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Green Horn Kratom Review: Your Next Daytime Strain

Green Horn Kratom is one of those rare strains that just doesn’t seem to be talked about as much in the kratom community. I’m not sure why, because I actually find it to be a really good morning and daytime strain. In this review, I’ll be letting you in on all the information you need to know on Green Vein Horn Kratom.

Green Horn Kratom is a green vein kratom strain that helps get rid of morning and daytime fatigue. Other effects of this potent strain include elevation in mood and cognitive support. This green kratom strain has long lasting effects, which makes this a sought-after, rare strain. 

Let’s go over Green Horn Kratom’s effects and more!

Green Horn Kratom Effects 

What I like about Green Horn Kratom is that it has a nice potency. It’s not super strong like other green strains might be, but it’s also not weak or dull either. 

A green strain should have similar effects to a white and red strain, and this one seems to have a bit more white vein kratom effects

However, there’s some red aspects to this strain that can help balance out the total effects and potency. 

Here are some Green Horn Kratom Benefits

  • Gets Rid of Fatigue 

As I mentioned, this is definitely a strain that gives energy. I would say this is what this strain works best for. 

If you’re waking up feeling tired and restless, take a few grams of this strain and it’ll instantly wake you up from that fatigue. 

  • Helps Get Your Mood Up

Along with the energizing effects, it does a really good job of managing any slight feelings of being down. 

Tons of people look to kratom to help elevate their moods. People that are coming off kratom love that it helps boost their dopamine levels. 

Green Horn Kratom actually attached to the same mu-opioid receptors that regular opioids do. 

I personally find that this kratom strain has helped  give me peace of mind and it brings my spirits up. 

  • Calming and Relaxing Effects 

This strain can actually be quite calming or relaxing to some, especially at higher dosage. 

If you’re feeling stressed about work, your love life, or anything else, some Green Horn Kratom can help ease that. 

  • Can Help You Sleep Through the Night

So, how can a mostly energizing strain help you sleep through the night? 

Well, if you take this strain during the morning or day time, all of the energy you might experience will eventually wear off. 

By the time you’re going to bed, you’ll be able to get a full restful sleep. My advice is to make sure you take this strain about 6-8 hours before you plan on hitting the hay. 

What are Users on Reddit Saying?

There’s quite a few reviews for Green Horn Kratom on Reddit. What I mostly saw was that a lot of people find this strain to be pretty potent and energizing. 

Some Green Horn Kratom users seem to really like it, while others don’t find it to be that great. 

The best thing to do is to try it out yourself. Unfortunately, when it comes to kratom, not every person has the exact same experience. You might love it or not think much of it, but that’s the fun of trying new kratom strains. You never know what’s going to be your next top strain.

Here are some of the reviews I found to be helpful from real Reddit users:

“I think I’ve had their green horn… Wasn’t too impressive for me, but this was a couple of months ago.” -HighOnTacos

“I liked the Green Horn just fine. I thought it was pretty similar to the Green Indo, but not as energetic as the Green Hulu Kapuas.” -gammasmasher71

“The green horn is off the hook I feel so far from what I have tried it’s the strongest it is very bitter tho.” -Gator1977

What is Green Horn Kratom? 

Green Horn Kratom is a green vein kratom strain that comes from the deep and dense forests of West Kalimantan in the country of Indonesia. 

This is a very unique strain, not only because of the region it comes from, but because of the shape of these kratom leaves. 

The leaves of Green Horn Kratom are actually spiky, not smooth around the edges like most kratom strains. This really helps distinguish it from the rest. 

Green Horn Kratom is also packed with tons of alkaloids, such a 7-hydroxymitragynine. But, the amount in which it contains and the time they’re picked determine its effects.

This green strain has properties of a red and white strain, but it’s more like a white. The potency and energy along with some relaxing properties make it a pretty true green strain. 

Ways to Enjoy Kratom 

You can enjoy Green Horn Kratom in two ways: capsules and powder. They both provide the same effects, but here are some of the pros and cons of both. 

Ultimately, it’s what you personally prefer.

Green Horn Kratom Powder 


  • Can measure out an exact amount 
  • Use kratom powder to make kratom teas and put into drinks and smoothies
  • Digests faster than capsules
  • More affordable 


  • Can be messy
  • Taste is usually very bitter

Green Horn Kratom Capsules 


  • Easy to consume and are a not messy
  • Can take with you anywhere (where it’s legal)
  • No unpleasant or bitter taste


  • A little more expensive 
  • Can’t measure out an exact amount because they’re already measured and placed in capsules
  • Can’t make kratom teas, etc. 

Dosage For Green Horn Kratom 

When taking Green Horn Kratom, it’s best to start off with about 2 grams and then increasing by 0.5 grams if you need to.

I do want to mention that Green Horn Kratom’s effects greatly differ from person to person and it can also depend on factors such as the type of batch you got, your tolerance, weight, and if you have food in your system. 

From personal experience, the best results come from taking kratom on an empty stomach and then slowly increasing the dose if I don’t feel anything. 

Here’s what I recommend for how much Green Horn Kratom to take: 

Green Horn Kratom Vs Green Malay

You might be wondering, which one is better: Green Horn Kratom or Green Malay? Well, it depends on how potent of a strain you’re looking for. 

I typically like green strains that are a bit more potent. For this reason, I prefer Green Malay Kratom. It has a nice balance of effects, but I find it to be more potent. 

Green Horn is also less energizing or potent than Green Maeng Da. However, Green Horn Kratom is still a fairly popular strain amongst many kratom enthusiasts. 

As I always say, the best thing to do is to try these strains out for yourself. You can buy small batches of each and then purchase the one you liked best in the future.

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