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Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder

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What is Green Hulu Kratom?

Green Hulu Kratom is a rare and unique strain that is sold by few kratom vendors. This can be due to its location of harvest and how difficult it is to produce. Luckily, we here at Kratom Krush ship Green Hulu  from the island of Borneo, fresh to you. 

This strain contains various alkaloids such as 7-mitragynine and mitragynine, which are key components that make kratom so enjoyable to many. You can think of Green Hulu as having the same beneficial properties from your favorite cup of coffee or herbal tea. After all, kratom comes from the same family as Rubiaceae. 

Green Hulu Kratom Location of Origin

The origin in which Green Hulu Kratom hails from is quite distinctive from other places in Southeast Asia. Located on the island of Borneo, this strain is naturally grown and harvested in the Kapuas Hulu forest near the Kapuas river. 

Since there is a much smaller population, there are less farmers who are able to grow this unique strain. Another factor in its rarity is that it can be dangerous for the farmers to grow due to it being so close to the Kapuas river. Nonetheless, Green Hulu’s potent profile can be greatly attributed to the mineral-rich soils and environment of the island.

How to Take Green Hulu Kratom Powder

You can take Green Hulu Kratom Powder in various different ways. Some of the most popular forms of consumption are: mixing it with water or juice, brewing it as a tea, and the “toss and wash” method.

Green Hulu can be mixed directly in water or juice. Although the best way to make it more soluble is by brewing it or using hot water.

Brewing it as a tea takes a little longer, but makes it more potent and the flavor more tolerable. Start off by boiling water, adding lemons or grapefruit to increase the potency, and then adding the powder. Reduce it to a simmer and it’s ready to drink.

The “toss and wash” method is quite simply the fastest form of consumption. Place the measured amount of kratom powder directly into your mouth and wash it down with water of your favorite beverage.

Dosage Recommendations for Green Hulu Powder

First-time kratom users are advised to start off with a small dose of 1.5-2 grams. This is an initial dose so you can determine if you feel any effects at this amount. You can then start to slowly increase the amount you take after each use. 

This is what we suggest after the first dose:

Mild: About 2-4 grams

Moderate: 4-7 grams

Strong: 7-10 grams

Very Strong: 10-12 grams

Green Hulu Kratom works best if you slowly increase the dosage amount over time.

What Kratom Krush Offers 

We take pride in offering the best kratom products and customer service to all.

Our kratom products are:

  • Lab Tested and Approved 
  • 100% Natural and Organic
  • Free of Chemicals and Fillers

At Kratom Krush, we have team members via chat or by phone ready to help you pick the perfect strain and kratom products. If you’re not fully satisfied with your product, we offer a 45-day money back guarantee. 

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