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Trainwreck Kratom Effects From My Personal Experience

The latest kratom strain to hit the market is gaining tons of attention. Trainwreck kratom is a very unique strain. There’s actually no specific formula behind it, making it even more mysterious and tempting to try.

Trainwreck Kratom is a blend of multiple popular kratom strains. This can include Bali, Green Maeng Da, White Malay, and many more. Its effects are a lot stronger than other strains and can give a soothing effect, energy boost, as well as enhance your mood. 

I was super curious and tried this strain out myself. Ready for the ride? Let’s get into it! 

Trainwreck Effects

Before we go over the fun stuff, I just want to mention that these are my own personal effects and experiences with Trainwreck Kratom. The thing about kratom is that your experience can depend on a number of factors.

These factors can include your weight, gender, tolerance, where you get your kratom from, and so on. Don’t be fooled, though. You can expect to have certain effects become more enhanced with this one. 

Enough of that. Let me tell you what I got out of this strain and what I’ve heard others claim to feel as well.

I started off my morning with about 3.5 grams of Trainwreck Kratom via the toss and wash method (I’ll go over that method later). I wouldn’t recommend this dosage to everyone because you’ll need to figure out your sweet spot.

This might be overstimulating for some or understimulating for others. In terms of typical kratom effects, these are what I felt with Trainwreck:


If you’re looking for something to help relax before you sleep, this is not it. I felt pretty darn energized with this one.

Not only was I energized during work, but I noticed it lasted for quite a long time. There are instances when I don’t feel as focused while working, but I found myself very concentrated on what I was doing. 

I wasn’t surprised though, as it’s supposed to be a super stimulating strain. If you’re new to kratom in general, you definitely want to stick to a low dose. I could see this one being too stimulating for some. 

If you like more stimulating effects from kratom, Trainwreck Kratom is for those who need that extra energy throughout the daytime. 


As someone who gets overwhelmed easily, I am always looking for strains to give me that mood-boosting effect that some kratom strains provide. I tend to feel super stressed when I have a lot on my plate, and I felt good about myself.

It’s possible that the energizing and stimulating effects are what made me feel a lot happier, but I had an overall sense of optimism.

Personally, I think this can be a good one to try if you get stressed and needs something to enlighten you a bit. 


I didn’t feel “high” or super euphoric, but I did feel a slight euphoria. I think this is really going to vary from person to person. There’s certain strains, such as Green Maeng Da, that give me a euphoric feeling, while others tell me it doesn’t do the same for them. 

It may be possible to achieve it with Trainwreck. I recommend taking a moderate dose if you’re a frequent user. Anything more might get you to feel overstimulated or sluggish. 

What Exactly is Trainwreck Kratom? 

Okay, so I was wondering this too. I obviously know what red, white, green, and yellow strains do. But Trainwreck sounded completely different from all the other strains I had tried, and trust me, I’ve tried numerous amounts of strains. 

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a combination of a lot of the strong and popular strains. In fact, it contains about 11 of them! Yes, that is a lot. But, the thing is, we don’t know which exact strains are in it.

Kratom brands are coming up with ways to change the game and I’m all for it! They’re creating some awesome strains. I’ve used kratom for a while and I am one who enjoys changing it up from time to time. I personally love having a variety of strains to choose from.

Since there’s a multitude of vendors selling Trainwreck strain, you can expect the formula to vary. All I know is that the best vendors blend the best of the best to create a super strain. The different ratios of each strain used are also their secret. 

If I’m going to compare it to another strain, I’d say it’s a stronger version of White Maeng Da.  

It makes for an almighty strain, that’s for sure. I felt stimulated and very energized with this one and I would say it has lasting effects when comparing it to other strains.

Overall, I’d recommend Trainwreck Kratom to the frequent kratom user. Its strength might be too much for novices. However, beginners who really want to try this one can start off with a much smaller amount. We’ll go over the dosages next. 

How Much Trainwreck Should I Take?

Like all kratom strains, you’re not going to find instructions or directions on the back of the bottle or bag for Trainwreck Kratom. I know, that’d be really helpful. But, we can go ahead and blame it on the FDA and their extreme regulations, but that’s another story for another time. 

Dosage amounts for Trainwreck Kratom will vary. It’s also going to depend on what form you take it in. There are two forms of kratom: powder and capsule. 

I went ahead and made my best recommendation for both forms based off of my experiences and from talking to various other kratom enthusiasts. Keep in mind these are general recommendations.

Anytime you’re trying a new strain for the first time, I always suggest starting off with 1-2 grams. This is because you can always take more if you find it isn’t doing anything. You don’t want to experience any unwanted side effects from taking too much.


Trainwreck Kratom Powder Dosages
Measurement in Grams

Beginner Dosage: 1-2 grams
Moderate Effects: 3-5 grams
Strong Effects: 5-8 grams
Very Strong Effects : 9-12+ grams

*Add 1 gram a day until you reach desired effects.
Keep in mind that this will vary for every individual.

