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Honest Review of White Elephant Kratom Effects

White Elephant Kratom is a very rare and exotic strain that is characterized by its floppy, Dumbo-like appearance and potency. In this White Elephant Kratom Review, I hope to guide you on all of the effects I experienced while using it. 

White Elephant Kratom strain gets its name from the large size of the kratom leaf that resembles the ear of an elephant. Some of the effects users experience when taking White Elephant kratom are stabilized energy, mood boost, concentration, and more. 

Are you ready to see what White Elephant is all about? Great, let’s get right into it!

What are the Effects of White Elephant Kratom?

Since White Elephant Kratom is so large and packed with alkaloids, you’d think that it’s probably the best of the best right? 

Well, maybe it’s not the best (in my personal opinion). I think it’s an amazing strain for those who are beginners and even moderate users. But, I didn’t find it to be as strong in certain effects as I expected. 

It’s going to come down to your personal preference and sensitivity to kratom’s effects. Although I am speaking for myself, you might have a completely different experience and might find it to be your favorite. 

I most definitely recommend trying it out yourself. I think it’s great if you’re looking for something that isn’t as stimulating or strong as a Maeng Da strain. 

Let’s get into the Effects: 

  • Uplifts Your Mood

I found that it did uplift my mood pretty well. I felt a lot happier when I took White Elephant Kratom. This strain, along with other white strains, has been known to be good at managing stress and uplifting moods. 

Talking to other people that have tried White Elephant, some said it gave them a euphoric feeling. I did not feel euphoric off of it, but I could see if being possible to those who are newer to kratom.

  • Sharpens Focus and Concentration 

When I took White Elephant kratom, I felt focused and concentrated. I was able to get things done and get into my zone for work. 

I’ve talked to others that have said the same thing. They found that White Elephant Kratom does do a good job at allowing them to focus. This is one of the main reasons why I take white strains in the morning to help start my day right. 

  • Endurance and Energy

Since it’s a white strain, I did feel a nice amount of energy kick in within 25 minutes. It felt more like smooth and clean energy. I didn’t experience any jitteriness like some feel.

As far as endurance, it had a steady amount of endurance but not like other kratom strains I’ve tried. I felt its effect last for about 3-4 hours. Not too short but also not as long as other more potent strains. 

  • Allows You to Be More Sociable 

Since this is a decently energizing strain, I found myself to be more chatty. I’m usually pretty quiet and keep to myself, but I have found that white strains always do the trick. White Elephant Kratom’s energy effects along with mood boost are what allow you to feel more social and outgoing. 

So, if you’re going out to a place with tons of people, I can say that a good dose of this strain can be useful to those who want to feel more sociable, energized, and confident. 

  • Soothing

Although kratom in general is good for feeling tranquil, this one seems alright for that. I wouldn’t say it has the best soothing effects. However, the energy and mood lift does help you redirect your mind elsewhere and not on the pain.

Where is White Elephant Kratom Grown? 

White Elephant Kratom is typically grown in the outlier parts of the Ketapang Regency on the island of Borneo. But, it can be found in other places within Southeast Asia as well.

This strain is considered unique and rare because it’s not easily found or grown. This makes it so much more desirable and costly. Indigenous kratom farmers try their best to find and cultivate these larger-than-life leaves, and they make sure to pick these kratom plants at their optimal stage. 

White Elephant Kratom is considered to be the largest of all kratom leaves. The leaves actually resemble the ears of elephants, floppy and large. Its enormous size means it carries tons of those good alkaloids we love.

Powder vs Capsules 

When it comes to taking White Elephant capsules or powder, there are a few key differences in terms of taste and how quickly you reach your desired effects. 

Whatever form you decide to get your kratom in, it’s all going to come down to personal preference. 

Kratom White Elephant Powder 

My personal favorite. I always prefer the powder because I get to measure out the exact amount I want. 

I typically make kratom teas out of the powder. Or I use the toss and wash method. You can mix the powder directly in water or juice and drink it straight like that, or you can choose to simmer it with water and fresh lemon juice for a warm tea. 

The “toss and wash” isn’t going to be as nice for everyone, but I realized it makes the effects come in quicker. You’re going to want to measure out your dose of kratom first, then toss it directly in your mouth. It’s going to taste awful. You might make a taste too. Then. quickly wash it down with water or juice. 

White Elephant Kratom Capsules 

Capsules are a good option too. It’s way less messy, plus there’s no bitter taste. 

The only thing about capsules is that they are  pre-measured. This means they’re going to contain different amounts of kratom powder depending on the size of the capsules you get. 

I recommend reaching out to your vendor and asking about the capsule size so that you get a better idea of how much kratom is in it. You should still be able to feel the same effects as the powder as long as you figure out the right capsule dose for you. 

How Much Should I Take?

Figuring out the correct dosage to take for White Elephant kratom strain can be a little tricky. This is because everyone experiences different effects, or no effects at all, with this strain. 

I’ve provided my recommended dosages for you as a general guide, but keep in mind that you’ll need to figure out the right dose through a bit of experimentation and trials. 


Dosages in Grams
Threshold: 1.5-2 grams

Mild to Moderate (recommended) : 2.5-5.5 grams
Strong Effects: 6-8.5 grams
Very Strong (not recommended): 9-12 grams
Slowly Increase 0.5 grams per day until you reach desired effects.

What Are People on Reddit Saying?

I did a little more digging on this strain as far as other users experience with it. Most people have yet to try this rare strain, but there’s some threads that I found for White Elephant Kratom on Reddit. 

It seems like there’s definitely a split between users loving it and not liking it as much. Some of the users say that it’s potent, gives them good energy, and even euphoria. 

Others say it does no good for them. It’s all going to come down to your biochemistry and how sensitive you are to stimulant white strains. 

Here’s what some Redditers had to say about White Elephant: 

A big spoonful of white elephant, since taking it the first time, will definitely be too much. It’s pretty powerful.” -kmamma

“I am one of those people. White elephant, and other white strains do wonders for my husband, but do not make me feel great.” -pixiespriteforest

“White elephant and white horned leaf will make me feel like I am rolling for a little bit… 🙂 Nice euphoria and a touch of soothing effects” -wotaloser

Buying Wholesale Kratom 

You can definitely buy White Elephant Kratom and other strains wholesale online. Shops like Kratom Krush let you buy in bulk at super low prices. They offer free shipping as well. 

If you’re looking to stock up on your favorite kratom strain, you can actually end up saving more money when you choose to buy wholesale.