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Ultra Enhanced Indo: Benefits, Effects & Dosage

Wondering what Ultra Enhanced Indo is? Worry not, this article will cover the topic in great detail.

The popularity of kratom has gradually grown from the Southeast Asia region and extended to the United States and Europe. This supplement is so prominent in the US that the American Kratom Association was formed as the main support group for kratom and has greatly helped with legislation that aimed to ban kratom.

As more people discover this natural herb, farmers are cultivating new kratom strains to satisfy the demand. This psychoactive plant has become popular among enthusiasts because of its potency and series of benefits to the body.

With more users seeking improved and elevated results, manufacturers of these products are creating enhanced kratom that stays in the body system for longer and works much faster. These improved strains are either made synthetically or by different kratom extracts with natural kratom powders.

One such product is the Ultra Enhanced Indo, also known as the UEI kratom. As an enhanced product, it’s more potent and should be consumed with care, especially for first-time users.

But why is this product popular? How should you take it, and in what dosages? In this article, we will answer these questions as we also look at the effects of using this product.

What Is Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom?

Ultra Enhanced Indo is a type of kratom strain. Kratom is associated with the Southeast Asia region, primarily Indonesia, Malaysia, Bali, and Thailand. Ultra Enhanced Indo is created from a mixture of Bali and Indo kratom strains.

Unlike other products such as the Super Indo Kratom, this variety gets the name enhanced and ultra because of the additional ultra-concentrated alkaloids. Manufacturers add about 1,500 mg of alkaloids to the blend to make it more potent. This product picks the stimulating effect from the Indo strain and soothing effects from the Bali variety.

With this combination, users get to enjoy a calming effect from the Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom.

Compared to other extracts that bring out specific effects on the body, UEI comes with a full range of effects from pain relief, energy and mood boost, and relaxation. It also has more potency than the other strains, making it more popular.

When buying Ultra Enhanced Indo from the vendors, you can get it either in the form of a powder, extract, or capsule. All these products stay in your body longer and work much faster in comparison to other kratom strains.

Ultra Enhanced Indo is considered one of the most potent strains available, and it’s effective even when used in small quantities. Because of this, it’s famously known as the gold standard and has the same qualities as ultra enhanced gold.

What Is The Difference Between Regular And Ultra Enhanced Kratom?

The difference between regular and ultra enhanced kratom is primarily based on how the two strains get produced. When making enhanced kratom, most manufacturers create several folds. This method requires a lot of kratom.

Ultra Enhanced Kratom is made by boiling the kratom in water until it becomes a solid substance known as resin. They then grind this resin into powder form. 

This is the same process used to make extracts. However, with UEI, manufacturers add alkaloids about 1,500 mg for every 25g of powder. 

By using this concentrated process of production, the Ultra Enhanced Kratom has more potent effects.

On the other hand, regular kratom doesn’t have additional alkaloids. The effects have also not been modified by an additive; hence the effects reduce. Whether you intend to use the regular or enhanced option, it’s advisable to first take small dosages until the body tolerance improves.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Effects

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom is a superior product to other kratom strains. It’s produced using Indo kratom leaves, and the potency doesn’t depend on whether the veins are red, green, or white. This strain is potent because of the combination of elements.

The Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom effects are comprehensive than other strains, which only produce a specific set of outcomes. Here are the most common ones.

  • Boosting Energy Levels

Kratom products are known for boosting energy levels. Mitragynine and 7-Hydroximitragynine alkaloids bind to certain receptors in the brain to trigger a wide variety of reactions in our body that generate energy. Therefore, if you need a boost of energy, there are some kratom strains you can use.

The Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom is more effective because it has a higher potency level.

  • Mood Enhancing

At a low dosage, the UEL can be very uplifting. This strain calms the mind from all types of stress, which is crucial in boosting your moods. However, if you take the products in excess, you are not likely to experience adverse effects such as headaches and anxiety.

  • Cognitive Boost

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom gives you that extra push when you need the energy. It works as a stimulant like coffee which keeps your mind active and engaged when handling activities that need lots of concentration. Because of this effect, you can use this product either at the beginning or end of the day.

  • Helps with Sleep

Although research is ongoing on the medical effects of kratom, users who had used the products before report that they experienced pain relief after using Ultra Enhanced Indo. As you start with small doses, you’ll experience feelings of euphoria. When the dose increases, the impact moves to relaxation, pain relief, and eventually sedation.

