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White Hulu Kratom: Top 3 Effects of This Rare Strain

Are you getting tired of the same old cup of coffee? Well, White Hulu Kratom can be the perfect replacement. In this White Hulu Kratom Review, I’ll let you in on the top effects of this very rare kratom strain. 

White Hulu Kratom, also known as White Hulu Kapuas, is a rare strain that is becoming more popular among kratom users. One of the main effects of this strain is that it helps calm the mind along with enhancing mental focus. This strain is more suited towards beginners and typical dosage is between 3-6 grams. 

Here’s what you can expect with the White Hulu Kapuas kratom strain. 

White Hulu Kratom Effects

What’s unique about this white kratom strain is that it’s a great option for those who want to get into the wonderful world of kratom.

Typically, white strains are pretty energizing and can sometimes be too stimulating. White Hulu Kratom is soothing and calming enough without being overwhelming. 

It’s not just for beginners, though. I personally like this strain when I don’t want something too strong. It’s good when I want a light, yet effective boost in my day. 

Here are the top effects of White Hulu Kapuas Kratom:

1. Improves Energy

Typically, white kratom strains are known for their energy boosting effects. 

What I like about this strain is that it’s not extremely energizing, but still provides a good amount of it. Sometimes, strong white kratom strains are so potent that they give me a bit of jitteriness and increase anxiousness. White Hulu Kapuas Kratom gives me the right amount of energy boost without being too much. 

2. Enhances Productivity 

The mental focus and concentration this strain gives allow you to be more productive. 

If you’re studying for an important exam, have difficulty concentrating, or need something to help you get your work done, White Hulu Kratom can be super beneficial for getting you in the zone. 

I always find that kratom helps a lot with work. I am part of that group who needs something to help me stay focused on long tasks. White Hulu Kratom is a good go-to for that perfect balance of energy and concentration. 

I take about 3.5 to 4 grams of this, which helps me get through my work day with ease. 

3. Calms the Body and Mind

Because White Hulu Kapuas isn’t too stimulating, it helps bring an overall sense of calmness to the body and mind.

This is one of the main benefits this strain provides. When I took White Hulu Kratom, it almost felt like a less sedative red strain. Overall, it’s a steady strain that’s a bit energizing and relaxing at the same time. 

As you can see, it’s an amazing white strain for beginners or those who don’t want to feel overwhelmed by some of the effects other kratom strains provide. It’s a nice choice if you’re tired of your typical morning coffee drink. 

What is White Hulu Kratom? 

You might be wondering what White Hulu Kratom is. Well, let’s start with its origin.

The Hulu kratom leaves actually come from the dense and lush forests of Borneo in Indonesia. The kratom trees grow close to the Kapuas river, hence why it’s often referred to as White Kapuas kratom. It can be a bit more difficult to collect and harvest the kratom here, making this strain a lot more rare.

It’s considered a white kratom strain because it’s picked before the leaves are fully matured. White strains are the youngest out of the three colored strains. This gives it it’s clean and balanced effects.

Ways to Take White Kapuas 

You can take kratom in a variety of ways and add it to your morning smoothies. The best time to take White Hulu Kapuas is in the morning a couple hours after a light meal. All kratom strains work best on an empty stomach. 

Here are my favorite ways to consume kratom:

  • Kratom Tea
  • “Toss and Wash”
  • Kratom Smoothie
  • Capsules

White Hulu Kratom Dosage 

If you’ve never tried kratom before, it’s always suggested to start off with about 1.5 to 2.5 grams for White Hulu Kratom. 

After that initial dose, you can increase by 0.5 to 1 gram each time you take this strain. The average dose tends to be 3-6 grams since it’s typically a more mild strain.

I don’t recommend you take more than 7 grams of kratom, as this can give you unwanted side effects or make you feel drowsy.

When it comes to taking capsules, you’ll need to figure out the size of your kratom capsules so you know how many to consume. A capsule size that’s 00” contains about 0.7 grams of kratom. 

So, if you opt for the White Hulu Kratom capsules, you can start off with about 3-4 capsules and add a capsule each time until you reach your desired effects. 

Here’s an overview of my recommended dosage amounts in grams: 

Reddit Reviews on White Hulu Kratom 

One of the best ways to find out others’ genuine experiences with kratom is to read through Reddit threads. 

Here are some of the reviews and comments I found to be helpful in understanding what other people think of White Hulu Kapuas: 

It’s obviously relative (regarding vendor and cultivation date), but in my opinion it’s one of the best strains out there. I’ve only had one or two times where the product was “OK”. Other than that, it’s always been great. It’s very uppity but calming at the same time…” -jfournames

“Had a batch of White Hulu. Forgettable. White Borneo is one of my favorites.” -Electrober

“Pleasant upper, slightly floaty, euphoric background. I mix(or not) 2:1 or 3:1 with a red or green. Keeps me happily working. If I dose this strain straight, it’s kind of buzzy, if you want that.” -Hat212

It seems like theirs mixed experiences and opinions on this strain. Some find it to be just okay while others love the way White Kapuas Kratom makes them feel. The best thing to do is to try this one out and see if you like it or not. 

Which Gives More Energy White Thai or White Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

In the battle between White Hulu Kapuas Kratom and White Thai Kratom, which is better?

This is all going to depend on what you prefer. But, if you want that potency, extra energy, and stimulation, White Thai Kratom is the winner. 

White Thai is one of the most popular and best selling white vein strains on the market. People love it because it’s more potent in its effects. 

If you end up getting the White Thai Kratom, just be sure to take less than you would White Hulu Kapuas. Overall, it comes down to what you prefer and what you can handle. 

White Hulu Vs White Maeng Da

When it comes to White Hulu Kratom vs the super popular Maeng Da, the White Maeng Da seems to be more energizing. 

That’s typical of Maeng Da strains, as they tend to be a lot more potent in terms of potency and efficacy. I personally like the White Maeng Da when I want more energy throughout the day. If I want something a bit lighter, then the White Hulu Kratom is a go-to for me.

The similarities between the two is that they’re both fusions of different kratom leaves and they both provide good effects. Overall, they’re both really good strains and I suggest trying both to see which one works best for you and your needs. 

Where to Get White Hulu Kapuas Kratom

If you’re on the hunt for this rare White Hulu Kapuas strain, be sure to get your kratom from an online shop who cares.

Sometimes, kratom vendors will see you a cheap mix of other strains and fuse it with the original. At Kratom Krush, you get the purest kratom products at a really affordable cost. You honestly don’t have anything to lose. 

If you’re unsure about White Hulu Kapuas kratom, you can try a small batch of the kratom powder for under ten bucks! You won’t regret trying out this awesome and rare white vein kratom strain.