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White Hulu Kratom Powder

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Guaranteed to be powerful and effective – White Hulu Kratom is sourced out from the Hulu jungles situated in Southeast Asia. It is derived from Kratom trees, also known by its scientific name, Mitragyna Speciosa. 

To ensure its potency and purity, the highly skilled indigenous farmers of Hulu jungles only pick out the best white-veined leaves to continue for production and manufacture. This product also contains a great number of alkaloids, which can deliver various benefits for its users. Furthermore, it is one of the most highly sought-after strains in the market due to its limited availability. 

Key Features:

  • Product Type: Powder
  • Strain Color: White
  • It comes in different quantities to choose from: 50 grams (1.5 oz), 100 grams (4 oz), 250 grams (8.8 oz), 500 grams (1 lb 3 oz), 1000 grams / 1 kilo (2 lbs 10 oz)
  • Tested and Guaranteed for Quality and Purity
  • All Organic and Natural
  • Free from Any Additives or Harmful Chemicals

How to Consume White Hulu Kratom Powder

White Hulu Kratom Powder can be taken in different ways, whatever you prefer. Here are some ways you can take your Kratom:

  • Mix Kratom with your drink – You can mix in your Kratom powder with your choice of beverage to tone down or mask its natural taste. 
  • Make tea with Kratom – This method is one of the most common ways to consume Kratom. Infuse or boil the powder with hot water to make a cup of tea. If the taste is too strong for your liking, you can even add up sugar or honey to sweeten it. 
  • Direct intake and wash – If you prefer to take it quickly, you can consume it directly into your mouth and then drink an ample amount of water to ease swallowing the product.

Recommended Dosages for White Hulu Kratom Powder

The recommended dosage for White Hulu Kratom varies from person to person, as the product may have different effects among users. The dosage usually depends on the users’ previous experience with the product. 

For first-time takers of White Hulu Kratom, it is recommended to take 2 grams or less. If you are already an experienced user of Kratom, you can take 6 grams and above of the product. Prior to increasing your dosage, observe how your body reacts with each dosage adjustment. This is important to know what is the best dosage for you. 

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

Kratom is generally considered legal in the United States. However, it is still marked as a banned product among various states such as Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It is recommended to first check your state’s regulations on Kratom before purchasing in order to avoid additional fines.

The limitations on Kratom among different states may be attributed to the fact that Kratom is not federally regulated. This basically means that there is no government agency that regularly checks the quality of the products. 

In order to still guarantee the potency, quality, and purity of the products, Kratom is third-party tested. With this, our users can be assured that our products are all-natural and safe to consume.

Why Choose Kratom Krush?

Kratom Krush is one of the most trusted online suppliers of Kratom. We guarantee our customers high-quality service with the best products in the market. Lab testing is also regularly done to assure that we offer all-natural, potent, and additive-free Kratom for our customers. 

Moreover, we also provide same-day shipping to have your products delivered to your doorstep in no time. In case of any concerns or inquiries with our products, you can contact us at our customer support: (720) 667 3958 between Mondays to Fridays, 10 AM to 4 PM MT. You can also reach us at

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50 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams / 1 kilo

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TamaApril 14, 2021

Great pain relief with nice steady energy. I just had extensove back surgery a few weeks ago and am healing well but its going to be a long recovery with both muscular and nerve pain. I needed something to take away edge as I heal and the aches and pains as my body adjusts to being more active and I didn't want to use narcotics. This is a great alternative without using pharmaceutical chemicals. It not only works for the pain but it is far more effective for nerve pain than traditional pain meds which is extremely difficult to treat. My only word of warning for people using Kratom for pain management is because of its effectiveness, it would be easy to overdo it physically and injure yourself or mask your pain/symptoms rather than seek medical attention when you need it because you have something that works so well. Aside from that, I highly recommend Kratom and this is one of my favorite products.

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