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Red Dragon Kratom Capsules

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0.7 grams per capsule

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An exotic name for an exotic kratom, Dragonblood Borneo in its origin is sourced from a plant that is related to the coffee tree. Therefore, its effects have slight similarities with those of anything caffeine. However, this certain kratom only grows naturally in some of the Southeast Asian countries and has a rich, red hue.


True enough, this kratom can be mostly found, especially in Thailand. It doesn’t have a direct supplier outside the country so it is rare considering that it is an exotic kratom in itself. It has a certain premium reputation.

Key Features

  • Product Type: Capsules
  • Contains 0.7 grams per capsule
  • This strain comes straight from the Southeast Asian jungle and has a rich, red hue. 
  • Comes in standard sizes so no need for measurements.
  • Each bottle of Red Dragon Kratom Capsules by Kratom Krush has numerous capsules inside. It has 60 counts for a 36g bottle, 180 counts for a 108 g bottle, and 360 counts for 216 g.
  • It has no bitterness in its aftertaste.
  • Even though it is one of the newest strains, it is also one of the most potent.
  • Small, smooth, and easy to intake.
  • User-friendly, especially for beginners.
  • Organically grown and all-natural
  • No added chemicals, fillers, or artificial flavors
  • 100% premium-grade kratom

How to Consume Red Dragon Kratom Capsules?

The Red Dragon Kratom Capsules by Kratom Krush can be taken after your meals. These capsules may be harder to swallow for some so you can dissolve them in water and drink it from there. However, for people who can, it can simply be taken as is using water and any other beverage you have such as pineapple juice and protein drinks.

Recommended Dosages for Red Dragon Kratom Capsules?

The Red Dragon Kratom Capsules also has their fair share of side effects. So, it should be taken in moderation just like any other medication that you consume. As for this one, the recommended dosage is two grams (2g) only. However, there are variations.


For example, if you want to be extremely relaxed, 2g is insufficient. You can raise it to 6, but only when you intend it for good use. More so, you can increase it even further for other uses that you have for it but you should be responsible.


You know your body more than internet sources do so observe it. And start small. Then, slowly and surely, increase it at least every three days, before increasing the dosage.

Is Kratom Legal in the US?

The legality of kratom in the United States is not a black and white situation. There are yes or no answers because it is not mentioned at the federal level. Therefore, there are no laws that prohibit people from buying or consuming it, but there are also no laws that state otherwise.


In South Carolina, kratom is being sold in pharmacies, with regulation. Only people of legal age can only acquire it, meanwhile, there are other states who freely sell it. So, it is uncertain if kratom is legal, but it is still being sold. 

Why Choose Kratom Krush?

Since there are no official laws or regulations surrounding Kratom distribution, you must ensure that you only purchase your Kratom from credible and trustworthy sources.


Red dragon kratom is exotic. So, its capsules are hard to find elsewhere. That is why Kratom Krush is the way to go. 


All our products are guaranteed to be safe, chemical, and additive-free and use 100% high-quality kratom leaves. Moreover, we have a wide selection of quality kratom strains that cater to all types of kratom users and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time veteran, we have something in store for you!


With Kratom Krush, people have easy accessibility to products that they usually don’t find available elsewhere. So, check the store now! It is a legit US supplier of products so there is no hassle of getting scammed, nor scrolling on the internet for too long.

There’s no doubt that you can get your money’s worth with us at Kratom Krush. If you have any concerns, you can reach us through

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Arrived fresh and fast, worked great for my back pain

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