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Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

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What is Red Vietnam Kratom?

Red Vietnam Kratom is definitely a strain all kratom users should have in their collection. This unique gem is not grown in the typical Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand. This strain hails from the deep rainforests of Vietnam. 

Vietnam’s soil and climate makes this strain stand out from the rest. The alkaloid composition in Red Vietnam powder varies greatly from other red strains, thanks to this different environment. Farmers in Vietnam go through great lengths to harvest the kratom trees, known as Mitragyna Speciosa. 

They carefully collect kratom seeds and ship them to other kratom farmers as well. The task of growing and harvesting this strain can make anyone appreciate all the goodness that Red Vietnam Kratom has to offer. 

Different Ways to Enjoy Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

You can consume kratom powder in multiple ways. It all comes down to preference, and how much time you have on your hands. Below, we’ve provided options for you to choose from.

Some of these are faster while others require a little more effort. 

Two Quick Ways: 

  • Mix pre-measured kratom directly into water or juice.
  • Toss kratom powder directly into your mouth and quickly wash down with water or juice.

 Other Ways: 

  • Brew kratom like you would any tea. This one is the most classic way to consume kratom. You can add lemons, limes, or grapefruit into the simmering water. This allows for extra potency. 
  • Cook with kratom. It’s completely safe to add kratom to your favorite recipes since it won’t burn.
  • Tincture. Making your very own tincture is possible. A few of the items required are a mason jar, litmus paper, and cheesecloth. Tinctures with droppers makes it a lot easier to consume once ready

How Much Red Vietnam Kratom Powder Should I Take?

To start off, first time kratom users should take about 1.5-2 grams. This is the starting point for all kratom users, so that you’ll know if you need to increase the amount the next time you have kratom. 

Once you’ve had your amazing first initial dose of Red Vietnam Kratom, you can then slowly increase the dosages to increase in strength. 

  • Mild: Take about 2-4 grams
  • Moderate: 5-7 grams
  • Strong: 8-10 grams
  • Very Strong: 10-12 grams

Keep in mind that these dosage amounts will vary from person to person. It’ll take some experimentation to find out what works best for you. 

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EDecember 10, 2021

Good strain, the powder was clumpy though and had a few "rocks" in it.

AlisonMarch 5, 2021

wow super fast shipping. Hoping to be able to purchase Red vietnam caps next time

jonathanOctober 24, 2020

best so far in reds enjoyed it soo much

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