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Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin? [Laws & Buyers Guide]

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin? The state residents or travelers first need to understand kratom laws and how they affect them before possessing them. This article will explain the current laws surrounding the kratom industry. 

This herb has paved its way in the wellness sector due to its numerous benefits; improve mental clarity, relieve pain, boost mood, to name a few. You can find it online or in local stores throughout the United States. 

With such widespread distribution and availability, you might be questioning its safety and legality. Well, safety is dependent on the kind of kratom vendor you work with. But its legality is a controversial situation in Wisconsin. 

What Is Kratom? 

Mitragyna Speciosa, or simply kratom, is a tree in the coffee family found in Southeast Asia. Traditionally, people chewed its leaves, made kratom tea to fight fatigue and boost productivity, used it as herbal medicine, used it during religious ceremonies, and some substituted it for opium (even nowadays). 

Kratom contains 2 primary active alkaloids – mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Evidence claims that these alkaloids might have pain-relieving (analgesic) and anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, kratom is commonly used to sooth symptoms of fibromyalgia

Also, kratom is available in capsules, extract, paste and tablet forms. Most people in the United States brew kratom tea for self-management of pain as well as opioid withdrawal. Because this ancient herb has not been studied in-depth, it has not been approved or recommended for medical use. 

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin? 

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin 2021? NO! Wisconsin is one of the few states where there is a kratom ban 2021. 

In 2014, Sheila Harsdorf initiated senate bill 325 for a vote. The bill aimed at banning “designer drugs” people consumed to get high. Senate bill 325 had approximately 22 co-sponsors across all sides of the aisle. It was implemented and signed by Governor Scott Walker as a law. 

Sadly, it categorized kratom in the same class as synthetic cannabinoids and bath salts. Other schedule 1 controlled substances are ecstasy, magic mushrooms, and heroin. 

So, possession of any amount or kind of kratom was termed a felony. This means you can face criminal charges and be imprisoned if you are caught in possession of kratom. Later, these kinds of laws inspired the creation of the American Kratom Association (AKA). 

Kratom Advocacy in Wisconsin 

While on the subject of kratom hope in Wisconsin, a kratom advocacy group, the American Kratom Association, sat down with senators to debate the matter. AKA aimed to implement Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) on a federal level by appealing to Wisconsin legislature. 

KCPA controls kratom trade across the United States to make sure vendors sell and distribute nothing short of superior quality, uncontaminated kratom products to prevent negative consequences in the future. 

AKA proposal to the state legislation was surprisingly well-received. Statistical analysis, as well as very compelling testimonies of how kratom has influenced many lives in a positive way, were presented. 

In general, the proposal centered around the safe track record of kratom with some scientific evidence supporting its medicinal potential along with its ability to regulate opioid crisis in America. 

If the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) verifies that kratom is safe, effective, and beneficial, then the bill would consider reversing the original kratom laws in the state. 

Kratom legality in Wisconsin is a matter of hope – if the bill allows the introduction of KCPA in the state, then kratom might be legal in the future. 

What Are the Benefits & Side Effects of Kratom in Wisconsin? 

Benefits of Kratom 

Libido Enhancer 

If you find it hard to give your lover extended pleasure, kratom can help you. It has been researched as a potential supplement for sexual enhancement. Studies examined a number of clinical experiments and reported promising results regarding kratom aphrodisiac properties. 

Help With Opioid Withdrawal 

Kratom is also effective in combating opioid withdrawal and other addictions. Kratom’s alkaloid mitragynine has fewer mental and physical side effects compared to opioids, thus offering a safe and beneficial option. 

When used responsibly, a person cannot develop a long-term dependency or suffer from adverse withdrawal symptoms associated with opioids: sleepiness, anxiety, vomiting, and mood swings. In fact, most kratom users reported pain relief, anxiety reduction, and mood elevation. 

Manage Anxiety 

Anxiety and depression are yet other medical issues prevalent in society. There are several treatments as well as therapy regimes to deal with them, and kratom is among the best remedies. 

