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Maeng Da Kratom: Benefits, Side Effects, and Where To Buy

The popularity of Maeng Da has grown steadily over the years. Still, there is little known information about this highly potent medicinal leaf known for its stimulating effects.

What is Kratom and what are the benefits that changed the lives of those who use it for medicinal purposes?

About Maeng da Kratom

Maeng da Kratom is a medicinal herb known for its stimulating, energizing, and mood-enhancing effect. Kratom has many varieties, but Maeng Da is among the most popular because of its potency.

Kratom belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, a flowering plant in the coffee family. It originated in Southeast Asia and was traditionally used for the past 150 years as a relaxant after a hard day’s labor.

The use of Kratom is not only in Southeast Asia but is gradually gaining popularity in the United States and Europe. According to a study, Kratom is used in Southeast Asia by laborers, while in the US and Europe, different demographics of people in their middle ages use it.


They harvest the leaves from Kratom plants and trees. Dried Kratom leaves can be smoked, powdered, made into tea, chewed fresh, or turned into an extract. 

The leaves come in tablet or capsule form. The leaves are dried and crushed, then placed inside capsules for oral intake. Others prefer to take it raw, chewed with some betel nuts.


The Maeng Da variety originated from Thailand, but it also grows in Malaysia and Indonesia. These are the only places in the world where the plant is suitable to be produced.

Thailand has the most suitable weather to grow Kratom. That is why you can only find the most delicate quality leaves growing there.

The term ‘Maeng Da’ is slang in the Thai language. When informally translated in English, it means ‘pimp.’ The phrase ‘Pimp grade Kratom’ means top quality.

Leaf features

Kratom leaves are smooth in the edges and have a dark-green color. The Maeng Da has jagged leaf edges and the same green color.

The veins of the leaves have different colors. Colors differ depending on the concentration of alkaloid compound content found in the leaves.


The Maeng Da is considered the most potent variety compared to some of the most expensive Kratom extracts.

The Maeng Da can be at par with high-quality Kratoms like the Private Reserve and Thai Kratom when it comes to benefits.

When it comes to potency, the Maeng Da contains more mitragynine compared to other high-quality Kratoms. Mitragynine is the active alkaloid contained in Kratom.

Kratom users can quickly tell the difference between a Maeng Da and other varieties. When it comes to potency, the Maeng Da is unmatched. Quality-wise, it can even be at par with different expensive Kratom varieties.

The Maeng Da is usually not the best choice for beginners because of its potent effects. But it is the favorite of many Kratom users because it is economical. You only need to use a small amount, and you can achieve the full effect of the herb.

What are Maeng Da Kratom’s benefits?

People have been using Maeng Da Kratom as a medicinal and recreational herb for centuries. It is a mood booster and relaxant. Ironically, its high alkaloid content can make it both a stimulant and a depressant.

Users take the Maeng Da to treat chronic pain, relieve diarrhea, fever, cough, help lower blood pressure levels, remove intestinal parasites, and regulate blood sugar levels.

Maeng Da helps with anxiety, depression and improves sleep patterns. A more unconventional reason to take it is that it has an aphrodisiac effect and can improve erectile dysfunction. Men who want to build their stamina for sexual activity believe maeng da helps by taking the herb beforehand.

Because of Maeng Da’s potency, irresponsible and excessive use can lead to addiction. It has addicting properties. That’s why in some countries, it is still considered an illegal drug.

Some describe the effects of Maeng Da as chewing coca leaves while smoking opium. Ironically, this same herb can also help alleviate withdrawal symptoms under rehabilitation from opium, heroin, and morphine addiction.

It is important to note that there are still no solid studies on the health benefits of Kratom to date. Users rely on their own beneficial experiences and the fact that Kratom has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries.

Types of Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a high-quality, premium strain with three variations based on color—white, green, and red. Among these genetically modified strains, the white and red variants are the more potent.

There is no contest as to which Maeng Da is best in providing energy boost because they all work perfectly.

The white Maeng Da is the favorite among users. It is known for its lasting energizing effect that could last for hours.

The green is a mild energizer with a practical painkilling effect. Red Maeng Da is a potent and fast-acting relaxant.

