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Green Thai Kratom Review: These Effects Can Better Your Day

Ever wanted a more potent green kratom strain? You might be interested in Green Thai Kratom, then. This strain is known to be a lot more potent, stimulating, and energizing that most of the other green vein strains. 

Green Thai Kratom is a green vein kratom strain that originates from the small country of Thailand within Southeast Asia. It’s effects include increased sociability and higher energy levels. The typical dosage of this strain is about 3-4 grams. Green Thai Kratom is known to be a better morning and daytime strain than a nighttime kratom strain. 

Let’s see what Green Thai Kratom is all about. 

What is Green Thai Kratom Used For?

Since this strain is so much more stimulating than other green or red strains, I find that it mostly benefits those who want to quick start their morning or are in need of a confidence boost. 

If you’re someone who suffers from stress, has a low self-esteem in social situations, or needs help concentrating on your tasks at hand, you’ll benefit from a green strain such as this one. 

I happen to love Green Thai kratom for all the reasons I mentioned above. I find that other green strains don’t do much for me, especially since I’m a long-time kratom user. 

Let’s go over the main benefits of Green Thai Kratom so that you know what to possibly expect if you do get your hands on this awesome strain. 

Green Thai Kratom Effects: 

1. Improves Mood

What I really appreciate about Green Thai Kratom is that it’s an instant mood booster, for me at least. It actually has somewhat of a euphoric effect in the 3-4 gram range, especially if you’re still new to kratom.

For those who suffer from feeling upset or moody, Green Thai Kratom is a pretty good option for you. It will help balance out your mood like it has mine. 

Overall, I get a positive outlook in my day and I feel more in tune with myself. 

2. Better Energy and Focus

Green Thai Kratom is awesome for keeping my energy levels high while allowing me to concentrate on my work. 

It could be due to the more potent stimulation, but I really find that this strain is great for my mornings or during the day. 

I won’t sugarcoat this, but I am terrible at sitting in a chair for more than 1-2 hours without getting distracted by something else. This can be a problem some days, especially when I need to get things done. 

Green Thai Kratom is one of those strains that I typically reach for. I can finish multiple tastes in one sitting! It’s a great alternative from harder, more dangerous drugs that tend to do the same thing. 

3. Helps With Social Stress

I don’t know about you, but I still tend to get a bit of social stress. When I know I’ll be at a get together with tons of new people, it’s tempting to keep reaching for another beer. 

Well, taking a few grams of kratom can work even better. No need to embarrass yourself or risk anything on the way back home. Green Thai Kratom tends to make me more sociable and helps me make new connections. 

4. Relieves Discomfort to An Extent

Since this is a feel-good strain, it can aid in reducing discomfort. 

I tend to get muscle and back aches from sitting in a chair for hours. Green Thai has helped alleviate the discomfort I feel.

However, this might not be the strongest discomfort relieving kratom strain out there. Since it is more stimulating, you might want to reach for a more sedative, red kratom strain. But, it still does a decent job since it makes you feel great. 

What is Green Thai Kratom? 

As the name suggests, Green Thai Kratom typically originates from Thailand. However, it’s been said that some vendors will get green veined kratom leaves from other, nearby countries and slap the “Thailand” strain label on there. This is probably because it’s a bit trickier to access the leaves on this small, tropical Southeast Asian country. 

Unlike other green vein kratom strains, this one seems to be a bit more potent and stimulating. It provides awesome energy boosts and other amazing benefits. The best possible explanation is that the acidity of the soil and tropical climate might be different than the environment and soil in other parts of Southeast Asia. Another factor is the way kratom farmers harvest and handle the leaves.

Whatever the case, one thing is sure- Green Thai Kratom is immensely growing in popularity within the states. 

How to Take Green Thai Kratom Powder 

Whether you’re someone who likes to take the time to prepare your kratom, or just need a quick fix, there’s a few ways you can enjoy Green Thai Kratom powder. 

Here are my favorite ways to consume kratom: 

Kratom Tea 

When I have the time, or it’s a chilly day, I opt for a warm and healing kratom tea. It only requires a few steps and some patience. This is how I make it to enhance the alkaloid potency:

  1. I measure out about 4 grams of Green Thai Kratom powder with my food scale. Then, I squeeze enough lemons to get around 1 cup of lemon juice. 
  2. I simmer the kratom powder and lemon juice for 15 minutes. 
  3. I add 2 cups of water and simmer for another 15 minutes. 
  4. Finally, I add 1 tbsp of honey or two packets of sweetener. 

Toss and Wash 

A go-to method of mine on busy days is the “toss and wash” method. Small warning for those who hate the taste of kratom, this will be unpleasant. But, this gets absorbed into my system within 10 minutes. 

I take my pre-measured dose of Green Thai Kratom, about 3.5 grams since it’s more potent this way, and place it in my mouth. I then immediately chug down a bottle of water. Fast, easy, but recommended to long-time kratom users who are used to the potency and taste of kratom.  

Kratom Smoothies

If I want to change it up, I sometimes add my kratom powder to kratom smoothies in the mornings. I’ll typically add green fruits and veggies with a splash of coconut milk. 

Keep in mind that kratom is best on an empty stomach, so I typically make these smoothies small. 

How Much Green Thai Kratom to Take 

Since I do consider Green Thai Kratom to be a bit stronger than other strains, I typically take 0.5 grams less than I normally would. However, I take my typical dosage if I find that I really need that boost.

To my kratom novice, you can benefit from 1-2 grams of Green Thai Kratom. This is a starting dose. Then, take about 0.5-1 grams more each time you want Green Thai Kratom again. 

The average dosage amount for this strain is around 3-4 grams, but 5-6 grams is good for those who have a higher tolerance. Anything more is typically too much. 

Green Thai Kratom Dosage 

Green Thai Vs Red Thai Kratom

When comparing Green Thai and Red Thai Kratom, there are noticeable differences.

For one, I find that Red Thai Kratom is a lot more relaxing and soothing. I actually recommend it for beginners who don’t want to feel overwhelmed by kratom’s effects. It’s also better for discomfort than the white or green Thai strains. 

The Green Thai strain is more energizing and stimulating. I find that it’s best for those who have  tried kratom and are ready for the next best thing to help kick start their day. 

Best Green Thai Kratom 

As I mentioned earlier, some vendors will get a cheap mix or “green” kratom and slap on a “Green Thai” label on it. 

To get the best Green Thai Kratom, you’ll want to get it from a trustworthy and respected vendor. Small online businesses, like Kratom Krush, sell amazing batches of Green Thai Kratom at a reasonable price. 

I highly recommend trying Green Thai Kratom, as it might be your next favorite strain.