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Red Vietnam Kratom Effects Might Surprise You

Have you ever wanted to try a Red Kratom Strain without only experiencing sedation and extreme relaxation? In this Red Vietnam Kratom review, I’ll be telling you all the effects of this strain as well as what you can use Red Vietnam Kratom for. 

Red Vietnam Kratom is a red vein kratom strain found in the rainforests of Vietnam. It is not like your typical red strains, but Red Vietnam offers a little bit of everything. Users often experience slight discomfort relief, relaxation, energy, and an uplift in their mood. 

Let’s get a taste of this beginner friendly red strain.

What Is Red Vietnam Kratom Used For?

First off, Red Vietnam is not your typical red vein kratom strain. This particular strain comes from deep within the tropical forests of Vietnam in Southeast Asia. This is a harder strain to come by for that same reason. 

The humid climate and outpour of rain allows kratom to flourish here. The soils are rich in minerals that make the alkaloid content a little different from the others. 

Red Vietnam is used for a number of different things. I’ve only used this strain twice, and quickly found that it was a beginner’s strain for those who want to get into reds. 

These are some of the main reasons you might want to use Red Vietnam Kratom: 

  • For slight body discomfort relief. I didn’t find that this was super good for discomfort relief. There’s much better red strain for that out there. But, it can provide alleviation of mild discomfort. 
  • If you want to try a red strain that has a bit of everything. This red strain really does have a little of everything. I’m talking about some energy, mood boost, slight body relaxation all in one. 
  • Relief of stress. You can definitely benefit from stress since this is a more mild strain. There are some strains I’ve tried that have actually increased my stress. Thankfully, this one didn’t do that. 
  • Get a boost in your day. People use Red Vietnam to get a bit of pep in their step. You’ll definitely feel a little better when you take it. I find that I always feel more alive and happy when I take my kratom. 
  • Don’t want something over-stimulating or over-sedative. I’d say this one is right in the middle in terms of effects. It’s not too stimulating, but it also won’t be too relaxing where you’ll be catching z’s. 

What Does Red Vietnam Kratom Feel Like? 

Since Red Vietnam isn’t totally a true red strain, it can feel more like a green strain. You can feel some white effects in this one. 

I found it to be a balance of every effect. It’s not that strong though, at least I didn’t think it was. I can recommend it to the novice kratom user. 

Just a reminder, but Red Vietnam is going to affect everyone different since its effects are so versatile. If you take it on an empty stomach and are smaller in size, you might find it to be more energizing. 

If you’re a little heavier and are tolerant to kratom, you might find it to be mild. It’s best to just try it out yourself to see how it affects you. 

Effects You Might Experience: 

  • Mildly to moderately energizing
  • Little bit of discomfort relief
  • Uplift in mood
  • Better Concentration 
  • Serenity

One Reddit use had to say about Red Vietnam Kratom:

“From what I remember, red vietnam is one of the few “uplifting” and “faster” red strains- not quite as relaxing and sedating as the three I mentioned above, and might even give you some energy. The vietnam strains tend to be faster in my experience. But as with anything, that’s just that- it’s my experience, and your experience may vary. Good luck!” -triple_x_ambassador

How Much to Take

You might be wondering, how much vietnam kratom should i take? Great question as this is a bit of a tricky one. 

As a general rule, I’d start off with about 1.5-2.5 grams if you’ve never had kratom before. For the kratom veteran, I think you’d benefit from about 3-6 grams of this strain. It just didn’t feel super strong to me and I’ve been taking kratom for some years now. 

When using kratom, I wouldn’t advise you to take it every single day. Your tolerance can increase a lot and you’ll be taking super high doses with little benefits. It’s not that it’s dangerous, it’s just that you don’t want to be taking such huge amounts because it can cause negative side effects. 

Some of these side effects can include: nausea, vomiting, hallucination, headaches, increased anxiety, or drowsiness. 

Always increase by about 0.5-1 gram per day until you find the perfect dose with the right effect for your needs. 

Here’s what I recommend for Red Vietnam Kratom in terms of dosages for the powder form: 

Red Vietnam Kratom Dosages
Beginners (Mild): 1.5-2.5
Moderate to Strong: 3-6 grams
Stronger: 6-10 grams
Very Strong: 10-12 grams

Dosage for Euphoria

Now, I wouldn’t say this strain will definitely give you a euphoric feeling. I didn’t experience that. 

But, if you’ve never had kratom or only a few times, you might be able to achieve it with this strain since it’s slightly stimulating. 

I’d recommend you’d try anywhere between 3-5 grams. This is typically the amount that I feel euphoric. Everyone’s body reacts differently to kratom, so you may or may not get that euphoric feeling you’re trying to achieve. 

A better alternative would be Red Vein Thai or a Red or Green Maeng Da strain. Maeng Da is the King of strains. I’d argue it’s the most popular out of all of them and gets bought the most. But, Red Thai is up there in terms of popularity as well because it provides exceptionally potent discomfort relief and mood boost. 

People getting off opioids gravitate towards these strains because they offer similar effects, just without the long-term consequences. Not to mention, there’s rarely any side effects. 

Maeng Da usually hits the spot for me. 

Red Vietnam Vs Red Bali 

In terms of alleviating discomfort and getting better sleep, I have to give this one to Red Bali. Red Bali is one of the most effective and potent red kratom strains out there.

Since Red Bali is stronger, it might be too sedative or potent for some. Red Vietnam can be a great choice if you’re looking to get into kratom. 

Final Thoughts 

Overall, I’d say this is more of a beginner red strain. Anyone can take it, but it seems to be less potent and not the absolute best for relieving discomfort or getting you ready to hit the sheets. 

Red Vietnam offers a little bit of everything and doesn’t seem to be as potent as other strains that are out there on the market. 

If you want to get the best out of your Red Vietnam Kratom, be sure to take it on an empty stomach, increase slowly, and buy from a reputable vendor that sells amazing strains. Not all batches will be the same so it definitely can depend on the quality of the product.