Here are the types of Maeng Da Kratom:

White Maeng Da

This white-veined Kratom leaf originally came from Indonesia. They genetically modified it using a Thai and Indo strain.

White Maeng Da is known for its long euphoric effect. Users feel peaceful and energized.

The white variety can enhance cognitive functions and improve mental focus. This effect could last for 5 hours. Users recommend it if planning to work long hours.

Green Maeng Da

The green Maeng Da Kratom is the milder version of the white. It has the same energizing effect that alleviates fatigue.

This green variant is known for its ability to relieve chronic pain. Users call it the ‘Manual Laborer’s Kratom.’ When taken in the proper low doses, it can help alleviate fatigue and increase productivity at work.

Red Maeng Da

The red-veined strain is a highly potent Maeng Da variety. It originated in Thailand and is among the popular ones bought by users. There is an abundant supply of it, therefore making it affordable.

This red variant is known for its fast-acting and long-lasting effect because of its potency. It helps relieve chronic pain, reduces stress associated with anxiety, stimulates the mind, and boosts energy levels.

There is no contest as to which Maeng Da is best in providing energy boost because they all offer the same effects.

Is Maeng Da Kratom Legal?

Kratom is generally illegal in most countries because of its addictive properties. Even if it originated in Southeast Asia, it is still regulated and banned from the market.

In its country of origin, Thailand, the government has already taken measures to remove it from the list of narcotics. This leniency means that individuals who use it for medicinal purposes are free to do so without fear of being apprehended. Cultivation, however, is still not allowed until they pass a new law on plantations and regulations.

It is banned in most countries but legal in some US and European states. For instance, in the US, it is illegal in Indiana, Vermont, and Alabama but legal in Arizona, Kansas, and dozens of other states.

In places where it is legal, there is a chance to purchase Maeng Da Kratom. In these shops, most transactions happen online through their websites, and delivery is via courier. One-day shipping is available locally.

Ordering online

Ordering fresh leaves online is not advisable because the product loses its quality after going through the rigors of shipment. It is best to get powdered or capsule products so they can withstand days in transit. Same-day delivery is the best choice for those who want to order fresh plants and leaves.

There is a good chance that soon, more people will experience the positive benefits of Maeng Da Kratom because of Thailand’s effort to legalize it. Once they roll out cultivation and begin exporting, people who need it for medicinal purposes will get a better quality Kratom leaf from its place of origin.

Maeng Da Kratom Right Usage and Side Effects

Kratom is generally safe to consume because people have used it for centuries. The only factor that will make it detrimental is excessive intake.

It is essential to buy only high-quality Kratom products to achieve the desired benefits. When taken in small, regulated doses, Kratom can bring calm and relaxation without the side effects. It helps lift spirits and make a person feel light and happy.

The recommended minimal dose, particularly for beginners, is around 2-3 grams. When taken in higher doses, it can cause adverse effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, vomiting, sudden weight loss, urinary problems, and insomnia.

Low-quality Kratom taken in high doses can lead to other side effects such as constipation and nervous triggers. More adverse effects include renal dysfunctions and cardiac problems.

Here are ways to boost the effects of Maeng Da in the system using only natural foods:

  • Take magnesium supplements
  • Add citrus to Kratom drinks
  • Eat dishes cooked with turmeric and pepper

Is it possible to overdose on Kratom? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse publication, there have been incidences of overdose and even deaths. However, these cases involved ingestion together with other types of drugs. That is why there is no solid evidence of an overdose in Kratom alone.

Best Recommendations to use Maeng Da Kratom

Beginners taking Kratom should first try the green strain because it is a milder variety. It is not advisable to start with the potent ones, even at lower doses. The effects could be harsh if the body is not familiar with the sensations.

Always consider current health and comorbidities before taking it. Do extensive research to be aware of all the possible side effects.

Purchase high-quality Kratom from a good supplier. There are still no regulatory bodies that can ensure these leaves are of safety standards. Finding a trusted source is crucial to get safe and high-quality herbs.


Maeng Da Kratom is an alternative medicinal choice for those who tried traditional medicine but couldn’t find solutions to their health issues. 

Order your first Maeng Da Kratom now and experience the benefits other people are already enjoying.