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Green Hulu Kratom Review: Take a Look at This Rare Strain

There’s no doubt that Green Hulu Kapuas kratom is a unique and balanced green strain. I love a good Green Hulu Kratom tea and find that it’s the perfect replacement to my boring morning coffee. In this Green Hulu Kratom Review, I’ll be going over all of your questions and answering them from my experiences with this strain. 

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom is a green kratom strain often enjoyed as a morning or daytime strain. Some of the effects of this rare strain include elevation in energy, mood enhancer, and mild discomfort reliever. The average dosage amount for this strain is around 3-6 grams.

Still curious about this tropical strain? I’ll let you in on all the details down below. 

What is Green Hulu Kratom?

Green Hulu Kapuas kratom is a vibrant green vein kratom strain that is a mixture of White Hulu kratom and Red Hulu kratom. These were first found on the Island of Borneo.

Typically, kratom is grown in Malaysia and other parts of Indonesia. But, Hulu Kratom was actually discovered to be growing along the Kapuas river. 

This makes it a rare and unique strain, since it’s properties are unique to that location. Some of the alkaloids within this awesome plant are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. What these alkaloids mainly do is provide effects as well as activate the mu-opioid receptors. 

It’s also more difficult to access the area around the Kapuas river location and even harder to cultivate the kratom grown there. Unlike other kratom strains, Green Hulu kratom is less available, but I think it’s worth trying if you’re a kratom junkie like me. 

What Is Green Hulu Kratom Good For? 

There’s many reasons people choose to take Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom. Although I don’t personally reach for this one much because I’m always trying a new strain, I think this one is really good for a morning and daytime boost. 

Now, I would classify this strain as a mild kratom strain. It’s just not that potent. But, that’s why I think it’s a great one. Some days, it’s just nice to have a little pick-me-up mild kratom strain that won’t feel super intense. 

Let’s go over some of the effects and reasons to take this rare strain. 

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Effects

  • Smooth Energizer 

As I mentioned, Green Hulu Kapuas is so much better than your typical cup of coffee. I just find that it gives a different experience. 

I’m more focused and concentrated on my work. Not to mention, this lasts for quite a few hours (around 3-5), depending on how much you consume and if you have food in your system. 

This green strain provides smooth, clean energy that’ll be sure to help you get through the hectic work day. Trust me, you’ll be in the zone with this one.

  • Stress Reliever/ Mood Enhancer

This strain is good at uplifting your spirit too. Also, it can be pretty stimulating for some.

Like many people, I’ve learned how to deal with my stress with the help of kratom. This is one of those strains that doesn’t enhance my feelings of anxiousness. It’s balanced enough and more mild, making it a good mood booster. 

If you want something that’ll help you feel good and optimistic, I can say Red Hulu Kapuas kratom can help with that. 

It’s not a cure to stress, but I find it can really help if you’re down in the dumps some days.

Recommended Dosage 

Dosage for Green Hulu Kratom is definitely going to vary for every person. 

This strain is pretty tricky. It seems to be very stimulating for some users, and for kratom veterans, it’s very mild. 

I think the best range to take this kratom is anywhere between 3-6 grams. This always seems to be the sweet spot for many. 

But, if you’ve never had kratom or any strain that’s more stimulating, you’ll want to start off with a dosage between 1.5-2.5 grams. 

You can slowly start to increase by .5 grams every day until you reach the desired effects. Or, you can increase by .5 grams within the next hour after taking the threshold dosage. 

Some things to keep in mind about Green Hulu Kratom is that it’ll be a lot more stimulating and potent in effects if:

  • You’re smaller built/less heavy
  • You don’t have any food in your system when taking Green Hulu Kratom
  • Low tolerance level


What I love about the powder form is that you get to measure out an exact amount with a food scale or with measuring spoons. 

green hulu kratom powder


Determining how many capsule sizes to take can be a bit tricky because there are different capsule sizes. 

The most common capsule size are 00”, which can typically hold around 0.7 grams of kratom.

About 3 capsules is good to start off with. You can always increase by taking another capsule the next time you take it.

green hulu capsules

**Please check the sizes of your capsules to get a better idea of how many capsules to take. 

What People Are Saying About This Strain

I searched up Green Hulu Kapuas Reddit on google and came across some interesting reviews and experiences on this strain. 

A lot of the comments about this strain were positive. However, keep in mind that some find this strain to be very stimulating. It’s not 

“Green Hulu Kapuas is one of my favorites, If I ever need a green strain purchase I make sure to get the majority of these in samples”. -Water8211

“Most strains that are green and white help my mood/lower stress quite a bit but they dont make me super social per say. They make me talk a little more talkative than usual but nothing crazy. I just tried some green hulu today AND WOW it turns me it to chatter box. I literally feel like I can’t run out of things to say.” -Joshieboy900

“Greens are too stimulating for me and unless I work all day I can’t sleep on them that great..” -JnW302

Overall, there seems to be plenty of good reviews on Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom. If you like to explore and try out different strains, I highly recommend giving this one a chance. 

Green Hulu Kratom vs Green Maeng Da 

When comparing Green Hulu Kratom to Green Maeng Da, I’d say there was a noticeable difference to me. 

Let’s go over some of the similarities and differences: 


  • Both morning/daytime kratom strains
  • Both have mild discomfort relief 
  • Both increase your mood and sociability


  • Green Maeng Da is more stronger and stimulating (one of the strongest out there in terms of green strains)
  • Green Maeng Da is a household kratom strain and my personal favorite
  • Green Hulu seems to be better for those getting into green kratom strains or who don’t want something as strong. 

Green Maeng Da is for those who want a strong green vein strain with a right balance of effects. I personally always gravitate towards Green Maeng Da because I prefer the potency and stimulation.

But, I think Green Hulu is another good one. I’d recommend it to those who want a bit of a milder strain. 

You might end up liking Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom more than Maeng Da. As always, I recommend branching out and trying out different kratom strains. You might end up finding your next favorite go-to strain!