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Gold Bali Kratom Review: Its Gold Standard Effects and More

Have you ever been curious about Gold Bali Kratom strain? It’s sister, Red Bali Kratom, is extremely popular amongst kratom users. I’ll tell all about its effects in this Gold Bali Kratom review, along with how it gets its name. 

Gold Bali Kratom, also known as Bali Gold Kratom, is a strain that gets its color from the long and unique drying process of the leaves. The best effects of this strain are that it helps with relaxation purposes as well as can help reduce stress. The average dose for Bali Gold Kratom is 3-4 grams. 

So, is it a legit kratom strain or just fool’s gold? Keep reading to find out more!

What is Gold Bali Kratom Good For?

Gold Bali Kratom can be good for a ton of things. The classic Bali strain is known for its potency and amazing effects. 

If you’re unfamiliar with gold kratom strains, they tend to be more sedating and relaxing. This makes it a really good choice for so many reasons. 

This is honestly one of my favorite gold strains. I like to use it as an afternoon or evening strain. I don’t necessarily like to take it in the morning because of the sedation it gives me after some time. 

If you’re looking for a morning strain, I recommend you try out a white or green strain, such as Green Maeng Da. But, we’ll talk about Green Maeng Da another time. 

I’ll show you what this strain is good for and it’s top, gold standard effects. 

Gold Bali Kratom Effects

Gold Bali Kratom for Sleep 

This is one of the best kratom strains for sleep. It’s very similar to a red kratom strain, just slightly more sedating. 

If you trouble to relax, you’re not alone. This can be super debilitating to your sense of well-being. You also can’t get your work done properly if you lack sleep and feel tense. Not to mention, that can cause you to be in a grumpy mood. 

I struggle with feeling relaxed sometimes. When I don’t get a restful night, I wake up with extreme grogginess and it definitely affects my motivation. 

When I took Gold Bali Kratom for the first time, I wanted to test it out. I took it about 2-3 hours before hitting the hay. Let me tell you, 5 grams of this had me feeling very relaxed but also sedated. I was dead asleep for the entire night. 

If you’re looking to try this strain to help you get some sleep, take around 4-6 grams (if you’re not a newbie) a few hours before bedtime. Thank me later.

Good for Those With Chronic Pain

The alkaloid properties in Gold Bali Kratom strain make it ideal for feeling calm and tranquil.

Natives in Southeast Asia often use Gold Bali for its soothing benefits. They typically chew on the leaves or crush it to turn into a powder. The powder then gets simmered into a tea. 

Tons of people here, in the West, have been using it for the same purposes as well.

Since it’s a natural herbal remedy, there are little to no side effects, and are mostly harmless. I’ve noticed that Gold Bali helps with a ton of other things. Once I take a strain, like Gold Bali, I feel relieved and ready to continue on with my day. 

Might Help Reduce Stress 

There’s no denying that stress is on the rise. Maybe it’s due to your job, your relationships, health problems, or family issues. Any type of stress can be really triggering and keep you from enjoying your day.

As someone who feels constantly stressed, Gold Bali has really helped keep me leveled and relaxed. Since it’s more relaxing than a strong white or green strain, I find that this strain works better for reducing my stress levels that usually affect my day-to-day life.

I definitely recommend this strain if you want something soothing and that makes you feel good overall. 

Good for Relaxing

As I mentioned, this strain is very relaxing, especially at higher dosage amounts. 

If you’re looking to unwind for the evening, Bali Gold Kratom can be your go-to strain. Read a book, get cozy on the couch for a movie, or do some meditation. Gold Bali will help take you to a tranquil place. 

I love how relaxed I feel whenever I take this strain. I think it’s a lot better than taking other, more harmful alternatives. 

What is Gold Bali Kratom? 

You might be wondering how Gold Bali Kratom gets its name. To start off, it’s considered a Bali strain because it’s found on the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. 

The rich and unique soil, humidity, rain, sunlight amount, and agricultural practices make Bali kratom thrive here. However, not all Bali Kratom is grown in Bali. Weird, right?

Doing the same processes and obtaining the same plant seeds from these kratom treese can let farmers throughout Southeast Asia get the same, or very similar, Bali Kratom plants.

Now, why is it considered a “gold” strain?

Well, there’s a lot of mixed information and uncertainty as to why it’s a gold kratom. However, the best answer I can give you is that it is considered “gold” because of the appearance. The appearance typically happens from the sun-dried process of red strains. 

Red strains aren’t always used. It can vary sometimes and give you different effects. But, the drying process usually happens through photo-oxidation, where the kratom leaves are left to dry for a few weeks. 

All the drying and processing mechanisms make its appearance look gold/yellow, thus, making it a gold strain. 

How Many Grams of Gold Bali Kratom Should I Take?

When taking Gold Bali Kratom, it’s important to note that the dosage amount is going to depend on a lot of things

So, if you’ve just started taking kratom and have never tried a gold strain before, you’ll want to start with about 1.5-2.5 grams. Then, you can increase by 0.5 – 1 gram each time to increase the potency effects. 

For moderate relaxation, 3-4 grams will suffice. If you want to take kratom for sedative purposes and are not a beginner, around 4-6 grams is the average amount for this effect.  

Here’s my general recommendation for Gold Bali Dosage: 

Gold Bali Kratom Vs Red Bali 

It sounds like Gold Bali Kratom is very similar to Red Bali Kratom. But, which one is better and how do they differ? 

Well, users claim that Gold Bali is a bit more stimulating than Red Bali. I find that they’re pretty similar and actually felt that Gold Bali was a bit more sedative. However, it could be due to the higher dosage amount I took. 

Gold Bali is also said to be more euphoric, while Red Bali is better for soothing effects. One Reddit user mentioned that they like it way more than Red Bali, while another said Gold Bali didn’t do much for them. However, there were quite a few reviewers that mentioned there wasn’t much of a difference for them. 

As far as soothing effects, I think they can both work well for this. I suggest trying both and see what effects you like from each. It’s all going to depend on what you’re looking for in a strain, you’re tolerance, and what vendor you buy from. 

In general, Red Bali is still more popular within the kratom community, but a lot of it could be due to the fact that it’s been around longer. Don’t let that keep you from trying Gold Bali though, it’s a personal favorite and I think some of you might like it too.