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Green Dragon Kratom Powder

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What is Green Dragon Kratom Powder?

Green Dragon Kratom comes from the exotic Southeast Asian evergreen trees known as Mitragyna Speciosa. If you’re familiar with kratom and other strains, then you may get a better understanding of Green Dragon Kratom. It’s actually a blend of both Green Maeng Da and White Maeng Da

Maeng Da, in english, translates to “pimp grade”. So, blending two Maeng Das together makes this strain very potent and enjoyable. Green Dragon kratom is concentrated strain due to the ample amount of alkaloids it holds. Some of these alkaloids include 7-mitragynine and mitraphylline. These alkaloids are what make Green Dragon desirable amongst the kratom community.

Where is Green Dragon Kratom grown?

Green Dragon Kratom is harvested in various different Southeast Asian countries. This combination of two very popular Maeng Da strains- green and white- are typically grown in places like Thailand, Malaysia, and Bali

The trees from which Red Dragon Kratom comes from, known as Mitragyna Speciosa, are usually grown in tropical forests of these countries to ensure the best soil and environment. Kratom farmers carefully grow, pick, and crush only the best leaves to ensure every strain is of high-quality. 

How to Consume Green Dragon Kratom Powder

You can actually consume Green Dragon Powder in 4 different ways.

Kratom Tea This is the most traditional way to consume kratom powder. You can simply boil some water, and citrus, and add your kratom. Another quicker way is to just mix hot or cold water with the powder and enjoy.

“Toss and Wash”- The quickest method. Just as it says, “toss” the kratom powder directly into your math and wash down with water or your favorite juice. 

In Foods- Since kratom has a naturally high boiling point, you won’t have to worry about burning the powder if you do plan to cook with it. It is safe to cook and incorporate Red Dragon Powder into your favorite dishes. 

Tincture/Extract- Although this is the most time consuming at first, you can actually make your own kratom tinctures at home with a few tools. Once the tincture is made, you can store it in a cool place and enjoy anytime with a tincture dropper. 

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EdwardSeptember 8, 2021

Green Dragon was a low key, not bland tasting. Easily mixable. The package was on time, well packed and in good condition. My experience was that this green strain made me feel much easier way to sleep. Neck pain from a car accident disappeared in a soft, mellow, way. Light nerve pain easily slips away with every breath. I enjoyed green Dragon a;ll the while enjoyed it's light stimulating properties

JOSHUAMay 5, 2021

Best Green Dragon powder on the market. No jitters or other symptoms, just clean Kratom.

jonathanNovember 10, 2020


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