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Red Elephant Kratom Review: Top 7 Effects You’ll Experience

The Red Elephant Kratom strain is named after its elephant-like characteristics. The leaves of this kratom strain are unlike any other, since they are the largest kratom leaves that resemble a droopy elephant’s ear. In this Red Elephant Kratom review, I’ll be letting you in on everything you need to know about this strain’s effects. 

Red Elephant Kratom is a red kratom strain that is often used for mild discomfort relief, slight relaxation and more. Some people experience euphoria and a bit of energy from this strain. Since this red strain isn’t as strong as other red strains, it might be better for beginners. 

I’ll let you in on the pros and cons of this strain if you’re considering getting it. 

What You’ll Probably Experience 

I’ve had my fair share of red strains, and this one was not as strong or as potent as, say, Red Sumatra

If you’re unfamiliar with kratom strains, red strains tend to be more sedating and discomfort relieving. How do they distinguish a red strain from a green or white one?

 Well, it depends on the veins that appear on the kratom leaf. The potency and strength of a strain can also depend on the maturity of the kratom leaves and alkaloid content within the leaves. 

When it comes to the Red Elephant Kratom strain, it’s large mature leaves contain tons of alkaloids. You’d think this would make it super-duper strong. But, I just didn’t get that from this strain. 

Don’t get me wrong, though. It is still a really great strain if you’re sensitive to kratom strains in general. I know tons of beginners who get their hands on some of the very potent strains, and they experience unwanted jitteriness, strong sedation, or even feel a bit anxious. 

To me, this is a milder red strain, but still has a nice little kick to it. Let’s go over some of the effects you might feel. 

Top 7 Red elephant Kratom Effects: 

  1. Body Discomfort Relief

One of the main reasons people use or take kratom is for discomfort relief. The alkaloids within kratom, like 7-hydroxymitragynine, attaches to neurons in your brain. These neurons then send signals to bring relief to the area that you feel discomfort.

Although I did mention that it isn’t as strong as other red kratom strains out there, I found that this one isn’t bad when it comes to discomfort relief. It provides pretty decent relief.

 Now, if you’re looking for something to really help you with more intense discomfort, I’d probably suggest you try out one that’s more intense in regards to relief. 

  1. Focus/Concentration

It’s really, really hard for me to sit in a chair for several hours and stay focused for work. It’s likely you might feel this way as well. 

I know, it’s very tempting to want to get on your phone and spend hours on 

Facebook and look through posts of people you probably don’t even really like. 

But, I found that Red Elephant kratom surprisingly did increase my focus. Since this strain isn’t super energizing like some white strains, it brings some calmness to the point where you can concentrate without feeling overly stimulated. 

  1. Energy

When I wake up in the mornings, I often feel sluggish, tired, and almost like I didn’t sleep.

Okay, maybe I did stay up a few hours watching my favorite show. But, I still need that energy.

Surprisingly, Red Elephant Kratom has a bit of energizing effects. A red strain with some energy? Didn’t know that was possible either. Take it with a grain of salt. It’s not like a stimulating white or green strain. 

All I’m saying is that it can provide a bit of stimulation and energy unlike most other red strains. I think that makes this one stand out a bit more in terms of the effects. 

  1. Relaxation

It’s a red strain, so it does give you a sense of calmness and relaxation. 

When I tried Red Elephant kratom, I did feel an overall sense of well-being and a nice soothing sensation. It doesn’t give off any intense energy, but feels just right. 

I think this is good for those that don’t want to feel jittery or over stimulated like coffee or other stronger kratom strains tend to give. 

  1. Sedation 

Alongside the relaxation, it might have sedating effects at larger dosage amounts or once it starts to wear off. 

Personally, I didn’t feel very sleepy from this. But, I think it’s alright if you take it a few hours before bed. 

I just don’t think it’s that great if you’re looking to take it for sleep. However, it might help you. It’s a matter of trial and error with this one. 

  1. Uplift Your Mood

Generally speaking, kratom has a good effect on your mind. Of course, this can be true if you’re taking it the right way at the right dosage amounts. 

If you don’t know, it actually connects to the same receptors that opioids do. It’s no surprise that kratom is a feel-good strain and the same can be said about Red Elephant strain. 

  1. Euphoria 

Some people mention getting a nice euphoric feeling from this one, but I beg to differ. 

