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Green Horn Kratom Powder

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Green Horn Kratom originates from the West Kalimantan in the rain forests of Indonesia. Green Horn Kratom Powder is made from the spiked leaves of the kratom tree.

Indonesians have been cultivating kratom for centuries. Ask most of them, and they will tell you Green Horn Kratom needs special harvesting and manufacturing practices. That is why it has high levels of alkaloids. 

Key Features

  • Available in 50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams
  • Quite strong green vein kratom
  • Rare kratom strain  
  • Unique cultivating, harvesting, and manufacturing practices
  • Third-party lab tested product
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting effects
  • Secure packaging
  • Fast delivery 

How to Consume Green Horn Kratom Powder 

It is no secret that kratom powder has a very bitter taste. Thus using raw kratom powder could be challenging if you cannot tolerate the taste.  

Luckily, you can mix the powder into your favorite drink or food in order to cover the bitter taste. Orange juice and lemonade are some of the best drinks that mix well with kratom powder. Besides, you can make kratom tea and add lemon or honey to sweeten it. 

If you do not mind the bitterness of kratom, you can toss and wash it. This method of consumption gets the job done very quickly and ensures faster effects. 

To toss and wash kratom, place your desired powder dose directly on your tongue, take a large gulp of water and swallow after a few seconds. Continue drinking water to make sure you have swallowed all the powder. 

Everyone is unique and prefers to take kratom powder in their own individual ways. You should try different ways of taking kratom until you find the best one. 

Recommended Dosages for Green Horn Kratom Powder  

Green Horn Kratom Powder is dosed just like other green vein kratom powder. Remember that not everybody has the same tolerance levels, so be sure to start low and go slow as you work your way up. This includes some trial and error experiments to find your kratom sweet spot. 

You should start with 1 or 2 grams of kratom powder dose and note how it affects you before taking the second dose. If this dose does not yield the desired results, you can hop to a medium dose of 3-5 grams.

More than 6 grams of kratom powder is a strong dose and ensures intense sedative effects. Experienced kratom users love such a dose, and most of them report having the best ever kratom experience. 

Since Green Horn Kratom Powder is highly potent and produces long-lasting effects, use it moderately and do not combine it with other drugs. 

Is Kratom Legal in the United States? 

Most people new to kratom often wonder about its legality in the US. They wonder whether they can purchase kratom products in their home states. 

The answer is yes, it is legal to buy kratom in the United States, but does your state allow you to do so? Most states permit the buying and possession of kratom with no restrictions. At the same time, others consider it a Schedule I drug. 

Be sure to study your state laws before entering the kratom world because it is the only way to avoid trouble with the law. 

Why Choose Kratom Krush?

If you are a frequent customer of Kratom Krush, you are most probably aware of our dedication to offering our clients the best quality kratom products. 

Whether you are a new user or looking to try a new kratom strain or add a new one to your kratom collection, we go them all. Please visit our online shop today and get unbeatable kratom products deals.

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50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams / 1 kilo

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KevinMay 19, 2021

Iv ordered from so many folks on line ! Some of the best , by the way! To be honest , folks are looking for a discount on any company that offers the best deal ! Iv been disappointed by the best but folks , not this time ! Iv never been happier with my purchase! Smooth , fresh . You can tell when it's fresh and this is fresh and in my top 2 of using Kratom for 6 yrs now! Please hear me! Try them and you will keep coming back ! Great folks and have a Great Great product. Thank you guys so much.

CodyApril 17, 2020

helps me relax after work

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