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Kratom vs. CBD: Similarities and Differences

Kratom and CBD are two amazing options for those looking to unwind and help with getting through the day. It’s true, they’re both natural products that come from plants, but there are some major differences between both. Here are the top 5 differences between kratom and CBD as well as their similarities. 

Kratom is a natural herbal supplement that comes from the evergreen tree known as mitragyna speciosa while CBD is derived from the cannabis plant. Kratom is known to provide opioid-like effects while CBD is a lot calming and mild in effects. Kratom is not approved by the FDA while CBD is. 

Let’s get right into the comparison!

5 Differences Between Kratom and CBD

I’ve definitely used CBD and Kratom and still currently do. But, I’ve noticed a difference which is why I tend to lean more towards kratom. 

Don’t get me wrong, CBD is great! The thing is, some of their differences are what attracts me more to one than the other on most days. Here are the top 5 differences that set these two apart. 


The effects of both can be pretty notable. Let me show you why.

CBD’s Effects:

  • Soothing 
  • Calming 
  • Mild
  • Non-addictive

When it comes to CBD, I definitely feel it’s way milder than kratom. If I’m being completely honest, sometimes I don’t notice anything other than a very mild calming effect. I like taking CBD tinctures on my off-days when I’m not taking kratom.

It can also be helpful in soothing discomfort which is another reason why most users take it. Overall, the effects are very tolerable and aren’t as strong. You definitely won’t feel “high” off of CBD, at least, you shouldn’t. 

Kratom’s Effects:

  • Soothing 
  • Relaxing 
  • Increases Concentration
  • Boosts Energy
  • Uplifts Mood
  • Possible Euphoria
  • Stimulating
  • Increases Tolerance and Addiction

Kratom on the other hand is a lot stronger. The thing about kratom is that it can range from mild to very, very strong. It really depends on the strain and where your vendor is getting their kratom from. 

For example, red kratom strains are great for feeling relaxed and soothed. When I want something calming, I go for something like Red Bali or Red Borneo. If you’re taking a red kratom strain, I highly recommend taking them in the evenings. It has been known to make you feel a little sleepy sometimes. But, it is still great if you’re looking for a soothing strain.

When it comes to white kratom strains, they’re a lot more stimulating than red strains. Typically, white strains are good for boosting energy and concentration. I can appreciate a good white strain, but don’t gravitate toward them as much because they tend to be too mild or overly stimulating. It’s nice if you want a boost during the day.

Green Kratom strains are my absolute favorite. These are pretty much a combination of red and white kratom strains. What I love about green kratom strains is that they give me a boost in concentration, boost my mood, and I tend to feel euphoric. On top of that, I feel some sense of soothing and relief as well. If you’re wondering what green strains to try, go for the Green Maeng Da or Green Malay kratom. 

Composition and Origins

When comparing the origins and composition of CBD and kratom, they are way more different than alike. Let’s go over CBD then kratom. 

CBD comes from the hemp plant species. There’s a lot of misconception about CBD because THC comes from the exact same plant. A lot of people still think that it is just like THC. Yes, they have the same molecular structure, but what makes them so different is the way they are arranged. This is why CBD does not get you high but THC will. 

Unlike kratom, the hemp plants that CBD comes from can be grown pretty much anywhere. People all over the world grow hemp plants. 

Kratom comes from a plant known as mitragyna speciosa. This tropical evergreen tree is grown and found in Southeast Asia. It’s more difficult to grow this tropical tree in other climates and environments. This plant thrives in lush rainforests because of all the rain, nutrients from the moist soil, and sunlight. 

Kratom leaves have a ton of alkaloids. These alkaloids are what give kratom its opioid-like effects. The way kratom leaves are prepared requires lots of sunlight to dry out the leaves. This drying process allows the alkaloids to become more potent the longer the leaves mature and dry out. 

RECAP: CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system while kratom interacts with mu-opioid receptors. CBD can be grown almost anywhere while kratom needs a tropical environment and the right conditions to thrive. 


The taste of kratom and CBD can be described to be similar, but I’ve noticed there’s definitely a difference. 

CBD oils and tinctures do have a pretty bitter taste; some describe it to be earthy, bitter, and musky. However, there are CBD gummies and candies out there that taste really yummy. The CBD flower buds don’t taste like much but they can have a pleasant aroma and slight taste. 

