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White Sandai Kratom Powder


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Sandai is a mild kratom strain that originates from the island jungle of West Borneo. Local farmers avoid chemicals and pesticides during cultivation to produce a pure and high-quality strain. 

White Sandai is less intense than other white-vein kratom strains. For this reason, it is one of the best strains for beginners to try. 

White Sandai has almost similar effects as your daily cup of coffee. It has an uplifting effect which is why you should take it in the morning or during the day. 

This powder is 100% organic and fresh. It has been tested and approved by independent third-party labs since it is free of pesticides, heavy metals, fillers, pathogens, and mold. 

White Sandai is a dependable kratom strain for short and long-term use. Grab yours today!

Key Features

  • Mild kratom strain
  • 100% organic
  • Tested and verified by independent labs
  • Suitable for beginners
  • White kratom strain                                       
  • No fillers, artificial flavors, chemicals, and contaminants
  • High levels of alkaloids Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Available in 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g packages

How to Consume White Sandai Kratom Powder

Choose one of these three methods to consume the powder.

  • Brew White Sandai Tea

Pour some powder into a cup of hot water, add a sweetener, and stir. White Sandai acts as a booster drink for those long days.

  • Toss and Wash

This is the most efficient way to consume the powder. Scoop the powder, toss it in your mouth, and wash it down with water. However, there is no way to avoid kratom’s bitter taste with this method.

  • Add It to Your Recipes

Did you know kratom alkaloids have high boiling points? Thanks to this chemical structure, you can add white Sandai into your dishes or soups. Its potency is not affected by high temperatures. Nevertheless, do not use excessive kratom as it can easily overpower the dish.

Recommended Dosage for White Sandai Kratom Powder

Two grams is the recommended dose for first-time users. However, keep in mind that your body, age, weight, and experience determine your ideal dosage. If you are an experienced user, you can take 4 to 6 grams.

Is Kratom Legal in the United States?

Kratom is currently legal in the U.S., thanks to petitions, demonstrations, and calls by Congress to legalize it.

It turns out that the DEA decided to classify kratom as a Schedule I drug. This is the same class as heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, and LSD. The agency stated that the herb has potential for abuse and dependence, a decision that led to massive public outcry that forced the agency to withdraw its decision.

Even though kratom is federally legal, there is no government body to guarantee its quality and safety. Fortunately, there are kratom movements that work to regulate kratom. Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) is one such body with many kratom advocates.

KCPA oversees kratom legality within a state as regulators set their requirements. This protects kratom users against unregulated and dangerous products. 

Kratom is illegal in six states; Indiana, Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, and Alabama. If you do not live in these states, kratom may be regulated in your state. Take time to familiarize yourself with these laws before you place your order.    

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