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Green Sumatra Kratom Review: Why This Strain Packs a Punch

I still have trouble figuring out why Green Sumatra Kratom has yet to be tried by many. It could be that it’s other, more popular cousin strains have taken the spotlight. Whatever the reason may be, I think this is a really awesome strain for kratom users who want something on the stronger side.

 Green Sumatra Kratom is a green vein kratom strain that hails from the tropical island of Sumatra. It’s considered to be one of the stronger, more potent strains on the market. It is also easily accessible and consistent even among different vendors. This specific strain is known to be a lot more stimulating, yet sedating.

In this Green Sumatra Kratom review, I’ll help answer any questions you might have about this underdog of a strain.

What is Green Sumatra Kratom Used For?

Those of you who are looking for a more stimulating and energizing strain, I think you’ll benefit from trying Green Sumatra Kratom.

Since kratom has made its way around the globe, people have been using it for different things. It’s been reported to be effective for alleviating anxiety, relieving pain, providing energy boosts, and bettering concentration.

What I like about this strain is that I find it still provides pretty good discomfort relief too, giving it qualities of both the red and white kratom strains.

Its effects tend to last pretty long (about 4-6 hours for me), which makes this a reliable strain for days that you really need the extra help. It is also a balance kratom blend that gives the right and equal amount of stimulants and relaxants.

 While white vein kratom strains give out more energy to its users, red vein strains provide more relaxation. Luckily for you, there is a strain that offers both effects, and that is green vein strains such as the Green Sumatra.

I find that those with discomfort, stress, lack of energy, and lack of motivation, benefit from a strain like Green Sumatra Kratom.

Green Sumatra Kratom Effects

The effects of Green Sumatra Kratom are pretty tricky. Some find it to be more on the energizing and stimulating side, while others find that it makes them more relaxed and sedated. This is pretty much how a green vein kratom strain should be.

 Below are the top effects most people experience with this strain.


Green Sumatra Kratom is pretty potent, which makes it more stimulating than other green kratom strains.

If you’re waking up and feel as though you had a restless night, that could cause you to feel extremely tired throughout the day. No one likes that feeling, especially when you have a ton of things to get done.

This strain can honestly be better than your cup of coffee as the energy feels clean and calm. All of this is owed to Green Sumatra’s concentration of highly stimulating alkaloids which gives abundant energy even if taken at low dosages.

 Throughout history, Green Sumatra has been used by laborers to garner energy for long hours. Athletes have also used this to heighten their performance and have energy for social events later on.

Euphoria/Mood Lift

Many people that I’ve had conversations with about Green Sumatra Kratom have mentioned that this strain gives them a euphoric effect. This can help motivate you and even bring out your social side.

The euphoric effects are what got me to love kratom and I now use it to help brighten up my day.

Discomfort Relief

I find that it works really well for managing any body discomforts I feel. I’ve met kratom users who swear by Green Sumatra Kratom for discomforts.

Thanks to kratom, they can get back to living a more comfortable and discomfort-free life, at least for several hours that is.


What I like about this strain is that it balances out the energy with relaxing effects.

Some find that Green Sumatra Kratom can be pretty sedating, especially when taken at higher doses. It also activates the opioid system through our endorphins, so we feel emotions of relaxation and pleasure kick in. This effect is helpful for managing anxiety.

Green Sumatra kratom also stirs up dopamine. This hormone is responsible for giving us feelings of motivation and energy, which combat anxiety.

I find that it can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep if you take this strain about 4-6 hours before bed, or once the effects start to wear off. You’ll feel relaxed, and ready for a full night sleep.

What is Green Sumatra Kratom?

Green Sumatra Kratom is harvested on the tropical island of Sumatra within the country of Indonesia. Since Sumatra is the largest island in the world, it’s not surprising that kratom farmers take advantage of the rich and earthy soils to harvest mitragyna speciosa.

They take the time to carefully pick mature kratom leaves and then go through the process of drying and crushing into a fine powder. The hard work is worth it, though. It provides tons of benefits to so many people native to the island, and now, overseas.

Since this is a green strain, it has properties of both the red and white kratom strains. However, its effects resemble more of the whites. It’s a lot more energizing and stimulating, but still provides some decent relaxation.