I did not feel euphoric like other strains provide me. Green Maeng Da usually hits the spot in terms of euphoric experience. This one didn’t have that effect on me. 

I think the uplift in mood can make some users feel euphoric. In other words, I feel good when I take Red Elephant kratom strain, but I don’t necessarily have intense feelings of happiness unless something awesome happens that day. 

Red Elephant Kratom- Capsules Vs Powder

How you take Red Elephant kratom is completely up to personal preference, budget, and time. Let’s take a look at the two most common kratom forms more closely, in case you’re wondering which to pick from. 


What I like about kratom capsules

  • Can carry them anywhere and everywhere (where it’s legal, of course). 
  • Quick & Easy to use- You just pop them in your mouth and drink with some water or juice.
  • Not messy – They’re securely contained in the capsules. 
  • No need to measure- It can be a little annoying to have to measure out kratom every single time. 
  • No taste! – Kratom is known to be bitter, capsules help avoid that nasty taste. 

What I don’t like: 

  • A bit more expensive.
  • Can’t get an exact measured dosage- They come pre-measured so you might be off in terms of grams. Each capsule size contains a different amount so you’ll have to check that out. 
  • Takes a little longer to kick in- It can take up to 30 minutes to digest and feel the effects because of the gel/capsule. 


What I like about kratom powder

  • Can measure an exact amount- If you want an exact amount (because it can make a big difference if you’re a beginner), kratom powder is the way to go. You just need a small food scale. 
  • Can take it so many different ways- You can make warm or iced kratom teas, use the “toss and wash” method, put it in smoothies or juice, cook with kratom powder, etc. 
  • Kicks in faster depending on how you drink the powder- toss and wash allows for faster effects. 
  • Cheaper- You tend to get more for a better price.

What I don’t like: 

  • Messy- Having to measure it out every time can get messy. Powder gets everywhere if you’re not that careful.
  • Bitter taste- The taste is awful. But, you get used to it after a while and it’s worth it. 
  • Takes longer to prepare if you’re making kratom tea. 

How Much Should You Take? 

This is definitely going to depend on each individual. If you’re new to the kratom world, it’s never recommended to take the same amount as someone who’s been taking it a long time. 

The Red Elephant kratom effects will be different at different dosages. Some things that can affect your experience are how much you weigh, what your gender is, what your tolerance levels are in regards to stimulants. 

But’ here’s a general guide so you have a better idea of how much to take with this one.


Beginner- 1.5-2 grams

Effects are pretty mild at this amount. You might feel some energy, relaxation and uplift in mood. 

Moderate Effects- 2.5-5 grams 

This is where it gets a bit more intense. Anything above 3 grams is pretty strong for a beginner. You’ll be fine around this range if you’ve taken kratom many times before. Might feel relaxation, discomfort relief, stimulation/energy, and euphoria. 

Strong Effects- 5-8 grams

If you’re used to taking kratom and anything below 5 grams makes you feel nothing at all, you can benefit from a higher dosage. 

This typically causes more sedative feelings, discomfort, or becomes very stimulating. 

Very Strong Effects- 8-10+ grams. 

I know some people that take this range in one day. I don’t recommend it because you can end up feeling drowsy or experience some side effects. It just depends on how 8-10 grams makes you feel. 

What’s Up With Red Elephant on Reddit?

When searching up Red Elephant kratom on reddit, there were definitely some notable different experiences from users. Some absolutely love it and say it’s their favorite strain with some energy, while others felt it helped them with sleep. 

Here’s what some of them had to say about it: 

I have some and it is one of my all-time favorite strains. It gave me great relaxation along with enough energy to get through a late night with my school assignments.” -lik74

“…It had the opposite effect on me. I was out cold before I could even finish my normal burn. It was late when I tried it. So I gave it another go and was able to finish my burn but I found dream land pretty easily.” – jjspk

Red Elephant Kratom Vs Red Bali 

When it comes to Red Elephant Kratom and Red Bali Kratom, they’re very similar in effects. 

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences of both:


  • Both have mild discomfort relief
  • Both are slightly energizing 
  • Both have a mood boost 


  • Red Bali kratom is by far more popular and more known than Red Elephant 
  • Red Bali is better for discomfort relief
  • Red Elephant tends to give more euphoric effects for some 

Overall, they are very similar in effects. If you want what everyone else is experiencing, try out Red Bali. If you’re a little more adventurous and like trying new things, I’d recommend getting your hands on Red Elephant.