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Yellow Indo Kratom Effects: Is it Worth Trying?

You might be familiar with the common kratom strains, like red, green and white. Well, there seems to be very little valuable information on Yellow Indo Kratom. In this Yellow Indo Kratom review, I’ll be describing this less popular strain as best as I can from my personal experience with it. 

Yellow Indo kratom is a yellow kratom strain that first originated in Indonesia. This strain is often compared to green kratom strains for its mild and balanced potency. Some of the effects this strain is known for is increased energy, concentration, and endurance. 

Interested to know if this strain is worth trying out? Check out the information down below!

What Effects Does Yellow Indo Kratom Have? 

Yellow Indo Kratom effects seem to be sort of confusing. I think it’s an interesting strain, to say the least. 

What surprised me about this strain when I first tried it was that the effects last for quite a while. I found the effects to wear off at around the fifth hour or so. It’s known to be a longer lasting strain, varying from 4 to 6 hours of effects. 

Although the effects last some time, it doesn’t seem to be as strong or potent for some, and very strong for others. Customers that have tried this strain tell me that it’s a more mild version of a strong white or green strain, but it all depends on the batch of Yellow Indo Kratom you’re getting. 

Based on my own experience with Yellow Indo Kratom, I would say it’s more of a beginners strain. However, you’ll need to try it out and see for yourself. 

It’s just going to depend on how low or high your tolerance level is. My tolerance level is pretty high now with kratom, so I thought it was a much more mild to moderately potent strain. 

Here are some of the well-known effects associated with Super Yellow Indo Kratom strain: 

  • Increased Energy / Motivation

This strain seems to have some characteristics of a white or green strain. It provides a nice amount of energy that can take away any lethargy or laziness you might feel throughout the day. 

Along with this, it’s known to really motivate you and keep you optimistic because of the nice mild energy it gives. 

  • Heightened Focus and Concentration

This is for sure one of the highlights of this strain. I remember I was in the zone when I took Yellow Indo Kratom. 

My concentration, focus, and creativity was a lot more noticeable and I was able to effortlessly work on my projects.

If you want to get in the focused and concentrated zone without over stimulation, I think you’d benefit from this one. 

  • Discomfort Relief

This strain also reminds me of a red strain. It has some slightly sedative properties like a red, but nothing over the top. 

It can provide you some mild discomfort relief from chronic ailments. If you want something a lot stronger though, you’d be better off getting a very potent red strain. 

  • Possible Euphoria 

Yellow Indo Kratom is one of those strains that peaked my interest because a lot of people claim to get euphoric effects out of it.

This is definitely possible at moderate to higher doses because this strain in general is already a feel-good strain. It’s a definite feel-good strain. 

I did find this strain to give me some euphoria and mood boost. I felt more positive and awesome when I took it.

I think you’ll be able to get euphoria out of this strain too if you take a slightly higher dosage than you normally would. Just be careful not to go overboard as the side effects of yellow strains are not fun. 

You might now be wondering, is Yellow Indo Kratom weak? Not necessarily. It can provide mild effects to the long-time kratom user. But, it could be a nicely potent and strong strain for beginners looking to have less stimulation. 

You’re best best is to try this unpredictable strain out yourself. 

What are Reddit Users Saying?

To make it even more confusing, this strain has very, very mixed reviews and experiences on Reddit. 

I looked through tons of these forums, and found that it was all over the place in terms of effects. People either love or hate this strain. There doesn’t seem to be much in between feelings with this one.

Here’s what some helpful Reddiers had to say about Yellow Kratom strains:

“…In my experience, yellows tend to be the most euphoric types of strains, and the energy of them is neutral. It’s not energetic, it’s not relaxing, just neutral. But like with any kratom color, enough of it will relax or possibly sedate you. The main thing I find consistent with yellows is they pack some good euphoria…” -mr_sugarfree

“Yellows are the most unpredictable. There is no way to know without trying it.” -jjspkd

“… I’ve tried yellows and thought they were total bunk only to try at a later date and have a great burn.” -DapeshMowed

I agree, this strain is very unpredictable. But, I think it’s worth trying to see if you get that euphoric feeling that is well tied with this strain. 

What is Yellow Indo Kratom? 

This is a very common question I get. To start off, Yellow Indo Kratom comes from the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia. Kratom farmers and growers here know just how to cultivate kratom. It’s definitely their craft. 

But, Yellow Indo Kratom is really just based on the drying process of the kratom plant, mitragyna speciosa. They basically take mostly white or green strains, sometimes red strains, and they go through a drying process called fermentation. 

These leaves are more mature, and more dried out, than your typical white, red or green strains. There is no such thing as a yellow vein strain, it just becomes yellow from the drying process.

Since the Super Yellow Indo Kratom strain uses different vein colors, this explains the unpredictable effects for many. It’s like a surprise box, you just don’t really know exactly what you’ll get. It can greatly depend on what strain they use and the batch. 

Some batches might be really good, others might not be as good. 

What is Indo Kratom Used For? 

Indo Kratom, like many other kratom strains, can be used for a variety of different reasons. It doesn’t have to be used for one specific reason.

Here’s a list than I’ve compiled for the different reasons of taking Indo Kratom: 

  • Helps with body discomforts
  • Lowers stress because of the uplifting boost it gives.
  • Can help with getting things done for work or household projects. 
  • Yellow, white, and green strains can increase your energy so that you get rid of any morning or daytime drowsiness. 

Ways to Consume Indo Super Yellow Kratom 

This strain is often sold in powder and capsule form. I haven’t really found too many people offer it in tinctures, although some vendors might sell this version. 

Yellow Indo Kratom Powder 

The powder form is great, because you can measure out an exact amount. Also, you can turn the powder into warm or iced kratom teas, add it to your smoothies, and add it to your favorite natural juice. 

Only downside is, the taste of Yellow Indo Kratom is pretty bitter. But, it can be totally worth it.

Yellow Indo Kratom Capsules 

Capsules are a nice option if you don’t like the bitter taste that kratom gives. It’s also really easy to take. 

My only concern is that you can’t measure out an exact amount, so you’ll need to check the size of your kratom capsule to get a better idea of how many capsules to consume. 

Dosage for Yellow Indo Kratom 

Since yellow indo kratom seems to be more mild than other strains, I’m going to recommend a bit of a higher dosage than usual. 

But, always increase kratom by 0.5 grams if you’re not getting anything from Yellow Indo Kratom. If you find it to be too strong, you can always decrease by 0.5-1 gram next time you take it. 

Where to Buy 

You can get quality Yellow Indo Kratom online, such as Kratom Krush. You can find this strain in other online shops, but be careful as some tend to hike up the prices for kratom a lot more. 

Whenever you buy kratom, just be sure they offer the best kratom at customer service in case you want more information on the strain you’re getting.