Overall, the Green Sumatra Kratom strain is the perfect addition to anyone who wants to try something that’ll help get their spirits up as well as keep them focused and relaxed throughout the day.

Green Sumatra Kratom on Reddit

Green Sumatra Reddit threads have very mixed experiences of real-life kratom users. This makes it a little harder to figure out where this strain leans more towards.

Unfortunately, Green Sumatra Kratom is just not that well-known, or at least, hasn’t been tried by many. I couldn’t find too many reviews for it, but I decided I want to share any helpful reviews on here.

This is what some people have to say about Green Sumatra Kratom on reddit:

“I have green sumatra… and it’s starting to become one of my favorite strains. For me it’s more sedating with good euphoria.” – Celtics1899

“I find sumatras to be more on the sedating side. Balis don’t do anything for me but if they did, i’d imagine that’s what my sumatra feels like…” -bmc36393

“Always one of my favorite mid day strains. it’s not generally extremely potent and middle of the road sedation/energy… “ -kw2292

“I just ran out of some I had from last October. At normal doses it was good, but nothing outstanding, but if I bumped the dose up a bit it had a huge mood lift and made me very sociable…” -AzulKat

Based on these Reddit posts, it seems like Green Sumatra kratom is mostly sedating, but can really uplift your mood as well. Green Sumatra Kratom is definitely a favorite by those who try it as well.

How Much Green Sumatra Kratom to Take

When taking Green Sumatra Kratom, I think less will be more. At least, you might benefit from the mild to moderate dosage amounts.

If you happen to be a beginner when it comes to kratom, I suggest going for 1-2 grams of this stuff. You can gradually increase by 0.5-1 grams if you find that this small dosage doesn’t do much for you. After all, kratom is about finding what works for you and your needs.

I like to take around 3.5-4 grams of Green Sumatra Kratom. I typically find that this amount makes me feel both relaxed and focused while feeling an overall sense of content.

Want it to be more relaxing and sedating? You’ll benefit from taking around 5-7 grams. Just remember to ease your way into increasing the dosage amounts, as too much too soon can cause you to experience some unwanted side effects.

To make it easier, I wanted to provide my recommended dosage amount for both the kratom powder and capsules.

Green Sumatra Kratom Powder

Beginner/Mild: 1-2 grams

Moderate Effects: 3-6 grams

Very Strong Effects: 7+ grams

Green Sumatra Kratom Capsules

Beginner/Mild: 1-3 caps

Moderate: 4-8 caps

Very Strong: 9+ caps

 If you’re taking kratom for energy and focus, 1 to 4 grams is enough to give you energy boosts for hours even at low dosages.

 For anxiety relief, taking two to five grams of Green Sumatra kratom powder will do the trick! You will experience great improvement even at low doses.

Finally, for relaxation, you need four to eight grams. No matter which way you take it, Green Sumatra causes smooth bursts of energy rushes. Later on, these energy boosts may slowly turn into sedating effects. Just remember to pace yourself and consider factors such as your age, metabolism, and stomach contents when taking kratom.

Comparing It To Other Strains

Green Sumatra Vs Red Bali

There can be great similarities between Green Sumatra Kratom and Red Bali Kratom. They both offer adequate discomfort relief and relaxation.

But, one of the main differences between the two is that the Sumatra Kratom strain tends to be more potent. This makes it more suitable for long-time kratom users. Bali kratom is somewhere in the middle in terms of potency. It provides really good discomfort relief, making it suitable for mostly anyone.

Green Sumatra vs Maeng Da

Surprisingly, Green Sumatra Kratom is very similar to the Maeng Da strain as well. They are both well-balanced and provide effects that have some of the white and red kratom characteristics.

But, Maeng Da continues to be a household popular strain. It’s a favorite for many because of the amazing effects it offers that tend to be more stimulating than others.

Still, I find that both are great and I still believe Green Sumatra is worth a shot.

Where to Buy Good Quality Green Sumatra Kratom

There’s no denying that getting a bad batch of kratom might ruin the experience and keep you from ever trying that strain ever again. Not just that, but every batch can give different effects. That’s one big reason why kratom is so unique.

One good tip I can offer you is to get a small batch of Green Sumatra Kratom from a trustworthy online vendor.. Not only is it really affordable, but you get free shipping too.

I highly recommend trying this strain out, it might end up being one of your favorites!