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Green Indo Kratom Review: Check Out These Effects

Ever wanted to try a kratom strain that was pretty well-balanced and clean in effects? Green Indo Kratom has been known to be right in the middle in terms of the effects it gives off. In this Green Indo Kratom review, I’ll tell you what you want to know about the effects it provides plus more. 

Green Indo Kratom is a green kratom strain that offers very balanced and clean effects. Some of the effects of this strain include mild to moderate energy, body discomfort relief, and stimulation. Although it’s not as potent as other green strains, it can still provide stronger effects than the more mild green strains. 

Wondering what you’ll get from Green Indo Kratom? Check out the effects down below. 

What Does Green Indo Kratom Do?

Like many other green kratom strains, Green Indo is right in the middle of a red and white strain.You’ll experience everything you want into one strain, but it’s not as stimulating and strong to the point where it’ll feel too intense. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not a weak strain either. It provides a nice balance with a more mild to moderate potency. 

I would place this Green Indo Kratom in the beginner strains pile. Not because it lacks anything, but because it doesn’t tend to cause any side effects that typically come from much stronger and stimulating strains. 

Down below, I’ve come up with a list of some of the common effects.

Effects of Green Indo Kratom strain: 

Soothing and Relaxing Effects

Hands down, this is what Green Indo Kratom does best, at least in my opinion. I found this to be a very soothing strain. It not only decreases the stress I get sometimes, but it makes me feel like everything is fine. 

In other words, it’s a chill strain that won’t make you feel distastefully relaxed or sedated. 

Mild to Moderate Energy Levels

Since it has some of the properties of a white strain, it provides mild to moderate energy. 

I didn’t think Green Indo was super stimulating or energizing to the point where I’d be set for the day. It’s smooth energy that is not too weak and not too intense.  

It can be a nice pick-me-up, but don’t expect to be supercharged. It’s good enough to keep your energy levels at bay throughout your day. 

Increased Focus and Attentiveness

You can definitely expect it to help increase your focus and attentiveness at work,  school, or whatever else you’re trying to get done. I always count on kratom, especially the green strains, to give me a nice balance. 

Because of the balance, I can remain focused a lot longer and my mind doesn’t drift off as much. 

People sometimes compare it to the focus that adderall gives, but just without the negative consequences or side effects. 

Mild Euphoria

Green strains can give euphoric feelings. However, I didn’t really get that out of this strain.

Maybe it’s because it’s a more mild strain to me, but I think you can possibly get mild euphoria and definite mood boost at moderate dosages and if you’ve never really had kratom before. 

My overall thoughts on the effects is that it’s a very true green strain. It’s right in the middle in terms of effects and potency. I think if you’re new to kratom, it’s an enjoyable green strain. If you’re not new to kratom, it’s still a really good strain if you’re looking to have some balance in your life. 

What Exactly is Green Indo Kratom? 

Just as the name says, Green Indo Kratom comes from the well-known Southeast Asian country of Indonesia. 

This country is a big producer and grower of kratom products. But, the green color strain comes from how mature the kratom leaf is. Green Indo Kratom is also known as Super Green Indo Kratom because of the large leaf size. 

White kratom strains are known to be the youngest, less mature leaves and tend to be more energizing. They’re good as daytime strains. Red kratom strains are very mature leaves, and are often more sedative, strong, and discomfort relieving. This makes it ideal for nighttime use.

Green strains are right in the middle. They’re not young kratom leaves, but they’re also not super mature either. This is why green kratom is often said to be the best of both white and red strains. Except they’re not as strong and sedative, yet they’re not as energizing. 

Indonesian kratom growers do their best to pick the green kratom leaves at the right level of maturity so that you can have these overall balanced and smooth effects.

What is Super Green Indo Kratom Used For? 

There’s many reasons you’ll want to experience Super Green Indo Kratom. Maybe you want some energy, but not too much. Maybe you want to feel relaxed, but not sedated. 

Here’s why people use Green Indo Kratom:

  • This strain is really good at reducing levels of stress. There have been certain strains that provide overstimulation, thus resulting in bursts of increased stress. Green Indo Kratom won’t do that, instead it’ll help calm your body and mind.. 
  • Helps alleviate mild bodily discomforts.
  • Used for staying productive and focused during work, preparing for school assignments and exams and anything else that requires your focus and concentration. 
  • For opioid and other drug withdrawals. Since kratom binds to the same mu-opioid receptors that opioids do, it helps people deal with any withdrawals they might be experiencing and helps one stay away from it. 

What They’re Saying On Reddit 

There’s not too many Green Indo Kratom reddit reviews. I read through the available threads and there wasn’t much to be found. 

But, here are some of the user reviews and experiences that I did end up finding for Green Indo Kratom:

“For me, the green vein indo is very similar to Bali, but slightly more sedating and less euphoric. Definitely a good nighttime strain.” -shwaycool

“I mixed up 50/50 Thai md and green indo yesterday and had excellent results.” -readyscratch

“I absolutely love the uplift. It helps me relax and focus” -Sally 

One person mentioned it was sedating to them, while others think it’s a little more energizing and uplifting. I think it also depends on how much they took. Typically, the higher the dosage, the more sedating. 

How to Take It 

The two common ways to take Green Indo Kratom is to consume the powder or capsule form. Keep in mind that they are both going to work just as good. There are minor differences to taking kratom powder or capsules. 

Let me show you what those differences are: 

Green Indo Kratom Powder 

  • Can make into kratom teas, add to smoothies, and mix with juice. 
  • Can measure an exact amount with a small food scale or with measuring spoons
  • Effects kick in within 15-20 minutes
  • Messy
  • Bitter
  • Cheaper in price

Green Indo Kratom Capsules

  • Conveniently easy and fast to take
  • Portable
  • Not messy
  • No bitter taste
  • Effects take place within 30-45 minutes
  • Slightly More Expensive
  • Can’t measure an exact amount since they are pre-measured to fit in the capsule. (Each capsule size will contain a different amount.)

Kratom Dosage for Green Indo 

When consuming Green Indo Kratom, I typically take about 4-4.5 grams. Sometimes I will increase up to 5 grams if I get a weaker batch.

If you’ve never had kratom before, you’ll want to start off with 1.5-2 grams. Then, you can increase by 0.5 grams each time you take it until you reach the desired effects. 

Here’s what I recommend for different effects of Green Indo Kratom: 

Green Indo Kratom Vs Maeng Da 

You might be wondering how Green Indo Kratom  compares to Green Maeng Da.

I’ve had Green Maeng Da many times because I love the effects it gives me. However, it might not be the best for you depending on what you’re looking for.

When it comes to stimulation and potency, Green Maeng Da is stronger. Both Green Maeng Da and Green Indo provide mild discomfort relief, but Green Maeng Da seems to do it better and longer. 

Green Indo Kratom seems to be better at reducing stress and any jitteriness. It’s also less sedative at higher dosages than Green Maeng Da. 

Overall, it’s just going to depend on whether you want something more stimulating, like Green Maeng Da, or something more mild and balanced, like Green Indo Kratom.

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