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Yellow Borneo Kratom: A Complete Review on Its Effects

If you enjoy the effects of Borneo strains, you’ll definitely like what Yellow Borneo Kratom provides. In this Yellow Borneo Kratom review, I’ll give you the inside scoop on all of the effects that make this a great yellow strain. 

Yellow Borneo Kratom is a yellow kratom strain that originates from the island of Borneo. This strain provides a variety of benefits. It is very helpful for those who feel stressed and want adequate calmness. The best dosage for this strain is anywhere between 3-5 grams. 

Let’s get straight into the review!

What Does Yellow Borneo Kratom Do?

Yellow Borneo Kratom has effects that are similar to red and green strains. It has the soothing and relaxation benefits of a red with euphoria and energy of a green. 

I personally enjoy yellow strains because it’s an enhanced version of my favorite strains. After talking to some customers, I listed some of the effects most of them experience with Yellow Borneo kratom.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Effects


One of the main reasons people enjoy Yellow Borneo Kratom is because of the soothing effects it gives. 

The calming benefits are said to be better than green and even some red strains. It’s definitely potent enough to reduce tension more.  

With Yellow Borneo Kratom, you can definitely get through your day with a few doses. 

  1. Uplifts Mood 

It has a nice mood boost too, which is always super helpful. 

If you’re having a bad day or just need a boost, this can help uplift you. Of course, this is not a cure for any of that, but I’ve had tons of people tell me how mood-boosting strains bring them a sense of peace and happiness. 

  1. Stress Relief

Not only has it helped those who need a mood boost, but it also has benefits to those who feel stressed as well. 

Since it has relaxing and soothing properties like red strains, it helps reduce feelings of stress, worry, and even jitteriness. When I feel very stressed about something, my tensity kicks in. I go for Yellow Borneo to help me get through tense days. 

  1. Euphoria

Another amazing effect is the euphoria it provides. 

I’ve noticed that potent strains tend to do this. Yellow Borneo can make you feel happy, positive, and sociable. Plus, it has fewer side effects and long-term harm.

What is Yellow Borneo Kratom? 

If you’ve never heard of a yellow kratom strain or are curious to know what it is, you’re not alone. 

This is considered to be a new “color’ to the kratom industry. There’s lots of theories to how yellow strains are made, but the one that seems most accurate is that it gets its color from a unique drying process. 

Yellow Kratom strains are photo-oxidized for around 2 weeks. Farmers and cultivators make sure that this process runs smoothly. Once they are dried, they get crushed into the fine powder form. 

Now, it’s been said that Yellow Borneo Kratom comes from green and red borneo leaves. I can definitely see this being true as it has very similar effects to both. 

It takes a lot of work to make these yellow kratom strains, and that’s why they are still pretty rare. However, if you have the chance of trying it out, I definitely recommend you do. 

How Many Grams of Borneo Yellow Kratom Should I Take? 

When I tried Yellow Borneo Kratom, I took around 3.5 grams. This is because Borneo strains aren’t as strong to me, but I felt good with this amount. I could even go up to 4.5 grams and not feel any bad side effects. 

However, if you’re sensitive to potent strains, I’d recommend you start off with a low dosage of 1.5-2.5 grams. Then, add about one gram until you get the effects you are desiring. 

I never suggest going over 7 grams with potent strains like this one, but proceed with caution if you typically take strong dosages. 

If you’re taking capsules, you can take anywhere between 3-9 capsules, as one 00” capsule has 0.7 grams of kratom powder

Here’s a chart of recommended dosages for Yellow Borneo Kratom powder. 

Yellow Borneo Kratom Dosage 

Tips for Getting the Best Results 

I sometimes have people tell me that they don’t like a strain because they don’t feel the effects. Sometimes the dislike can come from user error or something else.

To better help you get the best out of your kratom strain, I want to share some of my favorite tips with you so you don’t get discouraged. 

  • Take Kratom on an empty stomach. Having food in your system can decrease the effects and take longer for them to kick in. 
  • Don’t take kratom every day. Taking kratom every single day can make your tolerance increase over time. The higher your tolerance, the less you’ll feel it working. 
  • Add lemon juice. When making a kratom tea, try adding lemon juice to increase the potency. 
  • Increase slowly. This will take a bit of experimentation, but you’ll need to get a food scale so you can properly increase the dosage to an amount that works for you. 
  • Try the “toss and wash” method. You take your measured kratom powder and quickly consume it all with water or juice. This will have the effects kick in super fast. 
  • Buy from a reputable vendor. Sometimes, a shop will give you a bad batch. If you buy from a trustworthy vendor, you can expect to have more good batches than bad ones. 

Remember that everyone’s experiences are different when it comes to kratom. One strain might be your favorite and another person’s worst. The best thing to do is give it a few tries to really determine if you like it or hate a strain. 

Yellow Borneo Kratom Vs Maeng Da 

You might be wondering how Yellow Borneo Kratom compares to the ever-popular Maeng Da strains. 

Well, it’s going to come down to personal preference. Both seem to be very similar in effects because they both provide energy, mood boost, and euphoria. 

Maeng Da is always more popular in general, but that doesn’t mean that Yellow Borneo won’t be just as good. Try each of them out so you can get a better idea of what you like best. 

Yellow Borneo Kratom Vs Bali 

When it comes to Yellow Borneo and Bali, there are some differences. The Bali strain is also super popular. But, it seems to be a lot more relaxing and soothing. It’s not as energizing as other strains.

So, if you want more soothing benefits and potency, go with the Bali strain. If you’re looking for a bit more energy and mood lift, choose the Yellow Borneo. 

Make Sure You Buy From a Reputable Vendor

If you want to get the best experience with kratom, you need to choose a reputable and trustworthy vendor. I know it can be really disappointing to spend quite a bit of money on a batch of kratom that isn’t what you expected.

Luckily, Kratom Krush offers prices you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, the customer service is amazing and can help you figure out if Yellow Thai Kratom is what you’re looking for. 

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