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5 Best Kratom Vendors Review 2022: Don’t Waste Money

Due to the increased awareness regarding pharmaceuticals and their potential for negative health consequences, kratom’s popularity has skyrocketed. 

But, with a myriad of online kratom vendors, it can be rather difficult to distinguish trusted kratom vendors from those with poor products and services. 

Fortunately, while scouring the internet for the most reliable kratom vendors, I condensed hours worth of intense research and concluded Kratom Krush is the best vendor, which you can read in this post in roughly 5 minutes. 

If you’re ready to choose a kratom company that will best suit your needs, checkout the next section.  

How I Ranked The Best Kratom Brands

So, who sells the best kratom? Determining which kratom company, out of dozens if not hundreds, wasn’t a simple task. 

Therefore, before commencing my online investigation, I wrote down a list of factors which I believe are the most common and crucial when looking for a vendor. 

The list includes: 

Price: Cost per gram

Customer Service: Do they offer an email, phone number, live chat, or a combination of the three? 

Guarantee: Do they show confidence in their products?

Lab Results: Are these kratom vendors that test for heavy metals via 3rd party labs? 

Shipping Options: Do they offer free and/or expedited shipping? 

Payment Options: Although all five companies offer credit/debit card processing, do they also provide alternative forms of payment? 

Product Variety: How many forms of consuming kratom, varying strains, and sizes do they sell? 

Not even the top rated kratom companies will provide everything on the list, but if you can cross off most of the items, you have found yourself a reputable kratom vendor. 

Here is the best vendor according to each factor, and what I believe to be the overall best in the industry: 

Overall best online kratom vendor: Kratom Krush

Cheapest Kratom Vendor: Kratom Krush

Most Potent Kratom Vendor: Depends on the strain

Best Customer Service: CBD Kratom (phone, email, live chat, video chats by appointment)

Best Guarantee: Kratom Krush (45 days)

Best Shipping Options: Kratom Krush (Free USPS, 2-3 Days UPS, Next Day Air UPS)

Most Payment Options: OPMS Kratom (Credit Cards, Venmo, Crypto, and WAAVE Checkout)

Highest Variety: Kratom Krush (58 powders, 44 capsules, & much more)

5 Best Kratom Companies in USA

Now that we’ve established what constitutes high quality kratom vendors, I’ll be happy to share the top 5, starting with the best. 

For the sake of avoiding constant repetition, all five companies offer credit/debit card processing

Kratom Krush

Cost per gram: 7 cents (according to a kilo of powder)

Cost of Kilo: $74.95

When you buy Kratom Krush leaf, you’re not just getting the product, you’re receiving a whole list of benefits as well, such as: A 45 day money back guarantee (the best in the industry). 

Got questions? Call the Kratom Krush phone number for immediate support. You can also hop on the live chat or send them an email. 

They boast the largest product variety, including 58 different powders, 44 capsules, shots, gummies, tinctures, extract powders and pills, and crushed leaf. They also offer small quantities, such as the 50 grams of powder, for those who wish to give them a try before making larger investments. 

They provide Cash App or Venmo as an alternative form of payment, while also offering various types of shipping, like free USPS, UPS Ground, UPS 2-3 Days, UPS Next Day Air. 

Their kratom powder is lab tested, and does not contain pesticides, heavy metals, or GMO’s. 

If all the aforementioned info is not enough to convince you, you can expect a valid (and hefty) Kratom Krush coupon almost every day of the year combined with the lowest prices in the industry. 

Star Kratom

Cost per gram: 10 cents (according to a kilo of powder)

Cost of kilo: $99.99

Star Kratom comes in at a close second in price and guarantee, the guarantee being 30 days.  

They offer an email and phone number as a means of communication, and their products are lab tested. However, you may have to request the lab results via email as I could not find them on the site. 

Shipping options include free USPS for all products, regardless of the price. Product variety is somewhat limited, excluding yellow/gold strains and kratom in any form other than powder or capsules. 

They sell 17 powder strains in 250, 500, or 1000mg bags and 16 capsules strains in quantities of 350 or 700 caps. 

Kona Kratom

Cost per gram: 16 cents (according to a kilo of powder)

Cost of kilo: $159.99

Kona Kratom powder founders are known for traveling directly to Indonesia in their hunt for high quality kratom, which is why they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Should you need to get ahold of Kona Kratom, you can do so via email on their contact page. If lab tests are one of your requirements, I have bad news. Kona doesn’t offer any. However, that doesn’t mean they’re a bad company or sell low quality kratom. 