Kratom is notoriously known to have a very awful taste. The best way to describe it is a deep, earthy, bitter taste that resembles green tea. It can be hard to chug the whole thing down at once. Unlike CBD, there are no fruity kratom candies and gummies. At least, I haven’t come across anything like that yet. 

One can argue that the very bitter taste of kratom is totally worth it. I definitely agree. 

Side Effects

There are some side effects to be aware of when it comes to kratom and CBD. Many users do experience side effects with kratom when they’re first starting out because new kratom users tend to take more than their body can tolerate. It’s a lot less common to experience side effects with CBD, but it can happen. 

Let’s go over the possible side effects of each.

CBD’s Side Effects:

  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced appetite 
  • “Cottonmouth”
  • Nausea

Kratom’s Side Effects:

  • Hallucinations/Delusion
  • Vomiting
  • Chills
  • Increased Anxiety 
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dizziness 
  • Increased heart rate
  • Constipation

Kratom’s side effects are a bit more severe and there are more possible side effects than CBD usually gives.

One very important tip to avoid the side effects of both CBD and Kratom is to start low. Start with a low amount of kratom or CBD. Slowly increase over time by a little bit (this will vary from person to person). Never take more than what’s recommended.

The Legality of Kratom and CBD

When it comes to the legality of kratom and CBD, it gets tricky. Kratom is banned in certain states, counties, and cities within the U.S. On top of that, the FDA is trying their best to make kratom a Schedule l Drug. CBD has also been banned in certain states as well.

The only two states that have banned hemp-based CBD products are Idaho and Nebraska. The only type of CBD products allowed is those with 0% THC. There are certain states, such as Texas, that don’t allow any type of marijuana-based CBD. Others allow marijuana-based CBD if they are prescribed by a doctor and for medical use.

Kratom is banned in Arkansas, San Diego County (California), Indiana, Franklin City (New Hampshire), Rhode Island, Tennessee (only synthetic kratom is banned), Vermont, and Wisconsin.

As you can see, it’s a bit complicated as certain states or counties don’t allow these products, or they might have some restrictions. Always double-check your local laws to avoid getting into trouble.

Similarities Between the Two

There are a few similarities between Kratom and CBD. For one, they are natural products that are derived from plants. Of course, be aware that some vendors will make synthetic or altered versions of each. 

Another similarity is that users tend to go for Kratom and CBD for the same reasons. Users of both are looking to feel relief, soothed, and relaxed. There’s no denying that they can both offer that. 

Ways to Take Kratom and CBD

I really love having options in life. It helps mix things up and keep my life exciting. Luckily, kratom and CBD come in a variety of forms. You don’t have to stick to one boring option. 

CBD products come in so many different forms. You can buy CBD tinctures, flower buds, topical creams, gummies, and more! My personal favorites are the gummies and tinctures. 

Kratom is more limited when it comes to options. Kratom comes in powdered form, capsules and tinctures. However, I like how you can take the kratom powder in different ways. You can make a traditional warm kratom tea, or my personal favorite, the “toss and wash” method. Some users add it to their smoothies and food.


I can’t recommend any specific dosages as this will vary from person to person. But there are some general tips I can provide to you. 

Tip 1: Start off with 1 gram of kratom or 10mg of CBD

Tip 2: Slowly increase until you reach desired effects. You can increase by 0.5 grams of kratom each time or around 5 mg of CBD. 

Tip 3: Do not take Kratom every day. Only take it when you really need it or about 2-3 times a week. You can take CBD almost daily, but you can always give your body a break to avoid any side effects that come with too much CBD consumption.

For the best advice, you can always ask your doctor. Just remember to start with low amounts and only increase a little at a time if you don’t feel the effects you want.

Can You Mix Kratom and CBD?

Image of thinking young lady standing isolated over blue background. Looking aside.

Yes, you can mix kratom and CBD together. It’s fairly safe to do so since they interact with different parts of our body and with different receptors. 

If you plan on taking both kratom and CBD simultaneously, make sure you take a little of both. I can’t recommend an exact dosage for you because I’m not a doctor. But, you can try starting off with 1 gram of kratom and about 10mg of CBD. 

You can always increase a little if you find the need to. 

What Should You Get?

This is really going to depend on personal preference. 

I think CBD is a good option for those looking for something very mild. It’s also less risky in terms of side effects. If you’re looking for something stronger and that provides you with different effects, go for kratom. 

Kratom does more than just calm the body. It can help boost your day, mood, and productivity. If you’re thinking about it, just try it!