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White Sumatra Kratom Review: Know About These Effects

One of the most popular white kratom strains of all time is the White Sumatra Kratom. Also known as White Indo Kratom, this strain is sure to pack a punch. It’s extremely different effects make this an interesting one, since it also has the effects of a red kratom strain. 

White Sumatra Kratom is a white vein kratom strain that comes from the dense forests of Sumatra island. This very potent strain is known to give excellent energy boosts and is even sedative for some. These effects can greatly depend on the dosage amount you consume.

Don’t know if this is the right strain for you? No worries, I’ve compiled a ton of information so that you can make the right choice.

What Does White Sumatra Kratom Do? 

White Sumatra Kratom hails from the lush and dense tropical island of Sumatra within Western Indonesia. 

A big part of the island grows tons of fresh growing kratom trees, known as mitragyna speciosa. These kratom leaves are jam-packed with nutrients and alkaloids known by mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are what allows kratom to do what it does. 

I’ve talked to many people that have had two very different effects from this strain. I’m talking about effects that are opposite on the spectrum of kratom effects. 

I’ve had White Sumatra a handful of times, and it has never disappointed me. I’ve had the true white vein kratom experience each time, which is energizing and stimulating to me. Others have had the opposite experience. 

Down below is a list of the effects that White Sumatra Kratom gives. 

White Sumatra Kratom Effects

  • Amplified Energy

This highly potent strain gives amplified energy. You can take a low to moderate dosage and have this be an amazing morning and daytime strain. 

I have found this this strain keeps my energy levels up and takes away any morning drowsiness I typically have. 

If you want a strain with some good energy, you’ll like this one. 

  • Uplift in Mood

The good and positive effects I have had from this strain help uplift my overall mood. 

This is especially true since it does help me get things done, making me feel more accomplished and driven. 

  • Heightened Focus and Concentration 

Like other white vein strains, White Sumatra Kratom definitely heightens my focus and concentration at work. 

I will admit I get distracted very easily. It’s hard to not want to check social media and text messages for hours. 

This strain helps me stay concentrated and get things done. I can expect to accomplish my daily tasks and work. 

  • Reduces Stress 

It’s uplift in mood and relaxation effects can help reduce your stress by a lot. 

I am a person who easily gets stressed out. I can say with great confidence that White Sumatra is great at making me feel good and eradicating any anxiousness I might have. 

  • Sedation/Sleep

Now, this is the interesting part of this strain. 

Some people claim to have sedative effects from this strain. They even say that they use it before they go to bed to help them sleep! I think this is entirely possible. 

Usually, kratom strains that have a high amount of alkaloids tend to be more potent. That high potency is typically accompanied with sedative effects, but at higher dosages. 

If you want to have it help knock you out before bed, you’ll need to take a little more earlier in the day. However, you will need to gradually increase as a sudden high increase in grams can result in negative side effects. 

Further below, I have a chart with recommended dosages for the effects you might experience. But, let’s look at what people on reddit are saying first so that you get a better sense of White Sumatra kratom. 

Reddit Reviews And Experiences

I searched up White Sumatra Kratom on Reddit to see what other users are saying about it. 

I honestly love reading what our kratom community thinks about this strain on these Reddit forums because they tend to be very helpful when determining how a certain strain performs.

Here’s what I found on Reddit for White Vein Sumatra:

“I didn’t really believe the whole white/green/red differences in sedation and stimulation, but after having tried 2g of White Sumatra today, I’m baffled by how stimulated it made me compared to Red Malay, or even Green Malay.” -redditchizlin

“Yeah … I can’t do white vein kratom. It either does nothing much, or gives me jitters worse than those 200mg caffeine pills.” -brainscan13

“Whites are my favorite. I only dose once a day later in the evening to get me through the last couple hours of the day. It’s hard to explain the energy boost and relaxing at the same time to someone who doesn’t use kratom.” -Grower182

How to Take White Vein Sumatra Kratom 

White Sumatra Kratom is typically sold in two forms: powder and capsules. 

I personally always go for the powder. I have my trusty little food scale and since I’m always testing out a new strain, it comes in handy when finding the ride dosage. 

I have nothing against capsules, though. They’re not messy, very easy and convenient to take, and you can pretty much take them with you anywhere. 

The only key difference is that powder tends to kick in within 15-20 minutes, while capsules take about 30-40 minutes because it takes longer to break down the capsule. Capsules are also pre-measured, so you can’t really get an exact amount either. 

Either way, it’s up to you and what you prefer because they both work great. Here’s how you can enjoy both:

White Sumatra Kratom Powder 

  • Kratom Tea: A very traditional way to enjoy kratom us by making it into a kratom tea. You simply simmer some water for about 15-20 minutes, then add some measured kratom powder and simmer for another 15-20 minutes. 

You can add honey or sweetener to make it more enjoyable. Just be sure not to boil 

when preparing, as this will burn off the precious alkaloids. We don’t want that. 

  • Kratom Smoothies: You can add kratom to a light morning smoothie. I suggest adding fruit or veggies as well as replacing regular milk with almond milk or water for better digestion. 
  • Toss and Wash Method: This is how I consume White Sumatra Kratom. For this method, I measure out my dosage (about 3-4 grams) then I place it in my mouth and quickly swish it down with a tall glass of water. 

The effects seem to come in fastest this way. 

White Sumatra Kratom Capsules

  • On an empty stomach: If you’re going to go with kratom capsules and you want them to kick in faster, I recommend taking it on a completely Empty Stomach. 

This is going to allow your digestive system to break it down a lot faster than if there were also food in your system. 

What is a Good Dose for White Sumatra Kratom?

Well, the dosage amount is going to affect the potency and outcome of this strain. Typically, the higher the dosage, the more sedating. The more mild to moderate dosages are usually what give the energizing effects. 

I’ve come up with a list down below of what I personally recommend  for you to take with this strain. 

Keep in mind that for more potent strains, you should take a bit less and then work your way up by adding 0.5 grams until you reach the desired effects. Trust me, you’ll want to do it this way so that you avoid any unwanted side effects. 

What Sumatra Kratom Dosage

White Sumatra Kratom for Sale

There’s tons of online vendors who sell kratom online now. There’s no doubt that the growing popularity has increased the number of vendors as well. 

If you want the best White Sumatra kratom experience, you have to get it from a reputable vendor. You can get high quality kratom from online shops, such as at Kratom Krush. 

I would recommend trying out White Sumatra Kratom if you’re a definite kratom junkie. This might be one of your top favorite strains.