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Green Sandai Kratom Capsules

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0.7 grams per capsule

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Sandai is a mild kratom strain. This is why the Green Sandai kratom capsules are a reliable strain to take any time and any place. They offer balanced, consistent results that are not overwhelming.  

Green sandai is less stimulating than the white sandai but more than the red sandai. The capsules are suitable for both beginners and experienced users. This Indonesian strain has fast-acting effects.

These capsules are available in 36 g (60-count), 108 g (180-count), and 216 g (360-count) bottles. Each capsule contains 0.7 grams.

Key Features:

  • Offers balanced, consistent results
  • Reliable
  • Potent
  • Organically grown kratom
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced users
  • High alkaloid content
  • Lab-tested for safety and potency
  • 0.7 grams per capsule
  • Available in 60-, 180-, and 360-count options

How to Consume Green Sandai Kratom Capsules

Unlike kratom tea, pills, and leaves, kratom capsules have gelatin shells and do not leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Therefore, always consume the Green Sandai Kratom Capsules whole. Do not attempt to open the capsule or chew it.

Even in their unadulterated form, these capsules will deliver the desired effects.

Recommended Dosages for Green Sandai Kratom Capsules

It is essential to keep in mind that every Green Sandai Kratom Capsule contains 0.7 grams. If you are a beginner, the recommended dosage is 1 to 2 grams of kratom. This low dosage will help you identify your sensitivity to the herb.

For frequent users, you can take 2 to 4 grams for mild strengths or 5 to 7 grams for moderate strengths. Strong strengths are typically between 8 to 10, with very strong strengths exceeding 10 grams. It is advisable not to exceed 12 grams a day.

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

Kratom legality is quite complicated in the US due to the presence of federal and state-level legal systems.  The national government considers kratom as a legal substance, although there have been calls to illegalize it.

The DEA, for instance, announced it would list kratom as a Schedule I drug in August of 2016. This is the same classification as heroin, ecstasy, and LSD. The agency argues that kratom has a high potential for abuse as it contains psychoactive properties. This decision, however, changed in October 2016 when the DEA withdrew its decision.

As the DEA debates whether kratom to illegalize kratom, kratom advocates are fighting for its legality. One such movement is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). The movement seeks to protect consumers against unregulated products since no US government body is mandated to check the quality of kratom products.

Technically, kratom is legal on a federal level. But it is up to the states to choose whether to ban, regulate, or legalize it.

States like Indiana, Vermont, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Alabama, and Wisconsin have labeled kratom as a Schedule I drug and banned it.

Some states have regulated kratom and passed bills. Such states include Georgia, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. In Tennessee, New Hampshire, Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois, there are age restrictions on purchasing, selling, using, and possessing kratom.

Due to these differences, it is best to stay up to date about kratom laws in your county and state.

Why Choose Kratom Krush?

At Kratom Krush, we are all about offering you organic, safe, pure, high-quality, and potent kratom products. Our dedicated team of kratom experts goes the extra mile to provide you with the best information about kratom and strains. This helps you choose the perfect strain for your needs.

Our products are free of chemicals, additives, and artificial flavors. They have been tested and approved by independent laboratories. So, have no worries when you place your kratom order with us!

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CHRISTOPHER CLARKFebruary 21, 2021

Very good quality, very potent. Worked great for my anxiety

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