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Can You Buy Kratom in Denver, Colorado?

Colorado residents and lawmakers are known for their lenient attitudes toward drugs, but does that extend to kratom in Denver? Currently, the answer is yes, but with a caveat.

Some municipalities have moved to regulate or even ban the sale of kratom. Denver, CO, has implemented only lenient regulations on its sale. This leniency should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the state’s history. Colorado repealed alcohol prohibition a full year earlier than the rest of the country. It was also the first state whose residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana.

Want to find out how Denver’s kratom regulations could affect you? You can get all the information you’re looking for below.

Denver Kratom Laws

There are only two towns in Colorado that have implemented a kratom ban. Parker and Monument do not allow shops to sell kratom, nor do these towns allow residents to possess the her. Thankfully, the situation in Denver is a little different.

It is still legal to buy, sell, and possess kratom in Denver. There are, however, three crucial regulations that apply to vendors.

  1. Vendors can only sell kratom labeled “not for human consumption.”
  2. The labels must state the potential dangers associated with using kratom.
  3. Vendors are not allowed to offer advice on the herb’s uses.

You can still buy kratom in specialty shops, but don’t ask about it if you want to avoid problems. The vendors can’t help you choose the right strains, nor can they suggest using kratom powder.

Changing Attitudes Toward Kratom

Since 2012 when the FDA shelved a potential ban on kratom, attitudes have been changing. Kratom advocates have been hard at work informing the public of the plant’s benefits and low-risk profile. Some municipalities within the Denver metropolitan area are paying attention.

In 2018, the town of Castle Rock placed a temporary ban on establishing new kratom businesses. The ban lasted for six months. The city intended to take this time to evaluate options and decide if kratom should remain legal. In June 2019, the town council lifted the ban. Castle Rock made kratom sale, possession, and use – legal for all adults and banned its sale to minors.

Advocating for Reduced Restrictions

If you love kratom and live in Denver, you should take heart from what happened in Castle Rock. When the local authorities looked at the evidence, they realized that kratom is not dangerous. It is a safe and effective herb, not a drug, and it deserves to be treated as such.

You can get involved in the fight to keep kratom legal and reduce its sale and use restrictions. All you have to do is get in touch with a kratom advocacy group like the American Kratom Association. This group tracks not just legal battles surrounding kratom but also the scientific evidence of its safety and efficacy. You’ll find everything you need to contact local representatives and change the dominant narrative surrounding kratom use in your community.

Where to Get Kratom Near Denver

Since Denver implemented its kratom sales regulations in 2017, many kratom users have turned to other sources. Thankfully, it’s easy to buy kratom online, and it’s legal to ship it to Denver. When you work with a reputable online vendor, you can find all the information you need. You’ll also find a wider variety of strains than you would from a Colorado kratom brand, especially in Denver.

Tips for Buying Kratom Online

If you live in Denver and want to buy kratom, you still have plenty of options when it comes to online vendors. Choose one that lab tests its products and takes consumer safety seriously. Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Investigate new strains before you buy them.
  • Avoid black-market products that could be contaminated.
  • Read reviews of the vendor and the strain before placing an order.
  • Choose a vendor with flexible shipping options.
  • When you find a reputable vendor, stick with them.
  • The Basics of Choosing Strains

If you’ve only tried kratom once or twice, you’re in for a treat. Vendors can’t tell you this in Denver, but there are many strains available, and each has different effects. When you try out new strains, do some research, and read user reviews first. It’s best to buy a strain whose alkaloid profile is tailored to your needs.

White strains usually have more potent stimulant effects. You can use them in the morning as a replacement for coffee or as an afternoon pick-me-up. Just keep your doses low since all kratom strains can act as sedatives if you take many them.

Red strains are the most sedative and euphoric. They’re perfect for combating insomnia or relaxing after a hard day at work. Many red strains are also touted for their analgesic effects. To get maximum sedative effects, try larger doses of red strains.

Green and gold strains fall somewhere in the middle. You’ll have to research the individual strain if you want to find out what to expect. Every vendor also has a different formula for creating gold strains.

Ways to Use Kratom

There are three basic methods for consuming kratom. Most people brew kratom tea using kratom powder or fresh leaves. If you find that the tea’s bitter taste is too unpalatable, you can also try kratom capsules. Capsules take longer to digest, but they’re much more convenient and discreet. If your primary goal is to get the most out of every gram, try the toss-and-wash method instead.

Why Did Denver Ban Kratom?

Technically, Denver did not ban kratom. You can still find it in local stores, but the herb must be labeled “not for human consumption.” Denver’s new laws also prohibit vendors from talking about its uses.

Find What You’re Looking For Online

Even if you live in Denver, you can still take advantage of all the benefits of kratom. It will just be a little harder to find the products and advice you need. Thankfully, you can buy high-quality kratom powder, capsules, and more online and have them delivered right to your doorstep at Kratom Krush.