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3 Best Ways to Take Kratom for Maximum Effectiveness

Kratom has been growing in popularity for years thanks to its potential benefits and its unique appeal to recreational users, so it should come as no surprise that there are many newcomers to the beautiful world of kratom. They can read on to find out about the 3 best ways to take kratom for maximum effectiveness.

The three best ways to take kratom to maximize its beneficial effects are to brew kratom tea, use the toss and wash technique, or buy kratom capsules. Each of these techniques has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, but all three are quite useful. Users who want to boost the effects of kratom, even more, can also take it with other natural substances.

Whether you’re entirely new to kratom or a long-time kratom enthusiast just looking for a better way to use it, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find an in-depth description of how to get the most out of your kratom.

Best Ways to Take Kratom

Kratom may have a well-deserved reputation for enhancing mood and inducing euphoric states, but that doesn’t mean it has the most pleasant taste. To make matters worse, powdered kratom extract does not mix easily with water, so just mixing up a glass will almost always leave you with fine powder stuck to both the inside of the glass and the inside of your mouth. Instead of resorting to this unpleasant ingestion method, check out the three better alternatives below.

Kratom Tea

kratom tea

Making kratom tea is easy, and drinking it provides a much more pleasant experience. You can make tea out of dried leaves or powder. Just boil some water, add the kratom, and let it simmer for around half an hour to ensure that all the beneficial alkaloids and other plant compounds have had the chance to be fully extracted. Once the tea has finished brewing, you can strain the powder or leave it out if you want to drink it hot, or leave it in the refrigerator to cool it later.

As a general rule, you should try to use around one ounce of kratom per liter of water. You can adjust this as needed to suit your tastes, but adding less water will make the tea taste much more substantial. That’s good news when it comes to increasing your dose, but know that some people find the taste of strongly brewed kratom tea overpowering.

It’s relevant to note that many users find kratom tea more stimulating than capsules or pure powder. This may be due to the rapid absorption of its alkaloids through the lining of the digestive tract. If you’re looking for mood-enhancing and euphoric effects, it’s a great solution. If you want a more relaxing, sedative, and soothing effect, you may want to try a different method, or just drink multiple cups.

Toss and Wash

Want to take full advantage of every chemical compound found in your kratom? Using the toss and wash technique will ensure that you don’t waste any of your favorite plants. Instead of boiling it in water and risking losing some of the beneficial alkaloids, you can just measure out your dose in a teaspoon, put it in your mouth, and wash it down with plenty of water.

The primary downside of this method is that it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. If you don’t love the taste of kratom tea, you definitely won’t like the toss and wash technique. For those who care more about the effects of kratom than its bite, though, this method ensures that not a single milligram of powder will go to waste.

If you’re having a hard time getting the entire dose down at once, it’s fair to cut it in half. Just take half the quantity, then follow it up with plenty of water. When you’re ready, take the other half. You’ll still get the same experience as you would when taking it all at once, but you won’t have to worry about the sticky powder, causing you to swallow.

Kratom Capsules

What’s excellent about kratom capsules is that they are very discreet. You can take them just like you would any other herbal supplement. Toss a bottle of capsules in your backpack, your car’s glove compartment, or even your desk drawer at the office to make sure you always have them on hand. That way, you won’t have to worry about carrying around powder and a teaspoon or heating water for making tea.

How to Boost Kratom Effects

Want to boost the effects of kratom without increasing your dose? There are plenty of ways to do so, regardless of which ingestion method you choose. Substances that promote the effects of kratom are called kratom potentiators. They come in many forms, but they all have in common that they help your body process the alkaloids found in kratom more efficiently.

There are several benefits of using kratom potentiators. First, you can get more potent effects without upping your dose, which means you won’t have to buy as much kratom. Since most potentiators are relatively cheap and easy to come by, that’s a huge benefit.

Second, you’ll be less likely to deal with unwanted side effects. Sometimes, taking too much kratom can be a bad thing. If you take your average dose alongside one of the substances listed below, you won’t have to worry about nausea or stomach upset. Some potentiators have beneficial impacts of their own that can help you feel even better.

Finally, most potentiators taste better than kratom. You can add them to your tea after it has cooled down or use them to wash the kratom’s taste from your mouth. Here are a few of the substances that work the best:

  • Grapefruit: This popular citrus fruit contains enzymes that help your body break down kratom powder so you’ll experience more intense benefits for a more extended period. Try using a glass of grapefruit juice to wash down capsules or powder.
  • Chamomile tea: Brewing kratom in chamomile tea is a great way to enhance the relaxing effects of red strains, in particular. You probably want to avoid it if you’re taking white or green strains for their energizing effects.
  • Turmeric: This common spice adds a significant boost to the effects of kratom. You can add it to your tea or even mix some into the powder you use for the toss and wash method.
  • Cayenne pepper: Make sure you only use cayenne pepper in small doses. You can add it to tea or sprinkle some in the water you use to wash down capsules or powder.
  • Akuamma seed: This potentiator can be hard to find, but consuming it with kratom can intensify the effects. Note, however, that it does nothing to improve the taste.