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Red Horn Kratom Review: This Strain’s Effects Are Top Notch

If you’ve been loving and using the typical red kratom strains for a while now, it’s time you try something new. Red Horn Kratom is a rare strain that is winning over the hearts of long-time kratom users. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this exotic and unique kratom strain.

Red Horn Kratom is a red vein kratom strain that gets its name from the spikes on the mitragyna speciosa plant. Although rare, it’s quickly growing in popularity because of its strong and potent effects. Some of the benefits of the strain include using it for sleep and discomfort relief.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Red Horn kratom strain — What is it used for, its side effects, recommended dosage, and more.

What is Red Horn Kratom Used For?

There are many Red Horn Kratom benefits. I like to take Red Horn Kratom for sleep, to relax and unwind in the evening, and to give me euphoric effects. It is a large crowd favorite among many kratom users because of its unpredictable effects that can last longer and stronger as compared to other kratom strains.

It is also a strain that is more difficult to cultivate and produce, unlike the others. Being developed only in specific areas, demand is high while supply is low. This is why Red Horn kratom is usually sold out in most shops despite its above-average price.

Having talked to some customers that have tried this particular strain, they have mentioned that it’s very similar in effects to the Red Maeng Da strain. It provides a good amount of discomfort relief and can be soothing to the body.

However, I did notice one more thing about this strain. I did feel it was slightly more stimulating than other red strains, especially at higher doses. Meaning, it takes more energy on the body, so it’s important to stay hydrated. But overall, I think this will be a top strain to many because of the great effects it provides.

Here are some of the main effects of Red Horn Kratom.

Red Horn Kratom Effects


If you want something that will give you adequate discomfort relief, Red Horn Kratom is perfect. The effects last for quite some time, too. When I want to use Red Horn Kratom for discomfort, I like to take moderate to high dosages.

 But, if you’ve never tried this strain, let alone any red strains, you could still feel these effects with a lower dosage amount.


Although it’s slightly stimulating, this strain knocked me out when it came to bedtime. I took it about 3-4 hours before I went to sleep. I felt very relaxed and as soon as I hit the sheets, I was in la-la land.

It’s honestly a great evening and nighttime strain. Its soothing and calming effects are what make this so great.


This one might be kind of weird, but it can help with that nasty feeling you get after a hangover.

I think this is because of the analgesic properties as well as the soothing effects. You don’t need to be regretting the night before in agony. A few grams of Red Horn Kratom can really do the trick. 


It can actually provide really nice euphoric effects. There have been many Red Horn Kratom users that have mentioned this. I also got euphoric effects from this strain at around 5 grams, for me.

The reason being is that potent kratom strains, like this one, attach to the mu-opioid receptors as opioids do. This provides that feel-good feeling we know and love.

Usually, red strains are best for euphorias, so I’m glad that this one was no exception.

What is Red Horn Kratom?

So, what is Red Horn kratom? Unlike other kratom strains, the Red Horn Kratom can be found in various Southeast Asian countries. These include Thailand, Borneo, and Indonesia to name a few.

Since it is not easy to access, it is a rare kind of kratom. Red Horn kratom is a mix of red-veined strains and Maeng Da kratom because of its unique color and shape.

It’s actually believed to be a mixed strain of red-veined strains with the Maeng Da strains. Although this isn’t confirmed, I could see that possibly being true because of the similar effects.

So, why is it called Red “Horn” Kratom? Well, this specific kratom strain is unique because it has spiky, “horned” shaped leaves! This makes it very different and exotic from your typical Mitragyna Speciosa plants.

Although it’s harvested a lot less than the average kratom strain, kratom farmers are harvesting these leaves through Southeast Asia. This is allowing many online kratom vendors to have it be readily available to you.

How Much Red Horn Kratom Should I Take?

Finding the right Red Horn Kratom dosage is important. You don’t want to experience any unwanted or unpleasant side effects. Since it is highly potent, users must be careful in trying out its dosages. Even low doses of only 1 to 3 grams are extremely felt already.

Compared to other kratom strains, Red Horn kratom’s effects are more healing than euphoric. In order to feel the stimulating and mood-boosting effects, high dosages of up to 9 grams or more are recommended. Although, this must be taken with caution as it is above the recommended dosage.

It is also said that taking Red Horn kratom in the evening provides the best relaxing effects. It also reduces anxiety, relieves body pain, and gives energy.

I always suggest new users start with about 1-2 grams of Red Horn Kratom. If you’re a lot more sensitive to stimulants, or even coffee, you could start with 1.5 grams. After that initial dose, you can increase the amount by 0.5 grams each time.

This gradual increase will help you figure out your perfect Red Horn Kratom dosage. I benefit from 4-5 grams of this strain. But, if I want it for sleep or discomfort, I take about 5-6. My body reacts well to this amount.

Although I don’t know what exact amount will work for you, I can provide my best recommendation for dosage amounts and their possible effects.

Red Horn Kratom Reminders

Keep in mind that kratom works best on an empty stomach. If you’re a heavy, larger person, you can benefit from slightly higher dosages and ultra enhanced strains. Smaller folks react better to smaller dosage amounts.Red Horn Kratom must also be bought from reputable, trusted sources. So far, there are only a few on the market. Thus, it is important to do your research and find a seller that meets your needs. Tread with caution and enjoy your Red Horn kratom!