Due to its potency, this product is well-suited for individuals with insomnia and other sleep problems. Once the mind is calm, you can slowly fall asleep.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Dosage

Like any other drug, users should consume the Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom responsibly. The effects are felt much better when the dosage is lower. Before consuming any of these products, ensure you consult with your vendor on the recommended Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom dosage.

According to a report, Kratom usage has resulted in deaths and cases of overdose. Most of these incidences are a result of wrong or excessive use. So what precautions should you take when taking Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom?

  • The Dosage

For potent kratom strains such as Maeng Da Kratom, the recommended dose for beginners is approximately 2-3 grams. If consumed in higher quantities, the effects can range from dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, vomiting, sudden weight loss, and urinary problems.

For the Ultra Enhanced Indo, newbies should start with a lower dosage of about 0.5-1 gm. This kratom strain has the most significant amount of concentrated alkaloids; hence it will still work even in low quantities.

If you want to build a tolerance to this natural herb, you’ll need to increase the dosage gradually as you monitor the effects. Taking a lot of it at once will undo all the benefits that come with consumption. Compared to typical kratom, users could get hooked to Ultra Enhanced Indo more quickly due to its potency.

  • Medical Interactions

There’s still limited research on the medical benefits of kratom to the body. Because it’s not FDA-approved, it can’t be used to replace some medications. Therefore, it’s best to consult with your doctor if you are under any medications on whether kratom will interfere with your treatment.

Also, before increasing the dosage, it’s advisable to talk to a health practitioner. Due to its potency and higher effects, you should not use it together with another kratom strain or medication.

How To Take Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

Like other kratom strains, UEI comes in many forms. You can take this product either as a powder or capsule. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways.

  • Leaves

In the native Southeast Asia regions, many users still consume the Indo varieties directly as leaves. They chew on the largest leaves for the enhanced effect. However, the impact is not the same as with the UEI because it does not contain additional alkaloids.

  • Capsules

These are the most common and available forms of kratom available in the market. Capsules are better than powder because they are precisely measured into the doses you should take. 

Kratom is also bitter when chewed as leaves or consumed as a powder. But capsules come with casings that help you avoid that bitter taste.

The capsules are also easier to store and move around with. They are very discreet; therefore, you can move around with the container to work or in your car without any problems.

  • Powder Extract

Some users prefer to use powder extracts. This powder is derived immediately after grinding the resin and adding the alkaloids. 

In this form, it’s very potent and induces a high effect after consumption. As a beginner, you should consume only a few grams, about 0.5-2, as a start and increase the dosage as the body tolerance improves.

  • Kratom Tea

Since the powder is very bitter, you can mix it with tea and other products to make it easier to consume. For 2 cups of kratom tea, you’ll need to use 2 cups of water and add 1-5 grams of Ultra Enhanced Indo powder. If you are an experienced user, you can add the UEI to about 5-10 grams.

For better effects, you can also use enhancers such as lemon juice. For an average user, you can add about 3-5 grams of Ultra Enhanced Indo powder.

  • With Other Strains

You can also mix your Ultra Enhanced Indo with other kratom strains. Users opt to use this method due to its higher effects.

In addition, UEI is a bit pricey. Therefore, users mix it with an inexpensive and mild strain which is economically better. It also induces stronger effects without risking overdosage.  

What Makes Ultra Enhanced Kratom So Powerful?

Ultra Enhanced Kratom is very popular and powerful for several reasons.

  • It Has More Concentrated Alkaloids

Regular kratom has a unique alkaloids profile. The enhanced version, the Ultra Enhanced Indo, is more potent because of the concentrated alkaloids which boost the effects. The additives give this product more power than other kratom strains in the market.

If you can find legitimate UEI in the market, you’ll get to enjoy the maximum benefits.

  • It’s Grown in The Best Regions

Southeast Asia produces the best kratom strains. Ultra Enhanced Indo is a combination of Indonesian and Bali strains. If you want to know how to grow kratom, it has to be in the best environment with the right tropical conditions like the native regions.

Based on its origin, it’s grown in the best conditions, which enhances its quality. This makes the products more potent, significantly increasing the demand among kratom enthusiasts.


Ultra Enhanced Indo is one of the most potent kratom strains. It contains a concentrated amount of alkaloids which makes it very powerful. 

As a beginner, it’s best to start with small doses until the body tolerance improves. Taking this product in excess quantities contributes to adverse side effects.

This product is popular among kratom users due to its associated benefits. When purchasing, you can either get it in the form of capsules or powder. 

Both methods of consumption are safe as long as you stick to the set dosage. When used in the right quantities, UEI can be very beneficial.
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