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Green Horn Kratom Capsules


0.7 grams per capsule

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These capsules are different from other green-veined strains. The Green Horn strain comes from spiked leaves of the kratom tree found in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

For centuries, indigenous inhabitants of West Kalimantan have grown and produced kratom. But one thing is sure. It is more work to grow and harvest the spiked strain since only spiked leaves are harvested. It takes time to find the desired amount of spiked leaves compared to green-veined strains.

What does this reveal about the Green Horn Kratom Capsules? They contain a unique chemical structure with abundant alkaloids. The strain is organically grown, and each capsule contains 0.7 grams of green kratom.

Key Features:

  • Unique strain
  • Potent
  • High concentration of alkaloids
  • Organically grown
  • Free of fillers, chemicals, preservatives, and flavors
  • 0.7 grams of kratom per capsule
  • Laboratory tested for purity, safety, and quality

How to Consume Green Horn Kratom Capsules?

Consume the Green Horn Kratom Capsules whole. Do not attempt to chew, break, crush, or open the contents. The capsules are designed to dissolve in your stomach. Simply place the capsule in your mouth, take a sip of water or your favorite beverage, and swallow the contents.

Recommended Dosage for Green Horn Kratom Capsules?

It is essential to take the correct kratom dosage depending on your needs and achieve the desired effects. If you are a beginner, start with a small dose before advancing to a moderate dose. Doing so will help you assess your body and increase the dosage if need be.

The recommended kratom dosage for beginners is 1 to 2 grams. Intermediate users can consume 2 to 4.5 grams, while users with a high tolerance can take 8 grams.

It may take 30 minutes to an hour to feel the effects of these capsules. So, take it easy and wait for a while before swallowing another pill. To calculate your dosage, each Green Horn Kratom Capsule is premeasured with 0.7 grams.

Did you know that age, body fat, genetics, and water intake can affect how long these Green Horn Kratom capsules stay in your body? Older kratom users and individuals with a high body fat percentage are more likely to have a long elimination half-life of the herb. Also, if you stay hydrated, it is easier to excrete kratom through urine.

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

Kratom legality is still a debatable subject in the US. Kratom has sparked controversies because it contains psychotropic and opioid-like properties. There have been efforts to include kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance but failed.

Currently, kratom is legal on a federal scale. However, no government body checks or tests kratom products in the US. In addition, federal law does not apply on a state level. This is why some states have legalized it while others regulate or ban kratom products.

The sale, purchase, possession, and use of kratom are illegal in Alabama, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Some states have adopted policies to protect kratom consumers by regulating the production of kratom supplements. These states include Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia. Tennessee, Illinois, and New Hampshire have imposed age restrictions.

Since kratom laws vary from state to state, it would be best to get acquainted with your state’s laws before purchasing them.

Why Choose Kratom Krush?

Kratom Krush has a dedicated team of kratom experts who go the extra mile to find the best kratom products for its customers. Not only are our products organic and of high quality, but they also conform to the federation’s standards.

In addition, they are third-party tested for safety and purity. All our kratom products are free of molds, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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