I always suggest going with powder because you can measure the grams out yourself with a food scale or a spoon. The only thing I don’t like about kratom powder is that it tastes awful. I’m not a fan of the bitter taste, but it’s worth it to me because of the effects I get. 


Trainwreck Kratom Capsule Dosages for 00″
One 00″ Capsule = about 0.7 Grams

Beginner Dosage: 2-3 capsules
Moderate: 4-7 capsules
Strong: 8-11 capsules
Very Strong: 12+ capsules

*Add 1 capsule a day until you reach desired effects. Never dramatically increase amount from what you normally take.
This will vary depending on the depending on the size of the capsule you take.

If you absolutely can’t stand the taste of kratom, you can opt for the capsules. They are just as good, but you’re not going to be able to control the exact amount like you can with kratom powder. 

Side Effects 

Although Kratom Trainwreck is fairly safe, you can risk experiencing negative side effects if you take too much. The unwanted side effects are not as common, but it happens. 

Some of the side effects of Trainwreck are: 

  • Nausea 
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting 
  • Hallucination 
  • Increased Heartbeat 
  • Drowsiness

You can most definitely avoid these. Never take too high of a dose if you’re not getting the experience you want. Always increase only by .5 grams. Try not to take kratom every day unless you really need to. 

It’s not recommended that pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding, take kratom. For any medical concerns, please talk to your doctor. 

Methods of Consumption

The cool thing about kratom is that you can take it in a variety of ways. This is nice because it can get repetitive to take it the same way every time. I have used all of these methods, and wanted to share with you a little bit on each method as well as which ones I find to be the most potent. 

Traditional Kratom TeaFor hundreds of years, kratom users in Southeast Asia prefer and use this method. I find it to be the most popular method for those living in the states as well. 

When you’re simmering a nice hot kratom tea. You want to make sure that you don’t boil your water when you put the kratom powder. This is because boiling kratom will destroy the alkaloids, making it ineffective. You’re going to want to simmer it and have the temperature be about 170-180 degrees. 

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Measure out dosage of Trainwreck Strain or your favorite kratom powder strain. 

2) Simmer 1 cup of water and kratom for about 20-25 minutes. 

3) You can add another cup of water and simmer for another 20 minutes.

4) Use filter paper or cheesecloth to strain kratom powder.

5) Drink up!

***Optional: You can add sweetener or honey to reduce the bitterness. For increased potency, simmer kratom powder and water with about half a cup to 1 cup of lemon juice. 

Toss and Wash- Personally, this is the method I used most. This is because the effects kick in almost instantly. It’s also quicker than the tea. Just like it says, you “toss” the measured dosage of kratom powder in your mouth and then wash it down with water or juice. I will warn you, it will taste terrible and you’ll probably scrunch your face. But, it’s definitely worth it. 

Tincture- A lot of online kratom vendors offer tinctures of kratom. Tinctures are pretty much a potent and concentrated liquid version of kratom that come with a convenient dropper. You simply squeeze the dropper to collect the liquid then squeeze it under or on your tongue. 

Tinctures are so concentrated because it goes through a whole extraction process. It extracts all the alkaloids, which is what gives you the effects. It’s also the most potent of the three. 

If you have the patience and time, you can actually make your own tincture at home. I’ve made one myself before and found it to be very time consuming and it also required a lot of tools. But, making your very own tincture can save you money. You’ll also have the bragging rights of making your own tincture!

Be sure to store your tincture in a cool place. Keeping it in the fridge is fine too. 

What Are Reddit Users Saying 

Besides hearing first-hand experiences with this strain, I also like knowing what our kratom community says on reddit. There doesn’t seem too many reviews or experiences mentioned on this specific strain, but I did find a few.

Here’s what some Reddit users are saying about Trainwreck Kratom: 

“I only take 5-7 capsules early in the morning before work. Then another 5around lunchtime, so far so good. I really enjoy the effects.” – reynolds199113

“Online vendors >>>>> Head shop kratom” -AuctionHouseJunkies

“This. The difference is night and day.” -Robe_and_wizard_hat

“Tried it, about 5 grams and it actually did hit harder than the same dose of what I normally take.” -Tamparockout17

Where Can I Buy Trainwreck Kratom

Since trainwreck is still fairly new, you might not find it at every local smoke shop or online store. 

As much as I think it’s great to support local smoke shops, I find that they often overcharge for kratom. Also, I don’t find their strains to be as good either. I’ve heard others have the exact same complaints as well. 

There are plenty of online small businesses that do sell good quality kratom. I recommend checking out KratomKrush because they offer the best kratom at an affordable price you can’t beat anywhere else. They also have awesome customer service if you want to reach out and ask about a certain strain.