree. Larger leaves are known for having more alkaloids per mass than typically standard-sized harvest leaves. This higher level in alkaloids determines whether a strain is categorized as super or not.

How is Yellow Vein Kratom Made?

When it comes to understanding what makes Kratom yellow? There’s two elements that give Yellow Kratom its color: the actual leaf veins themselves or the drying process that alters the color of the finished product. Certain regions throughout Southeast Asia where Mitragyna Speciosa is present, there are some species that actually do have yellow veins that occur naturally during the cyclic cycle that help to give Yellow Kratom its color.

On the flip side of the coin, some Yellow Kratom is man-made by unique drying applications or a process known as fermentation. The dying process from cultivator to cultivator varies widely, but they all work on the same basic principle. The leaves are subjected to an outdoor drying process that involves different times in the shade and the sun as well as a variety of fermentation applications. A lot of man-made Yellow Kratom is extracted from the red-veined leaves of the Kratom tree.

The truth is, certain yellow strains of Kratom are oftentimes rare and rather expensive due to the limited production coupled by high consumer demand that can sometimes make them hard to find. However, here at Kratom Krush, we have a solid reputation within the industry and overseas connections that do a good job of keeping our inventory stocked with the best Yellow Kratom currently available to anyone of legal age who wants it.

Yellow Vein Kratom Strains

There are several high-quality Yellow Vein Kratom strains currently available on the marketplace and also here at Kratom Krush. The most widely purchased Yellow Vein Kratom strains today include the following:

Yellow Kratom Effects

The effects of Yellow Kratom take place in about 20-30 minutes for most people while the duration of the effects are somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-6 hours per dosage. While white, green, and red vein varieties offer a spectrum of results, Yellow Kratom tends to be focusing, energizing, uplifting coupled with euphoria at higher doses.

Yellow Kratom effects are along the same lines as most green vein strains. While some feel more like the uplifting effects of white vein strains some can feel more like red vein Kratom. This is because most yellow strains are made from red-veined leaves and tend to provide the following effects:

  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Raised alertness and focus
  • Enhanced concentration levels
  • Discomfort and sedation

The Adverse Side Effects of Overdosing on Yellow Kratom

While overdoses on Kratom are rare, it does have the potential to create some adverse side effects if abused. I like to tell my customer’s the truth because Kratom if taken in large quantities over 10 grams or more has the potential to create the following side effects for some people:

  • Severe headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Vomiting
  • Mood changes
  • Kidney problems
  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure

Yellow Kratom is a potent strain; therefore, it is always better to go slow and gradually increase your dosage rather than going overboard by taking too much. To avoid adverse side effects and get the maximum benefits of Yellow Kratom, follow the recommended dosage guide provided above.

How Does Yellow Kratom Stack Up Against its Counterparts?

While white, green, and red vein strains offer researchers a wide range of effects and uses, yellow strains tend to be more popular and coveted by experienced users and well seasoned connoisseurs for their unique and potent alkaloid profile. Yellow strains are relatively new to the marketplace; however, as more people discover the benefits of yellow strains, it is gaining in popularity and growing in consumer demand.

Here’s how Yellow Kratom compares to other colors of Kratom strains:

Yellow Kratom vs White Kratom

When compared to White Kratom, Yellow Kratom tends to offer users a longer period of physical comfort coupled with a better mood and heightened concentration. On the other hand, white vein Kratom is oftentimes compared to a good cup of strong coffee with pick-me-up effects.

Yellow Kratom vs Green Kratom

Green Kratom is known for having milder effects than Yellow Kratom, but the two are actually quite close to each other when comparing the present alkaloids and their medicinal benefits. While green strains provide increased energy and mild pain relief, yellow strains tend to offer consumers better energy and concentration levels than green strains do.

Yellow Kratom vs Red Kratom

Yellow and Red Kratom are very similar to each other because most of the Yellow Kratom in today’s marketplace is made from the red vein varieties of Kratom. Red Kratom is known for being an excellent strain for discomfort and relaxation, and Yellow Kratom offers a lot of those same benefits but more enhanced due to the chemical structure found in yellow strains of Kratom.

Who Uses Yellow Kratom?

Many people living with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other widespread musculoskeletal diseases use Yellow Kratom. Yellow Kratom contains high levels of the alkaloids 7-Hydrocymitragynine, Mitragynine, Mitraphylline, and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine as well as several more. Yellow Kratom is also used by those who may feel fatigued from a lack of sleep and need an all-natural energy booster.

Since Yellow Kratom is mostly extracted from red-veined leaves, the effects of this strain often resemble those of the red vein varieties. For example Yellow Borneo Kratom effects are often compared to Red Bali, Red Maeng Da and Red Thai Kratom but slightly better in terms of duration and potency.

Why is Lab-Tested Yellow Vein Kratom Important?

When it comes to buying Yellow Vein Kratom, buying lab-tested products guarantees the best results. Since Kratom is under-regulated on a massive scale, it leaves room for shady vendors use artificial fillers and substances in the place of authentic Yellow Kratom. Therefore, diluting the product and selling bunk to unsuspecting customers.

This can be big turn-off for new researchers because they’re not getting the medicinal benefits that they paid for. Always buy your Yellow Kratom from a trusted vendor that utilizes third-party analytical testing like Kratom Krush to get the best experience and value for your hard earned money. Lab-testing ensure the present alkaloids and screens for contaminants and heavy metals that can be harmful for human consumption.

The Benefits of Buying Yellow Kratom With Kratom Krush

While we offer many benefits to our dedicated customers, one of the biggest benefits of buying Yellow Kratom with Kratom Krush is our unrivaled return policy. For any reason whatsoever, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our Yellow Kratom, simply return it within 45 days from the point of purchase. Here at Kratom Krush, we Krush the competition with guaranteed low prices that work within most people’s budgets.

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We offer some of the best Yellow Kratom strains currently available in today;s market and even the ones that are hard to find elsewhere. IF you want the best in customer service coupled with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, buy your Yellow Kratom today in confidence at Kratom Krush.