Shipping options include USPS, plus free shipping for all orders over $29.99. Alternative payments include e-checks.

As far as variety, Kona offers 51 powder strains and 49 capsules. 

OPMS Kratom

Cost per gram: 13 cents (HOWEVER, their largest bag size is 454g not 1000g) 

Cost of 454 grams: $59.95

You may have heard about OPMS Kratom, as they are one of the most popular brands in the industry. OPMS takes pride in their GMP certification, as they should, as well as utilizing a high pressure/cold water extraction process.  

Means of communication include an email, and the 30 day guarantee includes only unopened products. 

Orders are shipped via USPS, and all orders over $40 are shipped for free. OPMS boasts the highest number of payment options such as Venmo, Crypto, and WAAVE Checkout. 

With regard to product variety, OPMS offers 6 powder strains, all of which are the most popular, extract powder, various capsule strains, and 7 types of shots. 

CBD Kratom

Cost per gram: 45 cents (according to a kilo of powder)

Cost of kilo: $490 (kilo comes with extra 50g)

CBD Kratom is a well known online store which offers both CBD and Kratom products. 

They provide the best customer service of all 5 companies, offering email, phone number, and, if you’d like to make an appointment for a personal consultation, they provide a video chat. 

Regarding their guarantee, all sales are final. Shipping options include USPS, FedEx 2 Day, FedEx Next Day, and free USPS for all orders over $35. 

Their impressive inventory boasts 36 strains for powders and capsules (not including the mixed and aged strains), shots, tinctures, extract capsules, extract powder, pre-made tea, seltzer, gummies, taffy, and a chocolate bar. 

What Does It Mean to be a Kratom Vendor

Allow me to exactly define what a kratom vendor is and their duties. Kratom is grown in various countries in Southeast Asia. 

These growers, also known as suppliers, sell bulk kratom in large quantities to kratom companies throughout the world, which in turn, sell the kratom to the public. 

However, these companies will sometimes sell their kratom to smaller companies who cannot afford to purchase large quantities from suppliers. 

It is the vendors’ responsibility to ensure they are purchasing high quality kratom free of harmful chemicals or substances. 

Vendors can be based online or as a brick and mortar store. 

Local Kratom Vendors Near Me

Let’s say you need to buy kratom today because you don’t have the time to wait for an online delivery. 

Luckily, you can find kratom at various brick and mortar stores. Just keep in mind, the prices may be significantly higher than online shops because of the extra overhead cost of brick and mortar stores.

These stores include: 

Vape Shops: Vape shops, also known as smoke shops, are more likely to sell kratom than other brick and mortar stores. If you need kratom today, start here. 

Dispensaries: Some dispensaries (AKA headshops) also sell useful herbs other than marijuana.  If you don’t have a vape shop near you, checkout your local dispensary. 

Supplement Shops: Supplement/vitamin stores have begun selling CBD and kratom, which is great for the kratom community, as it helps to destigmatize our beloved plants. However, give them a call and verify before you visit. 

Gas Stations: Some gas stations may carry kratom, but it highly depends on where you live. If possible, give them a call before you drive out to them. 

Best Kratom Vendors Forum: Continue Your Research

I understand if you feel like you want to continue your own research. There is much to learn and much to investigate about the world of kratom, which is why I’d like to recommend the two best kratom vendor forums. 

They are Reddit and Quora. Okay, I’m aware these forums aren’t specifically for kratom, but they contain a ton of valuable information in the form of personal testimonies. 

If your question hasn’t already been asked, you can simply create an account, post the questions, and wait for someone to reply. 

I have been using Reddit and Quora for years, and they have proven to be indispensable as people’s personal experiences are sometimes more accurate than blog posts written by individuals who’ve never used kratom once in their life. 

American Kratom Association (AKA) Verified Vendors

The American Kratom Association is an organization committed to protecting Americans’ right to use kratom. 

In 2016, when the DEA made an attempt to classify kratom as a schedule 1 drug along with heroin and meth, the AKA stepped in and successfully thwarted the bill. 

However, the AKA does more than stop bills from criminalizing kratom. They also certify kratom vendors in what is known as the AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program. 

The goal of the program is to establish safe manufacturing processes within the vendors in the kratom community. Vendors who sign up for the GMP must willingly accept an independent 3rd party audit every year in order to qualify for the certification. 

The GMP is a great way of ensuring both customers and politicians about the safety of kratom products sold within the US. 

This doesn’t mean that kratom vendors who aren’t GMP certified are guilty of selling poor quality products. In fact, most of the vendors on this list are not certified, yet they are regarded as trustworthy companies.