Kratom works the same as morphine or codeine but is slightly advantageous because it is not addictive. Taking this fantastic herb regularly and the right dose can improve sleeping patterns, mood and soothe stress, which are the major causes of anxiety. 

Kratom is also quite effective in boosting energy, focus, and immune system, relieving chronic pain, and controlling blood sugar levels. 

Side Effects of Kratom 

A little kratom dose does not have side effects; it is pretty beneficial. Most side effects are associated with consuming kratom by mouth and in high amounts, especially raw powder or toss and wash method. 

Some might include nausea and vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, frequent urination, delusions, etc. Perhaps the horrible taste of kratom causes most of these side effects. 

Suppose you are using kratom for intense euphoria. In that case, you might experience severe side effects like hepatic injury, pulmonary and kidney injury, neurological injuries (seizure and coma), memory impairment, thyroid injury. And in the worst scenario, death due to overdose. 

Where To Buy Best Kratom Products in Wisconsin? 

Because kratom is illegal in Wisconsin, it is very hard to find it in any local stores. Besides, most online vendors fear to ship to any address where kratom is prohibited. Thus, if you wish to consume some, you will have to do so in another state where it is legal. 

Bordering states like Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota allow kratom use so you can buy and use it there. But do not cross the border with it because you will be violating Wisconsin laws. 

Whenever you wish to use kratom in another state apart from Wisconsin, here are premium kratom products from Kratom Krush: 

White Elephant Kratom Powder 

White Elephant Kratom Powder gives a unique euphoria coupled with razor-sharp focus and energy. This white vein strain contains a lot of alkaloids and distinctive scents, thanks to its large leaves. 

Brew it, add it to drinks or meals, toss and wash it, whatever method you use, white elephant kratom will deliver all the kratom benefits. The product is not only all-natural and 100% organic but also safety tested and approved by experts, meaning you will be consuming the safest and most beneficial kratom ever. 

White Bali Kratom Capsules 

If you are looking for a smooth and well-balanced kratom product, then you will love White Bali Kratom Capsules. The best thing about capsules is that you will skip the bitter kratom taste, they are perfect for beginners and offer a precise dosage.

These capsules are good for improving your attention span and boost mental focus at work or school. Also, they are great for combating tiredness, thanks to their stimulating effects. Each container contains 60 capsules, and each capsule has 0.7G of high-grade kratom. 

Yellow Thai Kratom Powder

Grown in the rich soils of Southeast Asia’s Kingdom of Thailand, Yellow Thai Kratom Powder ranks high on quality and potency due to controlled harvesting and drying techniques of the vein leaves. 

On top of that, this kratom strain is third-party lab tested to ensure what is advertised or written on the packaging matches the product. 

Just 2 grams of Yellow Thai kratom powder will give you the desired results. And you will enjoy the benefits in the next 3-5 hours. 

Red Ketapang Kratom Powder 

Red Ketapang Kratom Powder is one of the user-friendly and potent kratom products that Kratom Krush offers. Its stimulating and sedative effects can provide you with energy bursts coupled with pain-relieving properties the whole day. 

This red vein strain is winning the hearts of many kratom enthusiasts, and Kratom Krush is here to serve you a cost-friendly, pure and effective product. Due to its amazing flavor, Red Ketapang powder is ideal for all kratom users, even beginners. 

Want to potentiate any kratom strain effects? Just add about a half cup of lemon juice or some turmeric and experience the intense euphoria you desire. 

Closing Thoughts 

Is kratom legal in Wisconsin? You are out of luck if planning to possess kratom in the state.  Even reputable vendors will not ship kratom products anywhere in Wisconsin. Your wellness is important, but not at the cost of violating the law. 

However, do not give up because the AKA is quite persistent in the journey of legalizing kratom across the US. Just wait for the bill to be officially passed. 

If you are lucky to live in a kratom-legal state, Kratom Krush offers top-tier kratom products.

Order your package today, and we will ship it to your home address in no time!