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Red Indo Kratom Powder

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From the forests of Indonesia, our Red Indo Kratom powder consists of only the best red-veined kratom leaves. The trees from which kratom is grown are known as Mitragyna speciosa. Once the leaves have fully matured, they are picked and ready to be crushed into the kratom powder you love and enjoy today.

The process is long and carefully handled by dedicated kratom farmers in these Southeast Asian countries and islands throughout the region. Red Indo Kratom contains all the alkaloids that make it a popular go-to for many members of the kratom community. 

Ways to Consume Red Indo Kratom

There’s no one-way to consume kratom. We understand that our customers have different preferred methods on how they delight in kratom. This is why we’ve decided to give tips on the best 3 ways you can take kratom, as done by other kratom enthusiasts:


  • Brewing it as a tea: This is a classic way that many Indonesians and Westerners take their kratom. All it takes is boiling some hot water, adding citrus such as lemons, and then kratom powder. Bring it down to a simmer and you’re ready to drink this hot and potent kratom tea.

  • “Toss and Wash” method: This is by far the fastest method and the one that kicks in the quickest. Simply toss the desired amount of kratom in your mouth and wash it down with water or juice. You might make a face doing this, but it’s worth it.

  • Creating your own tincture: Tinctures are definitely a little more time consuming to make. However it requires only a few simple tools and can be stored for a much longer time. Tinctures with the dropper means you can consume kratom much quicker and it’s a lot more tolerable than the “toss and wash” method. The outcome you get from making your kratom tincture is that it increases the potency because of the extraction of alkaloids. 


Of course, you can also take kratom by mixing it with your favorite drink. If you’re adventurous, you can even cook with it. Whichever method you prefer, Red Indo kratom will work wonders. 

Red Indo Kratom Powder Dosage Recommendations

Red Indo Kratom is potent, but is considered to be a little more mild than other strains and is beginner friendly. For our first-time users, we suggest you take anywhere between 1.5-2 grams of kratom powder. You can then slowly increase after your very first kratom use. 

Increasing the amounts over time can be the best way to enjoy Red Indo Kratom. Here’s what we recommend in regards to strengths of this strain:

  • Mild:2-4.5 grams
  • Moderate: 5-7.5 grams
  • Strong: 8-10.5
  • Very Strong: 11-12.5 grams

Keep in mind that the strengths will vary from person to person. Factors to consider are weight, age, gender, and tolerance. 

Dedicated to Our Customers 

At Kratom Krush, we strive to make it easy and enjoyable to shop for high-quality kratom products. To better your online shopping and product experience, we offer the following:

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There’s various ways we help you get your hands on the perfect strain. Our team is ready to talk Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM MT. We understand sometimes a product may not work for you. Kratom Krush offers a 45-day money back guarantee. Shop guilt-free with us today!

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BreeMarch 4, 2021

Excellent for pain and good for sleep and relaxion

BreeJanuary 15, 2021

Best for pain and relaxation

BreeJanuary 2, 2021

Excellent for pain and sleep

BreeDecember 24, 2020

The best strain for my pain.....helps me relax and sleep better!

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